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「Ani-summary」Mahou Shoujo Site - Episode 4

From a continuation of the last episode, Sarina was invited to become a Mahou Shoujo by the site admin, who also confirmed that Aya and Tsuyuno were Mahou Shoujo and their sticks were what resulted in the death of her friend, Erika, as well as the wound on Sarina's neck.

The site admin then hands her her stick, which is a yo-yo and tells her that she could have fun testing her stick's powers. Sarina then does just that, effectively cutting off a crow's head. This shows that her wand is rather precise (cutting) and is rather long-ranged. Having attained this new power, she then feels an even stronger need for revenge.

Around the same time, we see Tsuyuno asking Aya why she was a target for the bullies. This induces the start of a flashback from when Aya first transferred into the school. Due to her inability to communicate well with others, she tend to keep speaking to a minimal and hence failed to thank Sarina for her help, thus inducing Sarina and her friends' wrath.


 After the day when they confronted her about her lack of "thank you", of which Aya still did not manage to say, they started bullying her. This included piling garbage on her shoes, drawing obscenities over her desk and placing insects on her belongings.
Aya knows that this whole situation is her fault and Tsuyuno comforts her then, telling her that she is not as weak and worthless as she thinks she is. Tsuyuno also confirms that she plans to make Aya stronger.
 Aya gets home happily, glad that she finally made a new friend!
A short section is dedicated to Kaname's point of view where it is revealed that he thinks of himself as a god and the rest of the world are just brainless meat bags to him.

 Amongst all these scum, he thinks of his father as one of the worst kinds, the kind that can only ascertain their value through others. As if touching on this point, a scene also comes in where Kaname is beaten up by his father for scoring badly in his examinations.
News of Nijimin retiring from Dog Play also reaches the school the next day, and together with Sarina's discharge, Nijimin also transfers into the school. This leaves Aya in confusion as there are too many changes suddenly on a day when Tsuyuno is also absent from school.  

Aya speaks to Nijimin about Tsuyuno being absent from class as well as her plans to visit Tsuyuno after school. Aya plans to consult her friend about Nijimi's transfer, as she quit the idol group so as to dedicate more time to search for Mikado's murderer, Shioi. However, Nijimin voices her plans to tag along.

Sarina, who happens to overhear their conversation on the roof then confronts Nijimin about her revenge plans and also revealed Shioi's location. Nijimin then leaves without informing Aya, leaving the latter confused but glad to have shaken her off.

Aya then goes to Tsuyuno's apartment alone and was surprised to find the door unlocked. She opens it then to hear a man's voice. Fearing for her friend's safety, she tiptoes into the apartment while keeping a hand on her stick at all times.
She finds her friend collapsed on the floor. Tsuyuno awakens then, telling Aya not to worry as this was simply a side-effect from using her stick too much.
Tsuyuno also refuses to allow Aya to call for an ambulance as she refuses to let anyone find, and take away the man she has imprisoned in her house. To this, we have a scene where we see a man groaning and seemingly in pain, strapped down to a chair as he begs for help.
Tsuyuno reveals that this man broke into her house when she was still a child and murdered her entire family. However, he let her live that one night as she found her quite cute and decided that it would be better for him to come back and find her when she was a little more grown-up.

Tsuyuno was living in fear of that man returning ever since that day, but with her heart set on revenge as well, she looked for other strategies instead of trying to escape. Then, she chances upon the infamous "Mahou Shoujo Site" and acquired powers.
Together with her newfound powers, she no longer feared him. Instead, she stood up against him and simply stayed waiting for him, like a prey turned predator.
~ Reina-rin

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