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「Ani-summary」Mahou Shoujo Site: Episode 5

I'm finally back with another episode summary for Mahou Shoujo Site! This show definitely has most of its main cast psychotic in one way or another and this time, we really get to see Shizukume, Nijimin and even Yatsumura's insane sides.

The episode begins by delving into Yatsumura's past. She was part of a happy family, but a burglar that broke into their house one fine night murdered her parents. He intentionally left child Yatsumura alive as he thinks that she'll grow up to be a great beauty and he'll love to come back to "play" with her then.

Yatsumura was living in fear of when he'll return until the day she was granted a stick by the admins and since then she has been setting up the stage for the day he'll come back for her, waiting...
We see the extent of Yatsumura's insanity as she holds the man captive in her room, strapped down in chains and buckles. It is also implied that she has been keeping him drugged up, though it wasn't mentioned where the drugs were obtained from.
It is also suggested that she tortured him tremendously, though only one frame consisting of his body parts (extracted teeth) were shown.

Strangely, although Aya is suddenly exposed to this side of her friend, she seems to accept it rather easily and was even saying encouraging things to Yatsumura, for instance, of how great of a friend Yatsumura has been to her and how she hopes to be with her from now on as well.

However, this moment is abruptly cut short with Shizukume's arrival.

She announces that she has gotten powers as a magical girl and brandishes her yo-yo (stick) at Aya. With Yatsumura immobile from the side effects of over-using her stick, Aya is now tasked with the job of protecting her from Shizukume.

At the same time, Nijimin arrives at the hospital which Shioi is hospitalized in, thanks to a tip from Shizukume, and finds her lifelong enemy in the ward.
Unfortunately, Yatsumura has anticipated this and protected Shioi with the powers of Mikado's stick. Mikado was a victim of Shioi's indiscriminate killing and her stick had the ability to form a barrier against all magical and physical attacks. In fact, the reason why Yatsumura over-exerted herself was because she was using Mikado's stick along with another stick that allowed her to propagate her magic (the barrier) at a distance away from the caster (at Shioi's ward).
This turn of events enrages Nijimin and she angrily stomps out of the ward after giving Shizukume a call and screaming about how things were not supposed to go like this as per Shizukume's plans.
Shizukume is frustrated at being outwitted by Yatsumura and enters a crazy spree of relentlessly destroying things with her yo-yo. This results in the man being sliced into half, leading Yatsumura to go unstable about not having taken her revenge yet, before passing out.
Knowing that she is no match for Shizukume's brutality and speed, Aya seizes the chance to enclose herself and Yatsumura in a barrier made with Mikado's stick. She spends some screen time yelling about her need and desire to protect her friend, while Shizukume calls her a hypocrite for saying that as she killed her best friend (in Episode 1).

They delve into deeper talk about depression and death but before either of them could accept the other's explanation, the building begins to collapse.
Being the sweet girl Aya is, she decided to teleport Shizukume back to the classroom so she wouldn't die here. When Shizukume awakens, she appears to be touched by Aya's actions but she still feels that that isn't sufficient to call off her revenge plans, which further instils the belief in me that Aya should have just left her to be crushed by the falling debris...

With the protagonists having plot armor, they were safe from the debris and were found and swiftly taken to the hospital. While Aya suffered only superficial injuries, Yatsumura's condition was far more severe due to the over-exertion, but both managed to survive.
The scene then changes to Nijimin realizing that Aya and Yatsumura were likely accomplices to Shioi and were trying to keep her alive. This leads her to believe that Aya and Yatsumura are on Shioi's side. She visits Aya's house attempting to find her but. On the way there, she brushes past one of her fans who shadows her to Aya's house.

However. as Aya is hospitalized and her parents are at the hospital, only her brother, Kaname, answers the door. Her fan then sees Kaname inviting her into the house and misunderstands the situation.

The last few minutes of Episode 5 also introduces us to a new character, a white haired girl with an eyepatch over her left eye. She proceeds on to Shioi's ward and pulls out a penknife.

Is she another person after Shioi's life, or...?

~ Reina-rin

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