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「Ani-summary」Mahou Shoujo Site: Episode 6

Nijimin is inexplicably infatuated with the only person on Earth that wouldn't possibly ever be interested in her: Aya's brother, Kaname, who thinks of himself as being better than every other human alive. 
 But as expected of a former idol, even while she is trying to impress Kaname, she still manages to dig for information regarding Aya's whereabouts rather naturally. Both she and Kaname are also able to perfectly hide their killing intent towards Aya from each other.

We get a cameo of Nijimin's fan during the whole ordeal as well, since he conveniently misunderstood the scenario and assumed that Kaname had defiled Nijimin. This would probably tie in to some other scenes in a later episode.
The white haired girl that first appeared at the end of the previous episode, Amagai Kosame, slices her wrist and feeds Shioi her blood. It appears that as a penknife is her stick, this gives her blood healing properties and whoever consumes her blood would recover from their injuries.

With this, she manages to wake Shioi up as well as heal Aya and Yatsumura's injuries.
She then goes on to explain her purpose for paying this town a visit. It turns out that there are many different Magical Girl Sites and they are all handled by different administrators.

But despite the differences in the site and emblems when the girls use their powers, all the sites point to the same revelation, and that is, the impending Tempest. Hidden in the site is a log that tells the girls how they can possibly survive this: and that is to accumulate negative energy, which would be used to satiate the king's hunger.

They realise that not only did the administrators never intended for any of the magical girls to survive, they are actually starting to round up and kill the magical girls who found out too much.
Hence, the group of girls concluded that in order to better understand the situation as it stands currently, as well as to find out more about what will happen and what they can do to survive it, their best bet would be to capture a site administrator, as they are likely to know the most.
However, that is definitely not a simple task, and so, they have been gathering magical girls that are willing to help their cause from across different towns and now, they are approaching Shioi, Aya and Yatsumura.
 After agreeing to help capture a site administrator, Yatsumura then moves into Aya's house.
 We are then treated to a scene at the end of the episode where we see a bloodied girl floating amidst some purple light as a site administrator does the narration.

Long story short, Mahou Shoujo Site sure likes its mind-boggling cliffhangers.

~ Reina-rin

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