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Snippets 1 Drifters and Persona

Hi there. Don Here. I am usually surfing the web 24/7. There is never any lack of interesting articles to read. Just that sometimes they may be too short to devote a complete article on. Hence, snippets. This will be an irregular format I am trying out. Let's begin.

From Kouta Hirano, the creator of the cult hit Hellsing, comes Drifters, where Time and Space have no meaning. Heroes and villains throughout the history of mankind are pulled from earth to a far away fantasy world of elves, dwarfs, monsters and magic. This promises to be a chaotic realm where histroy clashes and collides. 


The story essentially revolves around two groups of earthers. The drifters, supposedly the good guys(?),led by a young  Toyohisa Shimazu, that famous samurai of Sekigahara, include the archer Yoichi and strangely, Oda Nobunaga. The Ends, led by the hooded black king, with crucified palms(?) include Shinsengumi's Hijikata Toshizo, Joan of Arc, and even Yoshitsune. Many historical characters make their appearance, including Hannibal, Butch and the Sundance Kid, and even World War 2 pilot Kanno Naoshi, complete with his Zero fighter, though it is not yet clear what role many of them will play. In typical Hellsing style, Hirano mixes stylish action scenes very well with his wry sense of humour. This series is a must read for Hellsing fans.

 The staff of Hellsing Ultimate will be producing the anime adaption. No release date as been announced prior to publication.


Atlus' hit juvenile supernatural RPG series Persona 3's fourth and final movie, Winter of Rebirth, will hit the big screens on  23 January 2016. Persona's success was phenomenal. It is perhaps the only game series where soundtrack sales actually exceed that of the games! In other words, non-gamers are buying the soundtrack because they think it is good! Even Final Fantasy did not accomplish this! Fans will be rushing to book tickets of the movie early, as it will come with a B2 poster of the above image. 

In addition, Tokyo Joypolis is hosting the above, an escape game where winners will get a folder of the above image. Certainly a novel tie-in, and it already looks set to be popular, with Japan's fascination with escapist game shows and reality TV, with series fans also clamouring for anime goods.

So that's it for the pilot edition of snippets. Watch this space for more to come in the near future. See you again.

Written by Don

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