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We are thrilled to be part of the designer team with ANTPOWERED, a member of Openbuzz Pte Ltd in Singapore. ANTPOWERED is a specialist in making high quality phone cases that are design-centric. The designs are hip, cool and kawaii. They are lightweight so you can game all day long without developing melon-size shoulders. 

e collaborated with ANTPOWERED to bring to you our kawaii designs. Let our PHONE CASES speak to your HEART.

As part of their design team, we receive a phone case of our own designs for the iPhone XR (and then bought another one). The cases have a high quality matte finishing. The printing is sharp with vivid colours. It is easy to fit onto the phone and the position of the holes behind matches the camera. Now I can see my favourite characters all day long.

Attention to details means they did not miss out the tiny air vents which cools down the phone

Here are some of our MILKCANANIME designs:

 Kakichan the Oyster ~ "BLISSFUL
Because if you are blissful, everything you encounter in life is wonderful.

 Kakichan the Oyster ~ "NO WORRY"
Do you know that 85% of what we worry never happens? So why worry?

  Kakichan the Oyster ~ "I love coffee"
Kakichan is no different from you and me. He needs coffee in the morning so that he has the energy to open his shell. He loves coffee!

 Kakichan the Oyster ~ "I'm Sorry"
Because saying sorry is not a weakness. It is about humbleness and respect for who you say sorry to.

 Kakichan the Oyster ~ I don't 'eel the sparks between us anymore.
Kakichan is clever enough to use shells to protect himself when handling the electric eel. Because he knows the electric eel is so powerful it can kill an alligator.

Miraku Chan is a girl oyster with a cyan-coloured body and a butter-yellow shell. One day while she was sleeping under the sea, a little pink shell floated near her and got lodged onto her head. She tried but could not remove the little pink shell. As time goes by, she grew to like the pink shell more and more. It made her look beautiful and 'spe-shell'.

Miraku Chan the Girl Oyster ~ Isn't she adorable when she goes to bed?

Algae Chan is a round and yellow-green little creature. She has this unique ability to propagate many smaller algae. She has a noticeable and glowing marking on her left eye which is cyan in colour. She lives by a river and is a friend of Kakichan The Oyster. Algae Chan is a happy-go-lucky little creature.

 Algae Chan ~ She's practising yoga.

Algae Chan ~ She's simply round and bubbly

Kimaru Chan is a little elephant shrew which can be found in the forest of Africa. It has a long snout (nose) and large ears. They are very small in size, much like a hamster but runs like Usain Bolt! The long snout helps them to locate little prey and because they have large ears, they have excellent sense of hearing!

Kimaru ChanTheir diet includes small insects such as grasshoppers, fruits and leaves. They are curious by nature.

Kimaru Chan ~ He has very large ears and long snout in relation to its small size.

Moo Chan is our cute mascot. Moo Chan is a chibi cow wearing a blue denim jumper. He has a distinctive pair of blue and orange ears. He is very playful and his favourite fruit is strawberry. Moo Chan best friend is Miwa Haruka, the pink-haired farmgirl.

Moo Chan ~ He loves cheesecake as well! He probably can swallow the entire cheesecake in two seatings

 Moo Chan ~ He loves playing video games

  Moo Chan ~ Little emoticons of him

 Moo Chan ~ He is visibly upset

Moo Chan ~ as a Cupcake

There are many other cool phone case in ANTPOWERED, designed by their in-house designers as well as independent artists. You will be happy to know that they ship worldwide. The checkout system is easy, without the need to fill in redundant fields. Shipping is super fast. For me residing in Singapore, I receive mine in less than 2 days. 

Written by Max Wong

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