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Anime : Cells at Work

Have you heard of the anime called (Hataraku Saibo) Cells at Work? I chanced upon this anime in Netflix while looking for some nice anime to enjoy during the weekend.

I have completed season 1 and I find it is a cute and interesting anime to watch. The characters are drawn so well especially the dramatic expression seen on red blood cells. It does give me a good laugh just looking at the expression.

When she sees a bacteria

Have you ever wonder how each different cells function in your body? When you are sick, how your body works to heal itself to gain immunity and prevent infection or virus from recurring? When you have allergic reaction, how will your body react and overcome the allergic reaction. When you are injured, how and which cells react to quickly heal your wound?

This anime shows each different cells how they function and what they do. The most amazing part is how all the cells work hand in hand to help the body functions in daily life.

I feel that this anime is very educational for students who are interested in biology or someone who is interested in biomedical or medical field. For example, sneezing is a kind of mechanism to push out the bacteria/ virus out of the body system. It is illustrated like a machine system in missile style to sneeze out. I like it how the anime is described and explained so! In each episode, a small introduction of each cells is indicated and also mentions what are their function within the body.

Let me introduce some of the favourite characters I like! 

Red blood cells

When her other members and her see the bacteria

Initially, AE 3803 (her red blood cell code ID) is over dramatic and she is often lost during her delivery of oxygen and carbon dioxide. I guess she is weak at directions, she can’t even differentiate where the delivery of oxygen or carbon dioxide location is. I realised that she is the one that gives me the most laugh because of her different expression. Each of her expression is expressed in the way of what situation she faced.


Platelets starting to work

Don’t they look like kids attending kindergarten school? Well, they are the problem solver! I love their positivity and quick actions to quickly solve the situation at hand. Small kids with big solution.

White Blood cell (Cool guy, hope I can see his other eye)

White blood cells reporting that he has eliminated the bacteria

He and his team are consistently looking out for bacteria to kill. They can be everywhere in different parts of the body roaming around like hyenas searching for prey. This is their job to keep bacteria at bay and prevent them to further attack body immune system.


The smile she gave while killing the bacteria

I like how she fosters young red blood cells and educating until all the red blood cells graduate. It is such a tough task. No wonder, she is given the ‘motherly’ aura. Well, not only does she foster young red blood cells, she uses big sword to kill off bacteria with a smile. How eerie..

Well, this is season 1 review! My rating for this anime is 8/10. Reason being is that I like watching medical-related shows. I hope that they can add different storyline for each cell and not always too focused on red blood cells. It would be wonderful to begin the storyline from the "platelets".

There is season 2! Sadly, Netflix has not added season 2 yet. I am so excited for season 2. I hope there will be more variety and more information added in. Never stop learning and adding new knowledge to your dictionary!

Written by meowmi

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