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Doctor X


I came across to this drama called Doctor X. I was astounded just after watching the first episode. This drama illustrates the healthcare system in Japan, particularly a university hospital.  It showcases the daily routine of what doctors and nurses faced and how they managed different types of patients. 

In my opinion, an individual who chooses his/her professional as a doctor is a lifetime commitment towards mankind. Their first priority is always saving people and in doing so, has to commit long hours in dedicating in their jobs. They also do volunteer works in the undeveloped countries, providing the needy with necessary healthcare. Not only are they situated in hospitals, they are situated everywhere such as in war zones, natural disaster zones etc. They consistently research on new and better drugs which brings healthcare system to a greater height thus improving everyone standard of living in healthcare. Other than that, they conduct and attend seminar within their association to gain knowledge and expose to themselves to more medical care possibilities. 

It is a well-known fact that Japanese people tend to have long working hours. They go to the extra mile to deliver the perfect results. This drama shares how a female doctor by the name of Daimon Michiko who works tirelessly for the hospital. 

This drama higlights things such as monetary gifts given to doctors, and even promotion of under-performing doctors. The main point of the drama is that needy patients are not being well attended to as they are not capable of giving monetary gifts under the table. 

High rank doctors eating expensive steak at a posh restaurant

Director Kubo expecting monetary gift under the manju box.

Well, back to main point, Daimon Michiko works as a freelance staff in the hospital. She is an eccentric person during work. She thinks that low-value tasks such as entering of patients' data in the system, helping fellow doctor in their research etc. are not something that a doctor like her should be doing. To her, performing surgery is her strength and can even be said, a hobby. When I first watched, I was dumbfounded as I feel it is not possible for someone to be fixated in a scope of work and to be treated as a hobby. The need to perform surgert to her is so obessive that she gets camp in her hands when she does not get one.  

Michiko's resume being read out

Michiko is a very meticulous person and makes the effort to find out more about a particular patient's medical condition and to understand what he or she needs. She then envisions the many possible solutions during the surgery. She goes the extra mile to improve the patient’s quality of life which is a trait not identified in all doctors seen in the drama. 

I can only assume the reason why her fees are expensive is because of due to her meticulous trait and the quality of the work she delivers. Another reason I believe may be due to the doctors whom are taking credit for her work that she had done. Her agent, Aikra Kanbara, delivers the bill and melon as gifts to the hospital director for each surgery Michiko performs. 

Michiko can be considered a handicapped person after working hours. She can’t cook and nor having a proper saving plan. She has many bad habits such as spending her money on branded stuff and losing every single ‘gambling’ session.

Michiko lost a round in mah-jong but she wants another round

Why is this drama is named Doctor X? Well, this drama throws this question out to the audience for them to think and come out with their own conclusion. For me, I think that Michiko cannot relate how Doctor X title will help in her goal. So what do you think?  

Written by meowmi

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