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A Letter To Handa-kun

Dear Handa-kun,

I know that this isn't the most polite manner to address you, however please bear in mind that I'm dedicating this letter to the 17 year-old Handa Sei (which also happens to be your real name). Besides, your life as a second-year high school student has been contained in a manga series aptly titled Handa-kun, which is essentially a spin-off of Barakamon created by mangaka Yoshino Satsuki. It would be quite challenging from now on to keep a part of my attention divided between two ongoing series. On a side note, recently I've purchased the ninth tankoubon of the Taiwan edition of Barakamon (sorry I'm still not entirely confident of reading your misadventures in their original text peppered with dialect). Anyway, I'm pretty excited (?) about discovering what life had been like for you six years ago.

Those 'humble beginnings' were completely ignored (maybe they never existed in the very first place) as the first chapter wasted no time in explaining your identity and family background. The various achievements seemed to have triggered some serious degree of social awkwardness and such, for you constantly released a frightening aura around you. 'Handa Wall' couldn't be more befitting! By the way, I love that sling-bag. Later, I realised that your mind was easily prone to persecutory delusions. Then again, with that scary (for lack of a better word) facial expression, why would others want to keep provoking you?

Your unnecessary, self-inflicted actions were nonetheless a fine trail of comic relief especially when those delusions finally got deflected by reality. Then, you decided to kick things up a notch by solving a Math problem using your prized calligraphy brush! Were you aiming to moonlight as a stand-up comedian or something? Come to think of it, your increasingly morbid delusions would make awesome material. But you must had been relieved though, for you weren't the only one feeling so.

Anyway, it was still quite relieving (?) to witness a conventional (?) friendship between you and Kawafuji Takao. Yeah, the person who would later become your manager of sorts and an art dealer. However, it seemed like you could only act 'normal' around Takao, and anything beyond that would automatically set off your complexities which I realised had never ever gotten better. Dude, you need to relax more. Seriously, now I wonder about the foundations of your friendship with Takao. That episode at the art supplies store was just unbelievable! At that rate of how things were happening, you would someday wind up as a vegetable.

On a lighter note, your misadventures were chronicled by attaching either an event or another person to your name. Honestly, even Takao had vouched for your friendliness though in his quirky ways. It would be great to have a little sense of humour in your everyday life and take certain things with a pinch of salt. By the way, should I congratulate you for 'winning' the class rep election? Nah, quit that gloomy face!

Oh, I didn't mention this before...I was pleasantly surprised to see the much younger selves of Miwa, Tama and Naru 'at that time before Barakamon'! The girls looked really adorable there! No worries, despite now that they have grown so much the cuteness has gone up as well (particularly in Naru). While I've got no idea just how long your life as Handa-kun is going to be told by Yoshino-sensei, I definitely wouldn't mind tagging along. The perspective is rather refreshing. Of course, I will still see you back in Barakamon.

Remember to loosen up more! Ogenki de.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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