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Female Anime Hairstyles: The Weird, and the Favourites

As an avid BanG Dream! player, I often keep up with their comic strips that they release occasionally on their official Twitter platform. There was a recent comic strip however (comic strip 92), that really brought my attention to the topic on how unique some girls' hairstyles are in anime. Before I begin, I would just like to plug in the comic strip, with courtesy of Max who shared it with me. 

Basically, Kasumi's hair is styled like that of cat ears, and asides from that, they even hold up well after a rain, which defies all kinds of physics. In another case, in episode 21 of the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party PICO short, Yukina, a cat-lover mistakes the silhouette of Kasumi's hair to be that of an actual cat, and is highly mesmerised by it. 

She surely has a unique and rather eye-catching hairstyle huh... 

This brings me to my next point: other weird hairstyles that I have seen on female anime characters from anime series that I have watched. 

I shall start it off first on the mild side of the weird hairstyles with Momo Yaoyorozu from Boku no Hero Academia

Okay, so, I know, it's not that weird... But when I first saw her on BNHA, I was momentarily stunned by her hairstyle. I was wildly intrigued by the spikiness of the hair, as well as the way it could hold up so much volume. It reminded me of a cross between the back of a rooster and a peacock. However, it was very easy to get through the way her hair was styled and overtime I actually began to appreciate how unique her hair was. 

Next, I have Celestia Ludenburg from Danganronpa.

Yes, our favourite hair drills... The first encounter I had with this type of hairstyle was when I watched Danganronpa. All I could think of was, "how is she able to stand tall without slouching with the weight on both sides of her?" Oh, and I also couldn't help but think of curly fries from Macdonalds…

Moving on, there's Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill la Kill. 

First off, what is that deliciously colourful and gravity-defying hair that manages to glow? Somehow, despite it's oddness, she still looks really badass, and it doesn't take away any of the power that she clearly possesses. Still, does her hair remind you of a certain detergent brand? (*cough*, Tide Pods *cough*) Either that, or those galaxy-designed bowling balls.

Finally, I have decided to end my personal 'weird' hairstyle list with Ritsuko Kunihiro from Shiki. 

It's not as bombastic as Ragyo's hair, neither does it look too heavy and voluminous like Celestia's hair drills, but something about Ritsuko's hair is simply unfathomable. It's a hairstyle that seems to belong to this anime character only, because I have never seen anything like this on any other characters before. Just like my puzzlement, her hair seems to be trapped in an impossible maze. How does it grow? How does she brush it out? Where will her hair stop at if she actually manages to brush and straighten then out? It remains a mystery, and as such, remains at the top of my 'weird' female hairstyle list. 

Some honorable mentions: 

Akari's (Yuru Yuri) detachable hair buns that caught me off guard once she removed those tiny buns off her head to attack an UFO.

Mahiru's (Revue Starlight) 'helicopter antenna'. 

Sena (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukanai) and Rin's (Yuru Camp) over-the-top bun hairstyles styled by their friends. They were only temporary. 

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And now, I shall talk about some of my personal favourite hairstyles on female characters in anime. 

The Hime-Cut 

 Rinko Shirokane from BanG Dream!

Harumi Taniguchi from Citrus 

Jabami Yumeko from Kakegurui 

Ara ara, ohohohoho~ If it ain't the ojou-sama with the hime-cut. In this case however, my favourite characters with the hime-cut are far from the typical ojou-sama. In fact, there's an interesting mix. Rinko is a shy and introverted girl who is honestly such a precious cinnamon roll. Then there's Harumin, the cheery and optimistic self-proclaimed gyaru who is honestly the best gal pal/wingwoman anyone could ever have in an anime. And finally, we have the explosive gambler Yumeko, who terrorises anyone she faces, all with her wits and horrifying sweet laughter. Please, don't ever attempt to cheat in a gambling match with her. To conclude, hime-cuts on various characters provide a varying mix of personalities, and that's why they are one of my favourite hairstyles. 

The Ponytail 

Hitagi Senjougahara from the Monogatari series

Kyoko Shirayuki from Keijo!!!!!!!!

Kanan Matsuura from Love Live! Sunshine 

There's nothing more powerful than a female character with a high ponytail. It automatically exuberates so much confidence, and makes me feel like I want to depend on them. Or in Senjougahara's case, I wouldn't really want to offend her because she can probably be capable of ending my entire life with just her sharp-tongued nature.

The Loose Braids 

Botan Kumegawa from Anne Happy

Kaoruko Moeta from Comic Girls

The loose braids are often an alternate hairstyle, more so than a main hairstyle-at least from anime that I have watched so far. Hence, Botan and Kaoruko are probably the only girls I can think of, and it's no coincidence that the both of them are my favourite characters from the respective animes! There's just something about these characters that makes you want to protect them because they are just too wholesome, a little silly, but also probably the most lovable characters you could associate with. 

The 'Forehead'

 Nana Osaki from Nana

Haru Okumura from Persona 5 

Ah, we are all familiar with the term 'forehead' whenever it comes to female anime characters who do not have bangs, considering that bangs are sort of the norm for girls in anime, as well as in Japan. Nevertheless, that's what makes this hairstyle special and I look forward to seeing more of such in future.

Honourable mention:

Carole's (Carole and Tuesday) short afro ponytail.

Any other weird hairstyles you might have seen in anime you watch? What are some of your favourite female anime hairstyles? Or even for the males? Do discuss if you'd like. Cheers~

Written by kimizomi 

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