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Thanks for visiting my website. I am the founder of Milkcananime. Besides juggling a full-time work, I spend most of my time in Japanese Culture, whether it is managing Milkcananime or supporting Anime and Cosplay events. J-Culture is a big part of my life. I love anything to do with Japanese and I recall what made me go through 5 years of studying the Japanese Language in Ikoma is because I want to travel to all parts of Japan with the ability to read, speak and order food in Osaka!

Now what other things that I love? Well, a cup of fragrant coffee, barbecues, satay, ice creams, action movies, disaster (end-of-the-world) movies, gym, yoga, a walk in the park, soaking up the vibrant atmosphere in anime events.

My blog started in 2008 as a platform to showcase my toys collection. My very first toy I bought was a Pokemon wind-up figurine from Bandai. The toys I buy today still represent the “Irrational consumer behaviour” in me. Anything which I perceived as cute will likely be one of my “evoked sets”, whether they are characters from Japanese Anime, Final Fantasy, Disney, Sanrio or those Designer Toys such as Tokidoki. True enough, we buy for the value we see in a collectible and what it represents. For me, it represents youthfulness and a sense of belonging in the Japanese Culture community.

Just like a Pokemon would evolve, Milkcananime too evolve from a blog with mostly toys pictures to one that provides information, reviews, opinions, games and events coverage on J-Culture. “Milkcananime is a sanctuary for creative writers with a passion for anything Japanese. And I want their views to be seen and heard by many”.

We operate on a concept of synergy. Synergy in the form of infectious energy generated by a team of creative writers. Some are experts in anime review while others are experts in figures photography and Cosplay. Together we create contribute our writings as a team and as a small family. I hope you like what you read and wish you would stay with us.

We aim to increase the exposure of Anime, Manga and Japanese Culture through writing articles and creating illustrative works. We desire to contribute to the local and global otaku scene, and increase the level of love people have for anything Japanese!

This is me a year ago. Now my eyes are failing and I have to wear specs.

This is my workstation located at a cosy corner of my living room. I like to slide open the window and let the breeze pass through although I know my neighbours do peep into my corner and wonder why a grown-up man like me is so into Japanese Anime. ><
Back to my desktop, a little introduction of the stuffs that I have from left to right. Firstly, the bright orange Gashapon Capsule Machine from Bandai which I had bought in 2007. This cutie is about ¼ of the size of the normal machine. I bought it for SGD60 and I must say it was one of my best buy because Bandai had stopped producing them and if you do a quick search in Amazon, it is retailed at aound USD200. And that is in white colour, not orange. So, this machine is like a baby to me. Next, the 3M Polarizing Lamp keeps my eye safe with its non-flickering white lights when I work in the late evening. The central piece of my desktop is of course my ASUS R409L Notebook. I shall not go into the technical specs of it but what I appreciate about ASUS is its high-quality finish and the tactile feel when I type. Moving on, sticking on the walls are colourful posters of Hatsune Miku which projects an Otaku feel. Downward, you can see my favourite character of Panson Works Tony Tony Chopper. They are resting on one of my speakers of my Panasonic CD Stereo System. Sometimes, I like to play Final Fantasy X Soundtracks while using the computer. That makes me feel like I am working in Japan!  By the side are some One Piece mini-gacha machines and a small postcard of my idol Alodia Gosiengfiao. I have a quirky Mario Bros mousepad that brings out another aspect of Otaku-ness in me. Lastly, I like the white board on my right where I pin important letters and notes from fans. Well, that’s it for my favourite place in my house!
Thanks for reading. Please feel free to email me if you have any queries.

Max Wong
JLPT4/JLPT3 (Ikoma Singapore)
Diploma in Management Studies (SIM)
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Management (University of Manchester)
Facebook : Anime Bukuro

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