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My Dress-Up Darling Review: Marin Kitagawa, The Perfect Waifu??


Winter 2022 is a great start to the New Year for anime fans. One of the most awaited anime, Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2 has been released. Scrolling through the list of Winter 2022 anime, Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru, aka My Dress-Up Darling caught my attention.


Being a fan of rom-com and slice of life anime, I had to give it a try and what a gem this anime turned out to be! This is my review of My Dress-Up Darling and the reasons why Marin Kitagawa is the perfect waifu. Be warned, spoilers ahead.

Our boy Gojo Wakana is your average first year high school student except with a rather unique goal. He wants to be a hina doll craftsman and spends his days honing his skills but keeps this a secret from others. He is introverted and has low self-esteem due to a bad past experience resulting from his love of hina dolls. 

One random day in class, our girl Marin Kitagawa comes crashing into his life, literally. Marin is the complete opposite of Gojo. She is popular, cheerful, energetic and is also his classmate. Marin chances upon Gojo while he was sewing a hina doll costume in the school’s sewing room after school. 

“It’s all over” was the first thought that went through his mind. Yeah no, instead of being ridiculed by Marin, she admired his ability to sew and even complimented the hina doll. Marin then goes on to reveal that she loves manga, anime and games. She requests for his help to make a cosplay outfit of Shizuku-tan from one of the video games that she plays.


Black Lobelia


My Dress-Up Darling is mainly about Gojo helping Marin with her cosplay costumes and how their relationship deepens along the way such as attending cosplay events or watching anime together. Personally, I like the Shizuku-tan and Liz-kyun cosplay the most.

Character development and pacing were well done. As the anime progresses, you could tell that Marin helped Gojo slowly overcome some of his insecurities and the love between the two blossomed steadily. Gojo and Marin make a cute couple and they complement each other really well.

I enjoyed this anime a lot as I could feel the passion towards cosplay being radiated from the characters. I have always respected cosplayers for their tenacity in preparing their costumes and make-up which can get very complicated and time consuming depending on the characters they are trying to cosplay as. Furthermore, cosplaying can be expensive. My Dress-Up Darling does a great job showing us some of the challenges faced in cosplaying but that it is all worth it in the end.  

The anime also has many humorous moments and plenty of fan service. I would recommend this anime to anyone who would like to learn more about cosplay in general or fans of romance anime.

Reasons why Marin Kitagawa is the perfect waifu

Although Gojo Wakana is a good main character who is extremely passionate about what he does, the star of the anime is obviously Marin Kitagawa. Marin is no doubt the best waifu of Winter 2022. She is also a strong contender for best waifu of the year. She is one of the most talked about characters in the anime community since the anime aired. Below are some reasons why Marin Kitagawa is the perfect waifu.

1. Marin is hot

Yeah, what can I say, she is what she is. 

2. Marin is very cultured

Anime tapestries check. Anime posters check. Dakimakura of favourite character check. Manga check. Anime figures check. Marin is just too cultured and her sanctuary of a room clearly showcases this.

3. Marin is supportive towards Gojo

Marin is very supportive and encouraging towards Gojo. She doesn’t realise how important this is to him but she made a huge impact on his character growth. “You just don’t go making fun of things people clearly like.” – Marin Kitagawa episode 1. That one statement resonated hard with Gojo in the kokoro. Gojo’s confidence improved evidently after meeting Marin.  

4. Marin is energetic, genuine, and has the cutest reactions and expressions

The best trait of Marin Kitagawa is probably the vibe and energy that she gives off. She is just a joy to be around and brings plenty of positive vibes. She also feels real and relatable. She is passionate about what she loves and is not afraid to show or discuss it. I mean we also have at least fifty number one favourite characters, right? Her reactions and expressions are always so cute, you can’t help but fall in love with her. The pure joy that she felt when she became Shizuku-tan was so heart-warming. 

5. Marin likes to tease Gojo

Gojo: * Sweats. Doki-Doki. *

The perfect waifu doesn’t exi … that is until Marin Kitagawa decided to show up. Marin is the embodiment of every top tier quality in an anime waifu. She has redefined the meaning of waifu and set the global standard for waifus. She is in a league of her own and has transcended into a goddess tier waifu.

OP - San San Days

ED - Koi no Yukue

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Overall, I really enjoyed My Dress-Up Darling and it is the top anime for me personally this season. The animation was fantastic as expected of CloverWorks. The music was so good that one should never skip the OP or ED. The music video of the ED, Koi no Yukue by Akase Akari, features her incredible cosplay as Marin, Shizuku-tan and Black Lobelia. I am at a lost for words at how on point her cosplay was. I am looking forward to a season 2 which will hopefully be announced in the near future.


Written by Kou

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