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Figure Unboxing and Review: Kagamine Rin Hanairogoromo Version (Stronger)

Thursday, September 20, 2018 / No Comments
The last figure of the Hanairogoromo line that I have left to review is none other than Kagamine Rin! She is clad in yellow and green garb that matches her image color, and accented with reds and blues to help add a splash of color to her attire!

And now without further ado, let's take a look at her!

Unlike Len, her color is closer to a pretty orange than a striking yellow. The white rabbit motifs on her box also adds a feminine touch to it!

The other sides of the box showcases this figure of Rin in various angles. Similar to what I said about Len's packaging in his review, I wish that they had included at least one image with the original illustration.
Rin's blister has two sections, one for the sakura tree branch and the other for the main figure. As usual, the base is wedged at the bottom of the blister. The tape manages to keep the entire ensemble together nice and snug and nothing moved out of place during transport.

There are two parts to her base, first the trunk, then the circular base. The trunk comes in three parts as seen in the image above: the main trunk, a branch with the pink flowers, and another small addition with just the flowers. This last part can be interchanged with a similar part in Len's figure to pose them on the same branch together!
This is the usual circular base that comes with every Hanairogoromo figure. It uses the background of the illustration, and as I always say, I wish that they could change things up from figure to figure.
Nevertheless, this is the tree with all three parts connected. Just look at how pretty it is with all the grooves sculpted and shaded to create a feeling of dimension. The tree just looks so alive and realistic!

The tree also comes with an indent which is exactly where Rin is supposed to sit. The circular shape on that part of the trunk is from a magnet, which helps Rin stay on the branch without the use of any unsightly pegs.
Despite Rin's bottom being usually covered by the branch due to her sitting pose, we can see that Stronger actually took the effort to sculpt in creases and plaits to complete the flow of the material, as well as give appropriate shading and highlights for her red hakama part too. Impressive!
Here is Rin in her full glory, perched on the branch. With her feet hanging freely and barely touching the ground, it creates this sense of elegance and innocence all at once! Let's take a closer look at Rin with a simple 360~

Even the rabbit looks so cute with the little blue ribbon that matches Rin's own red one! The color and position of the flowers on the rabbit's head also matches up to Rin's one perfectly too!
What's more amazing would be these little details that Stronger puts into when painting their figures. These gold accents on her hakama comes in varied shapes and sizes and I love how they seem to move up the skirt. This helps to give a little detail at the end of her outfit, which is blander, but does not take away anything from the other layers of her clothes.

Her geta are also a mixture of tradition and modern. While Stronger makes sure that we know it isn't the traditional geta with the bold colors and glossy paints, they kept the tabi and the general geta design intact. Moreover, there are three colors (green, blue and pink) on this small object and there are no paint spillovers on my copy!
The green of the geta ties in with her kimono which is mainly green as well. The pattern adds some detail to the outfit and the color of this pattern (gold) also matches the gold spots on her hakama, and in turn, helps to balance out the reds and greens.
Another point about this figure I would like to mention would be the hair accessories that Rin sports. The ribbons are sculpted, painted and shaded to portray how three-dimensional it is. The pastel colored flowers add a bright splash of color to the otherwise mainly yellow and green figure. However, I do think that more effort could and should have been given to these flowers as a little shading really goes a long way!

Base (Not based on Rin's branch) ★★
Posing ★★
Painting ★★★
Worth-it ★★

Overall ★★


Sunday, September 16, 2018 / No Comments
Heyheyhey my little nuggets!! 

Welcome back to my ramblings, where I'll be covering STGCC this time round!! I missed last year's due to studies, sadly, but I am back and was more excited than ever to attend '18's! I'd say STGCC and AFA are usually the most highly anticipated events of the year, although Doujima is rapidly catching up. 

The exhibition spaces were rocking as usual, there was too much to cover and see all in one day, and when it came to photos, you'd have to wait to take one with a clean background, or forgo the wait and just snap with everyone in the background. 

this!! this is too cute
Not going to lie, I barely know only about half of the subjects in the photos I'm posting up, but they were too cool to not take?? Also, only while uploading these did I realize that I've taken them all in square mode.. I'm sorry...... I obviously am not a proper photographer.....

this one is super cool1!!

Some Digimon and this one amazing Shenron!!

These figures though!! 

I chanced upon a Dr Who booth tucked away in a corner!! 

it's so hard to take photos of things in cases

I personally felt that this year's artist alley seemed to be a little sad? Maybe it was the huge amount of walking space that made it seem less crowded? Or maybe just not as many participated in boothing since we just had Doujima earlier this year? Either way, I ended up spending only about 50% of my budget at STGCC, with more than half on the books I got at the Kinokuniya booth. They had a twenty percent off sale on Sunday, and I had the budget to spare. 

one piece nanos!!!!
There weren't as many cosplayers walking the convention either, or maybe it just wasn't the right time? I know there were more cosers on the second day than the first, though I didn't bump into many and had to actively search them out. There are definitely many more outside of the hall, either taking a rest or having shoots by the natural lighting, but you might have to squeeze amongst the big DSLRs to get a shot. 

Here are some that I managed to get! 

look at the rubber chicken lmao
sugamama!! but without dadchi

too cute!!! it's illegal!!!! TT

i squeezed through a bunch of people for this, so glad i managed to get a posed shot

i ran in platform heels for this christ i almost died
Overall, was this STGCC worth it? The exhibits definitely were amazing; it wouldn't be STGCC without them, but something was missing. Not sure if the crowd was smaller, but the atmosphere was a tad off. Still glad I attended though, missing this would have been quite a bummer. 

For now, nerd out!!

Written by: ninetylives