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A Letter To Miwa Haruka

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 / No Comments
Dear Haruka,

Ogenki desuka? I hope this letter doesn't come across as startling, though I believe you certainly have no lack of love and admiration everywhere. I think writing letters isn't so common anymore, since technology has long consumed humans with its ever increasing upgrades. I wonder if there are still others who yearn for that hint of simplicity like the good old days? Speaking of which, I hear that you work in a farm! How is that for a tranquil life? I kind of like the idea of barnyard animals running across the fields, except that calling them back would be a hassle!

More importantly, you are the mascot for Milkcananime. How befitting! You know, cows and milk and...well, just about everything in here comes around pretty nicely. Gosh, you are a tall one, aren't you? Hey, you should consider taking part in some competition! I don't know if you have heard, but recently there has been some revival of a swimsuit competition though it isn't going too well to say the least! Have you done modelling? Those legs would make a great advertisement for fried chicken wings...I mean, milk...never mind.

So, you are going to turn 21 in a few months! Has adulthood changed much of your life? Well, I would think the farm is a little too peaceful most of the time for a youngster! Do you go on a big trip somewhere? I think an adventure would be awesome, especially when you have the luxury of time and such on your side! Hmm, I wonder if cows are allowed to travel with people? Not by air, of course! 

Oh, before I sign off...I have a little confession to make. Do you know you are actually on a t-shirt? Yeah, I wear that from time to time. It is super comfortable...the t-shirt I mean. It also represents something else much bigger. Anyway, thank you for being who you are! Moo...

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

My Top Picks From Wonder Festival Summer 2017

/ No Comments

As I trawled through the many photos that were taken at this year's Summer Wonder Festival, I began to fear for my bank balance. Figures featuring the many characters from the Fate franchise were either announced or had prototypes on display. Heck, I even pre-ordered one the moment it was available on AmiAmi. Things continued to go downhill when I saw prototypes from Girls und Panzer, Kantai Collection and Saekano. 

Manufacturers were firing on all cylinders and even SEGA and Banpresto's line of prize figures wouldn't look out of place next to a scale figure that would cost thousands of yen more. Here are just a few that caught my eye at the annual expo and I'm already looking forward to the Winter edition in December if the Summer one had this much eyecandy on display.

1. (Orange Rouge) 1/7 scale Gilgamesh (Caster) from Fate/Grand Order

The almighty Babylonian king that everybody knows and loves is getting a 1/7 scale figure from Orange Rouge, although he wont be in his usual glittering gold armour. Gilgamesh will be donning his Caster garb instead, which features a turban and harem pants to boot. If you're wondering how he ends up as a Caster instead of an Archer, you just have to play the game to find out.

2. (Aniplex+) 1/8 Kasumigaoka Utaha (Kimono ver.) from Saekano

This had to be one of the most attractive figures on display at Wonder Festival. The bombshell from Saekano swaps her usual Toyogasaki High School uniform for an ornate kimono, much like Saber before her. Aniplex+ is on a roll with their line of kimono figures and I can already imagine how good Sakura's scale figure will look when fully painted.

3. (Aquamarine) 1/8 Nishizumi Miho from Girls und Panzer

I'm glad to see Miho receive more attention from the manufacturers and with the upcoming series of movies, I'm also sure it's no coincidence that they're steadily announcing more Girls und Panzer scale figures. It's always refreshing to see characters in kimonos and yukatas rather than their usual uniform or armour.

4. (Alpha Omega) 1/7 Toujou Nozomi (Pentel Eye Plus Collab ver.) from Love Live!

If you're wondering who or what Alpha Omega is, you'll be happy to know that it refers to Alter and Megahouse's collaboration brand. I'm itching to pre-order this figure, with Nozomi being my favourite character from Love Live!. I'm also hoping that Alpha Omega manufactures the rest of μ's in their Dancing Stars On Me costumes and even the outfits from their other singles.

5. (Stronger) 1/7 Nero Claudius (Type-Moon Racing ver.) from Fate

This was the aforementioned figure that had me pressing 'Pre-order' at lightspeed on AmiAmi. Rin and Saber's Type-Moon Racing scale figures before her were tempting as well but the genderbent Roman tyrant was much too attractive to pass up. I had already resisted buying her Alter and Alphamax scale figures previously so there was little reason for me not to purchase this. I'm looking forward to the other characters having their own Type-Moon Racing versions although my wallet won't be thanking me anytime soon.

5. (Good Smile Company) Nendoroid Mercy (Classic Skin Edition) from Overwatch

Mercy is the most outstanding Overwatch Nendoroid so far and the rest of the Nendoroids featured at Wonder Festival were much less flashy compared to the Swiss guardian angel. Mercy is in her original Valkyrie suit and comes with her Caduceus Staff and Caduceus Blaster. Even her wings are adjustable and can be used to craft a wider variety of poses.

The figures I listed above were not exhaustive and there were many more that I would gladly splash my cash on. I wish I could've attended the convention at the time but my schedule would not permit. I hope to see many more painted prototypes by the time the Winter Wonder Festival rolls around and by then, I shudder to think how many I would've pre-ordered.

Written by ET

Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention 2017 Prelude

Friday, August 11, 2017 / No Comments

Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention Celebrates 10th Birthday At Marina Bay Sands STGCC celebrates the best of pop culture with international guests from America, Japan, Taiwan and more! SOUTHEAST ASIA, 13 July 2017 - Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) returns to Marina Bay Sands this September with its biggest party yet, in celebration of its 10th birthday.

Happening between 9 and 10 September, STGCC promises an entertaining weekend of pop culture and comic wonderland for both fun-loving families and passionate gamers, featuring the best of local and international toys, games, comics, anime and collectibles, topped with an exciting line-up of guests and personalities. On top of the usual line-up of activities, STGCC will also be introducing a host of new zones specially catered to the ever-growing community of pop culture lovers. For the first time ever, STGCC is hosting the Good Game Experience (GGXP)​, offering gaming fans an exhilarating programme of entertainment and tournaments.

Taking up an entire exhibition hall, GGXP features a host of local and regional game publishers - supporting and celebrating their love for games, and honouring outstanding Indie Game Developers through the Good Game Awards (GGA) 2017​. Attendees can get to try their hands on new and unreleased games on-site, from card games such as Pokémon Trading Card Game, Final Fantasy Trading Card Game & Yu-Gi-Oh!, to immersive VR games, and take part in casual competitions happening through the day. Not to be missed is the Akiba Zone​, a zone inspired by Tokyo’s famous Electric Town, giving Japanese subculture and cosplay fans the chance to indulge in their hobby, get up close with their favourite idols and cosplay guests, catch exciting stage performances and win attractive prizes. Experiencing a cosplay wardrobe malfunction? Costume repair service is also available in this zone.

To view what’s new at STGCC 2017, please click ​here​. Along with its return, STGCC today also revealed its line-up of guests to the public. The convention will be headlined by renowned illustrator and animator Hiro Kanzaki​ (JP)​, making STGCC his first ever convention outside Japan. Other international star attendees include beloved cosplay stars Iori Moe​ (JP)​ and Siu Tao (HK), ​returning fan favourites such as Marvel comic book artist, Adi Granov​ (US),​ rising star and DC Comics artist, Mirka Andolfo​ (IT)​, and American comic book writer and artist David Mack​ (US). Hailing from our home ground, 6 Eisner Award Nominee Sonny Liew​ (SG)​ will also be making an appearance at STGCC. ​Playing the soundtrack of ​Akihabara’s subculture, music fans can look forward to acclaimed composers and DJs, such as ARM​/​IOSYS​ (JP)​ and Taku Inoue​ (JP)​.
Comic fans will also get to meet and view the creations of American comic cover artist and writer Arthur Adams​ (US)​, comic book writer and illustrator Frank Cho​ (US)​, comic book illustrator Joyce Chin​ (US), ​professional cosplayer, stuntman and model Leon Chiro​ (IT)​, Taiwanese cosplayer, Shimo​ (TW), ​and co-founder of Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand, tokidoki, Simone Legno​ (IT). Also present at the convention are prominent toy makers and other well-known artists. To view the complete line-up of guests for STGCC 2017,​ ​please click here

Written by Max

Arcades in Japan

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 / No Comments

Growing up, I used to spend hours in the arcade at malls across the island. I probably played every game available, and then some. These ran the gamut, from gunning down virtual terrorists to hammering the heads of mischievous plastic crocodiles. It was an easy way for my family to keep me occupied if they needed to shop for long hours. Even if I couldn't play due to the lack of tokens, I could always watch other players going at it. Unfortunately, arcades appear to be dying out in Singapore, with mobile, console and PC gaming being so readily available these days. Even the cavernous Timezone arcade I patronised for a good decade or so was replaced by a tuition centre several years back. Arcades in Japan on the other hand, are thriving, to say the least. Some take up an entire building, with each level having a different set of games or a cafe even, like the red SEGA ones you see in the photo above.

In secondary school, I owned a book that detailed Japanese arcade culture along with the different kinds of games that were available, from fighting games to UFO Catchers. Unfortunately, I wouldn't make my first trip to Japan till I swapped my pink IC for a green one. However, I vividly remembered the contents of that book and even though it has been close to a decade since its publication, little has changed in these bustling game centers. New titles have become even more innovative and old favourites such as Time Crisis have gotten major upgrades. Think two pedals that allow you to face enemies on three different sides instead of a single one.

I even saw machines that wouldn't look out of place in a sci-fi movie, featuring pods that boasted a large curved screen and comfy seats. 
One such pod allowed you pilot a Gundam and duke it out with other players and another recreated iconic dogfights from the Star Wars saga. To say that the experience was immersive would be a severe understatement. Watching more experienced players control the virtual Gundam with ease was half the fun. I only lament that I don't understand enough Japanese to fully enjoy the game, but I'll be sure to work on that and hopefully, navigating the menus will be a breeze during my next vacation.

Despite all the newfangled games that dotted the arcade, my friends and I constantly found ourselves returning to the UFO Catcher machines. It was hardly the crane game we knew from when we were kids and winning a prize was far from easy. I only had a small Charmander soft toy to show for the thousands of yen spent during my first trip last November. Fortunately, or otherwise, I managed to walk away with several Mega Jumbo Nesoberis during my recent getaway, after several lessons from my friends and the arcade's staff. The merchandise plays a huge part in attracting people to the UFO Catchers. Everything is authentic, from simple keychains and bath towels to the aforementioned Mega Jumbo Nesoberis and scale figures. Don't be surprised to see someone walking away with a Pikachu toy that's the size of his torso.

Did I also mention that the prizes are seasonal? This means that they'll only be present for several months before being replaced by something else. The prize lineup is constantly changing and that also contributes to why these machines receive a steady stream of players on a daily basis. Trying to collect the Nesoberis of all nine members of Aquors in their school uniform without resorting to resellers or an actual store? Good luck with that! The day I won the Rem Nesoberi in the photo above was also the day that Emilia was introduced. I neither had the skill nor money required, with the Elven mage requiring 200 yen per try instead of the usual 100.

The arcades also had the unusual purpose of acting as pit stops for my friends and I. We were able to beat the heat, or cold, and take a break before resuming shopping or sightseeing. With more than 15 kilometers logged per day, I think we deserved a few of those breaks in the arcade. This was especially true for Akihabara and Ikebukuro, where there were game centers aplenty. I found myself spending much more time in there during my holiday in July, where the mercury soared to more than 30 degrees per day. It didn't help that Love Live! School idol festival ~after school ACTIVITY~ was present at most of the arcades I was in. I already played the mobile game on a regular basis and was eagerly waiting for the chance to check out the arcade version. I'm looking forward to my next visit to the Land of the Rising Sun, which I hope will be sooner rather than later. I might even need an additional suitcase, should my UFO Catcher obsession not die down by then.

Written by ET

Fate/Grand Order (Japanese)

Thursday, August 3, 2017 / No Comments

Around five months ago, I picked up Fate/Grand Order on iOS after many months of hesitating and deliberating. I was certain that the mobile game would receive an English version, which it actually did a month or two ago. But my lack of patience meant that I ended up downloading the Japanese one instead. I posted my first impressions back in February and I'm more than happy to report that the game is still on my phone and now, it takes up even more of my free time. The deceptively simple combat system, engaging story and fascinating list of Servants are several reasons why I'm far from done with this app, despite the language barrier. Heck, Fate/Grand Order even helped me pick up Katakana along the way. Now, if only there was a simple way to learn Hiragana.

Fate/Grand Order's premise is easy enough to understand. You're a detective of sorts, travelling through time to locate and destroy anomalies that threaten the existence of humanity. Naturally, you're not alone in this fight. Historical and mythological figures; also known as Servants, are enlisted to aid you in your quest. For fans of the original Fate/Stay Night, you'll see old favourites like Gilgamesh and Artoria return. For diehard enthusiasts of the whole franchise, Fate/Grand Order is your dream come true. Expect to see servants from Fate/Extra, Fate/Apocrypha and even Fate/Strange Fake. If you're concerned about the story, Kinoko Nasu and the Type-Moon team play a bigger role later on in chapters such as Camelot and Babylonia, so expect the writing to get better over time and the plot to have the same amount of depth as the studio's visual novels.

Combat, like I mentioned above, is deceptively simple. It is turn-based and your Servants attack via the use of Quick, Arts or Buster cards. They also have a Noble Phantasm card which can be used once their NP bar hits 100% at least. Think of it as your Servant's ultimate move. Noble Phantasms vary from Servant to Servant, just like their skills. Some deal heavy damage to the enemy team and some provide buffs for your team instead. To mix things up even more, your Servants have access to skills that they can use before selecting which cards to attack with. You're also given a set of three skills, depending on which Mystic Code you have equipped. The standard white Chaldea uniform gives you a targetable heal, attack buff and dodge. There are many more Mystic Codes to be earned and each one has their own pros and cons. Each Servant also has a unique set of skills and there are no clones, despite the game having a smorgasbord of heroes to choose from.

Servants can also be equipped with a Craft Essence card. It is akin to an equipped item and further boosts their HP, attack or both. To make things even more interesting, the Craft Essence card grants an additional effect, be it increasing the effectiveness of the Servant's Quick, Arts or Buster cards or increasing the damage of their Noble Phantasm. These are just a few effects out of the many out there. Craft Essences also tend to dictate how you might deploy a Servant, be it one who doles out his/her Noble Phantasm turn after turn or a healer who keeps the team alive instead.

Although this might be a turnoff for more competitive players, I'm happy that Fate/Grand Order has no PvP system and no PvP-style events so far. On the contrary, there are events that have featured a raid boss, requiring players to work together in order to take it down. Think MMORPGs but in a mobile setting. Delightworks has also discouraged players from spending obsessively on the game, especially in early levels, via the implementation of a cost limit for teams. Each Servant and Craft Essence has a cost attached to them. Servants and Craft Essences' rarity are usually proportionate to their costs so lose the thought of assembling a five-star team kitted out with equally powerful Craft Essences at level 1. I'm at Level 126 and my cost limit is still far from putting together that powerhouse team that will swat away any boss with ease.

It's rare to see a free-to-play mobile game that has this level of depth. What's more shocking is that the game offers little incentive to purchase the premium currency. You receive a steady amount every month from completing quests, events and via the daily giveaways but more importantly, the Bronze and Silver tier Servants are no pushovers. They have powerful skills and are only limited by their levels, which can be remedied through the use of Holy Grails, which you receive upon completing an event's story or a chapter of the game's story mode.

I foresee myself playing Fate/Grand Order for a long time and the few five-star Servants I've summoned provide added motivation. Seeing how frequently the game celebrates a new player or download milestone, I'm also sure Delightworks and Type-Moon have more than a few aces up their sleeves in the coming months and years.

Written by ET

"11" Eyes Chibi Stamps - Miwa, Moo Chan, Queen Bee and Yuumi

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 / No Comments
I search around in the web to look for ways to draw eyes for anime chibi characters. The common ones are black circles, "left and right arrows", "vertical splash of black"..etc. I thought for a couple of weeks and decided to go for this "11" style pair of eyes. It's basically a vertical pill-like shape with a sharp little triangle at the top. It should look super cute on chibis. But for Queen Bee, her eyes will look like a long honeycomb since honeycombs can be seen in her Spectrum Glass as well as her costume. 

Here are the four Milkcananime OCs in Chibi Illustrations (png format). So, they can be used as stamps. Please feel free to download and save to your computers or smartphones.

Miwa Haruka

Moo Chan

Queen Bee


Eyes designed by Max Wong
Chibis drawn by Resident Illustrator Angelics Mana

Here are the signed ones

So which one is your favourite?

Written by Max

!!! Hitorijime My Hero

Monday, July 31, 2017 / No Comments
Hello my nuggets!

Welcome to another post where I rant and rave about cute hot guys having the hots for each other kekekeh. Again, if you're uncomfortable, do just exit out of this post~

To the rest of you, welcome to my heaven!!~

I was super down in the dumps recently, so I was extremely happy to chance upon this one anime that sounded really promising: Hitorijime My Hero!! The art's not too bad, and it seems to be right up my alley to boot!

"High schooler Masahiro Setagawa is a fairly helpless delinquent, so much so that the neighborhood bullies use him to run their errands. His life changes when he meets high school teacher Kousuke Oshiba, a man whose fighting abilities have earned him a powerful reputation on the streets. Oshiba finds himself with a desire to protect Setagawa, and despite swearing that he’s not interested in men, Setagawa finds himself getting more involved in Oshiba’s affairs…"

Look at the summary of the anime! I specially went to bold the parts that are super interesting to me hehehee. I love the teacher-student trope. The best part of the summary is the fact that the uke is A HELPLESS DELINQUENT oh no my instinct to protect is getting activated. The other best part is the fact that the seme is A TEACHER WITH A REPUTATION ON THE STREETS. 

And not only do we get the teacher-student trope, we also get another pairing!! The other pairing is.. DINGDING the childhood friends trope!! And while it's cute that the other pairing features the younger brother of the teacher, the childhood friend is a super ikemen who is also the seme of that pairing!! Which is quite appropriate, because the younger Oshiba brother does look super shota. 

My fav thing about the whole anime is the fact that the delinquent looks pretty delinquent-ish in appearance BUT his personality is so motherly I can't even deal with it. He cooks!! And cleans!! 

i agree!!
Currently the anime is at episode four, but if you cannot wait (like me), you can go ahead and read the manga! I think they have a side manga for the childhood pairing separately too! The anime seems to combine both, so you don't mind having something to look forward to every week, then keep to the anime!

I don't want to spoil anything, but I will say that this is super worth to watch/read, whichever suits you better, and while the get-together phase is pretty short and pretty cliche, I found myself not minding too much about it, surprisingly.

GO WATCH NOW hurry!! Nerd out for now~~

Written by: ninetylives