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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Thursday, November 23, 2017 / No Comments
Welcome back my nuggets!!

Anyone here a fan of Animal Crossing? I tried the series on the 3DS, but it's pretty time consuming to play consistently, and personally I felt it was a tad boring to do the same things over and over again. My console is a 3DS XL as well, so I didn't want to lug it around everyday and only play it for just a bit. If you're like that too, then here's a solution!!

the initial start up screen!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!!

It's an app you can download from your play store or app store, and it's not restricted to japan only download as well~~ I didn't have to specially go to the Japan play store to get it woohoo! You can link it up to your Nintendo account to make sure your save progress doesn't disappear if you uninstall the app later on. 

It's much easier to play too, plus it's handy to have it on your phone as a casual game instead of carrying a separate console. Gameplay-wise, it still is Animal Crossing, so there's a whole bunch of catching bugs and fishes, picking fruits and shells, and handing them over to whichever 'villagers' request for them! However, for Pocket Camp you're not mayor of a town but instead you sort of own your own camp, and you can invite animals to over to be your campers of sorts. 

First off, customize yourself!! I'm quite surprised at the variety of options right off the bat! You don't get to choose your clothing, but you will get to purchase some at the marketplace later in game. I managed to customize one that looks quite like me, hehehee.

You get to customize your camper van and expand the size, as well as visit other players' camps and befriend them! I'm not too sure if only certain camps have specific bugs or fishes, but if you're at a loss you can always check your friends' camps to see what sort of items they're selling! 

the seat he requested for!

When you fulfill requests from the animals, you get to up their friendship level! When it's high enough they'll give you some gifts, and you'll get to invite them to your camp if you hit their furniture requirements as well. 

You do need friends to help you get into the mines to source for ores, and I'm not sure if it's a one time thing since I haven't unlocked it yet, but yes, make more friends!!

The marketplace changes every couple of hours, if I'm correct, so that means that you are sort of forced to take breaks every now and then, which is good, because please take care of your eyes! The clothing shop at the marketplace sells only one category of clothes each time, so it might be shirts, socks/shoes, or dresses. I managed to get this dress I really liked after seeing it on another player!

The graphics are really nice, and look at the color palette!! I'm playing on a Note 3, and it still operates rather smoothly. Only thing to take note of: the servers might be a tad laggy because of the high volume of players, but have patience! 

Right, I'm off to play more Pocket Camp now, I'm severely lacking time after getting a bunch of games; where do I get more time???! I do have another post lined up on Pokemon hacked roms; I've been dedicating all my time on them lately, and it's a huge treasure trove to cover. Well, I mean I've been playing them, not hacking them- hats off to the hackers!!

Tata for now~

Written by: ninetylives

The iPhone X Mini Theatre

Sunday, November 19, 2017 / No Comments
Everything started unexpectedly on a very, very, very early morning...technically, it was closer to midnight than dawn. However, something still happened somewhere, and it began with a heated argument. Kind of.

Come on, *****! Pick up your **** ******* phone! You are only pretending to sleep, so quit ignoring me! Who the **** do you think you are, huh! You aren't some royal ****, so listen up...get your own ****** **** phone!!!

Eeeeeeeeeeeh! But I don't want to go out! Going out makes me tired and sleepy! Besides, my dainty feet will grow blisters if I have to queue for more than a minute. Aren't you my big, strong man? Go get it for me, won't you? I mean, you dig that stuff, right?

Boy: So, this is it?
Girl: Yeah, my girlfriends said so. I am not very sure myself though...
Boy: Well, should I open it?
Girl: I could if you want. After all, I am the one who brought you into this...
Boy: Don't be silly! I mean, this isn't going to go off or anything, right?
Girl: At the count of three?
Boy: Okay, one...
Girl: Two...
Boy: And...

So I was shopping for groceries at the supermarket after school, and out of nowhere this suspicious-looking man appeared with a black envelope that had no label whatsoever. He quickly thrusted it into my hands and disappeared into the crowd! I thought it might be poison, so I promptly disposed it into the bin. My classmate said I should have had opened the envelope though...a love letter, perhaps? But why would anybody seal up a love letter in black? Anyway, more rice?

Oooooh...what is this? I feel as if I had just taken a trip to the unknown! I can't quite describe this sensation...somebody help? Gosh, I wish I could tell the rest how this feels...hmm, such a delicate beauty! What are the odds of having eyes this sparkly all of a sudden? I feel like an anime character...hold it, I am an anime character! Are you sure I can use this?

Boy: Dad says he is buying me a mobile phone...
Girl: Ah, so our crazy, little plaything has finally driven him nuts?
Boy: I believe so. Is your mum taking you shopping?
Girl: Yeah, I saw her slotting in my Dad's credit card.
Boy: Who says hard work doesn't pay off?
Girl: Who says.

The new iPhone X. Well, it won't remain new forever...

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

Figure unboxing and review: Megahouse Akashi Seijuro

Thursday, November 16, 2017 / No Comments
Hi everyone! It's Nana だよ~ Today, I decided to finish up a series I started a long time ago. Longtime readers might remember that I used to post lots of figure unboxing. I've cut down on that now, but I figured I owe you folks this one!


As with the rest of the series, Akashi has a two-toned box packaging and is suspending simply in plastic with his base below.

However, unlike the other figures, Akashi has a special accessory; his jacket! But first, let's take a look at him!

As you can see, Akashi is pretty petite compared to the others aside from Kuroko who's similar in height and build. With his stance, vibrant red hair and piercing eyes, he looks every bit as intimidating as he is.

I don't think I need to elaborate on the detailing; from the uniform folds to the shoes and the base, Akashi is highly detailed and very refined-looking. I also love the shading, especially at his collarbones and arms.

I love how imposing Akashi looks with his jacket! His pose is static, so the jacket is a good contrast as it flutters in the wind.

With that, I have concluded my KnB figurine series! I did not purchase Takao as I was only keen on the Miragen members + Kagami. I hope I'll be able to share more figure unboxing soon! This post has actually been sitting in the drafts for a long time and the first ones in the series was literally three years ago. Hopefully I'll be able to share more recent figurines with better quality photos!

Written by Nana