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Puri Puri Chii-chan!!

Friday, April 21, 2017 / No Comments
Once in a blue moon, I stumble upon some really peculiar yet irrationally charming anime by sheer accident, and some unknown radar would just beep furiously at the mere presence of such. The upside (that is, if I could ever keep up with it) is probably the fluffy, feel-good aura which remains difficult to explain in this universe. Anyway, you see that cute thing above? His name is Chii-chan. Yeah, Chii-chan is a boy from the underground (apparently, there are living things down under). One day, Chii-chan simply decides to explore what is above his world.

Well, there is an actual purpose to say the least. Chii-chan wants to eat some sweets (and by some, it actually is quite a lot). So he sort of digs a hole, pops out of it, scampers to the nearest mart where he discovers to his absolute delight a wide array of sweets. He then proceeds to eat them, not realising that he is being busted (not so much for eating but rather the fact that he isn't human). In the end, Chii-chan quickly runs out of the store after having his fill. Unfortunately, he has eaten a tad too much, and the hole that he had dug earlier has become too small for him to squeeze through.

Enter the human girl who rescues Chii-chan from his predicament - her name is Yuuka. Interestingly, Yuuka doesn't seem the slightest horrified. She is just surprised to discover an alien being at the back of her house. Initially, Chii-chan thought that all humans would capture and dissect his species for various experiments. He becomes genuinely surprised at Yuuka's warm hospitality. There is a little funny scene where Chii-chan realises that he is stark naked (Yuuka has put his pants into the laundry), and laments that he can't get married. 

Naturally, Chii-chan ends up staying with Yuuka (there can't be another way anyway) to show his gratitude. Yuuka shows a space where Chii-chan can sleep in. He happily bounces up the ladder, only to find something else sitting at the corner...

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

Wallpaper - 5 Beautiful Girls from Milkcananime

Friday, April 14, 2017 / No Comments
This month I am releasing a wallpaper of 5 fabulous girls - all OCs of Milkcananime. I have the five girls grouped together for a shot. It took our resident illustrator nearly a month to vector and ink the illustration.

I have two versions of the landscaped wallpapers. I think it will look absolutely stunning as your computer backdrop or screensaver. It's free for all to download. Drop me an email if you require an even higher-res file (if you have Titan's screen).

Version A

Version B

I'll also include a brief synopsis of the girls. More information and stories can be found in their respective links. From left to right:

Yushiko: 21 years old. Height 164cm. Weight 48kg. 34C/25/34. She is none other than our dear Head of Mangaka Spirits. You can find her every weekend posting beautiful artworks of aspiring artists in our facebook fanpage. Yushiko usually draws late at night whilst listening to her favourite music.

Miwa Haruka: 21 years old. Height 169cm. Weight 49kg. 34C/24/32. Miwa has a set of beautiful pink braid ponytails and pinkish eyes. She works in a farm and has a special affiliation with animals. Her favourite pet is the adorable cow Moo-chan. Miwa Haruka is the mascot of Milkcananime.

Amami Kisa: 28 years old. Height 173cm. Weight 55kg. 36D/26/32. Also known as Queen Bee, she is Alien Hunter Number 2. Equipped with an arsenal of weaponry, no one can hide from her Spectrum Glass, Miniscule Drone Bee and Swarm Bombs packed with fiery killer bees (dare I say sexiness too).

Tomoko Yua: 56 years old. Height 80-120cm. Weightless. 36D/25/36. You must be wondering why Tomoko still looks like a 20-year-old. That's because she doesn't age at all! She is a Coffee Genie and was first spotted in a tokyo cafe in 1961. Tomoko appears when she spots a kind-hearted otaku sipping coffee!

Yuumi: 29 years old. Height 168cm. Weight 50kg. 34C/24/36. Armed to her teeth with a laser-guided bow, radar-tracking smartwatch and Rambo knife, Yuumi is Alien Hunter Number 1. Her left eye was blinded in a fight with aliens. Since then, no one including Queen Bee had seen Yuumi smile.

Hope you guys enjoy the short synopsis and the wallpapers. Who is your favourite girl here?

If you have larger screens, these files will do better ~

Written by Max

Gabriel DropOut

Thursday, April 13, 2017 / No Comments

In recent months, I've begun to appreciate comedy anime more. They provide a welcome respite from a mundane and tiring day and a good laugh was just what I needed before heading to bed. The previous season had several titles which kept me holding onto my sides, namely Konosuba 2, which I've already reviewed and thoroughly enjoyed, and Gabriel DropOut. 

For the latter title, I binge-watched it before the current Spring anime season started. What caught my eye early on were the character designs that screamed 'moe', much like 2016's New Game. Both Gabriel DropOut and New Game were produced by Doga Kobo, hence the similarities. The plot on the other hand, could not be any more different.

Gabriel DropOut follows Tenma Gabriel White, an angel who topped her class in Heaven's version of high school. She, along with other angels, were sent to Earth to guide and teach humans before they can become full-fledged angels, much like an internship for college students. Just one problem; Gabriel discovers video games and becomes addicted to them. Cue a 180-degree character change and a refusal or attend high school, or even take a shower for that matter. Her friends at school aren't exactly normal as well, with the main cast comprising of two demons who are anything but evil and an angel with a sadistic streak.

It is a trope bordering on cliche by now but I enjoy how the roles are reversed in Gabriel DropOut. Responsible and well-behaved demon Tsukinose Vignette April picks up after Gabriel's mess time and again. Sadistic angel Shiraha Raphiel Ainsworth has no qualms about using a glass cutter to break into homes on multiple occasions and the final member of the gang, Kurumizawa Satanichia McDowell (no prizes for guessing her race) is the Wile E. Coyote of the group, often failing to prank Gabriel and Raphiel when attempting to prove her superiority.

The anime has an episodic format, with no overarching plot other than a minor one that highlights the risk of Gabriel becoming a 'faillen' angel due to how lazy she has become. Doga Kobo's adaptation has expanded on several chapters of the original manga, namely one that had Gabriel leeching off her classmates, who happened to be in the cooking club, for a free meal.

Like the other two background characters, the class president also received much more screentime compared to the manga, being Satanichia's muse for art class in one episode. The end result was hilarious of course and Satanichia's usual ineptitude meant that the class president's efforts at inspiring her were for naught. She even caved in to Satanichia's request for her to strip before promptly being stopped by Vigne.

By this point, you can probably guess that Satanichia is usually the butt of the joke, more often than not. Gabriel's deadpan and snide remarks to Satanichia's idiocy takes the cake for me. What's equally hilarious are the rare times where Satanichia actually wins. She also has the more heartwarming scenes in the show, proving that she isn't just target practice for Gabriel and Raphiel.

It's a shame that it might be a year or two before a second season of Gabriel DropOut is announced, with the first one adapting all current manga chapters available. It subverted your usual idea of what an ideal angel and demon should be and turned the 'moe' appeal up to 11 with its amazing character designs. It also happens to be one of the few anime where the opening and ending themes were worth watching and not just listening to.

Written by ET

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasuka? Isogashii Desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii Desu ka?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 / No Comments
With a freaking long title like that, I am surprised that I could even remember. Actually, I don't. But because the title is so long, I still have a vague impression. Then I realised yesterday that there is actually an abbreviated version - Sukasuka. Well, while that doesn't sound any better to be honest, it beats having to say the whole thing. The anime adaptation of Sukasuka has just premiered, with 12 episodes scheduled to air.

I believe that I have mentioned this before somewhere, but I am not exactly a fan of the fantasy genre. For starters, all the characters bear hard-to-remember, difficult-to-pronounce names which are made worse by transliteration. The plots usually require a certain capacity to be comfortably understood instead of mere interest. But I wonder if the situation might be slightly different with Sukasuka. It is undoubtedly grand, with awesome sights and such.

As for its story, unfortunately I am still struggling to grasp the fundamentals. But I do know that it is a fight for what has remained of the world...kind of. There is only one human but many, many adorable little fairies who are actually weapons. Okay, that is rather confusing! Hopefully, as the anime progresses I could more or less figure out its gist. 

Okay, I shall attempt to name the above fairies without embarrassing myself. From the top left, there is Lakhesh. Next to her is Pannibal. Down to the right, there is Collon. Finally, there is Tiat! Whew...

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

Star-Myu: High School Star Musical 2nd Season

Sunday, April 9, 2017 / No Comments
So I haven't been following the latest line-up of anime as Spring began. A million excuses aside, trying to keep up with even a couple seems daunting to say the least. But hey, Star-Myu is back - I didn't realise that there would be a new season! See, my mind has long wandered off to some distant universe. It used to be my favourite, though the musical pieces were more of an acquired taste to be honest. Team Ootori has returned as sophomores in this new season.

Team Ootori and Team Hiiragi are looking just fine - the comic relief between them never fails to send snorts flying. Though I don't really know just how genuinely impressed they are with each other, it seems that the rivalry still has a friendly vibe somewhere. And those hair colours - is it just me, or have they become a lot brighter this season?

The new season also introduces several new characters - two more teams will join in the battle. Apparently, the sophomores have been bestowed the rare but golden opportunity to star alongside their seniors in their graduation piece - Shadow & Lights. Only five of them will be selected for the musical. By the way, the new teams are Team Yuzuriha and Team Sazanami.

Well, I am rather looking forward to Team Ootori's growth as the new season progresses. The challenge this time seems rather interesting, with more people fighting to attain the act of a lifetime. I am still trying to get used to the characters breaking into song and dance midway - like I have said, it is an acquired taste! Nonetheless, I am still glad to see those familiar faces, in particular Nayuki.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid #250: Nendoroid Saber 10th Anniversary Edition

Friday, April 7, 2017 / No Comments

Saber from Fate/Stay Night is one of the few characters that have withstood the test of time, thanks to the many spinoffs featuring different versions of her. There is nary a year that doesn't feature a figure of the stoic King of Knights and Good Smile Company even commemorated Type-Moon's 10th anniversary with a Saber Nendoroid. It was based off the earlier Super Movable Saber Nendoroid and sports shinier armour and accessories. 

Tracking this figure down was no easy feat, as it was manufactured a good five years back. To make things worse, it was only available at Type-Moon Fes and on Good Smile Company's online store at the time. However, with a little good luck and patience, I managed to track one down in mint condition and at a reasonable price to boot.

For those of you wondering what parts are included with this Nendoroid, take a look at my review for Saber's Super Movable Nendoroid. The parts are identical right down to the faceplates but the difference between the two Nendoroids are apparent the moment you open up the blister pack. The extra gloss on the armour and weapons makes a world of difference. Display this alongside the rest of the Fate/Stay Night Nendoroids and you'll understand what I mean. Even the King of Heroes Gilgamesh doesn't have a gleaming gold get-up.

I'm especially impressed with Avalon, the scabbard for Excalibur. It looks more like a miniature version of the sheath you see in the Unlimited Blade Works anime by Ufotable rather than a cheap plastic toy. Excalibur and Caliburn look much better than the ones included in other Saber Nendoroids as well. It's a pity that Good Smile Company does not employ glossy paint more often in their Nendoroid line.

Another downside for this Nendoroid would be how similar it is to the Super Movable one. The differences between the two are only skin deep and the problems I faced in posing the previous one came back to haunt me this time around. I'm not a big fan of 'Super Movable' Nendoroids due to my well-documented lack of dexterity along with flimsy joints at the cost of being able to strike more dynamic poses.

As you can see, I made use of Saber's flexibility to strike a mid-battle pose to provide some contrast to the rest of my Saber Nendoroids which have more static poses. Thanks to my room's bright lighting, the lustrous armour stands out even more than it usually would.

For diehard fans of Saber, this is a must-buy considering it was created to celebrate a milestone in Type-Moon's history and it is the only Saber Nendoroid so far to sport a gleaming set of armour and weapons. For casual collectors, this might not be as appealing because it's identical to the Super Movable one, bar the bling. 

Good Smile Company should have added extra faceplates or other accessories to sweeten the deal and to the more cynical collectors out there, it might have seemed like they were just milking the Saber cash cow at that point of time. I would've belonged to the latter group if I was a collector in 2012 but I'm glad that Nendoroid line has been constantly improving since then, in terms of the variety of characters offered and the accessories provided.

Written by ET

3DS: 7th Dragon VFD

Thursday, April 6, 2017 / No Comments
Hello my nuggets~

Remember how I was saying that I might purchase Code: VFD? Well, I caved and bought it. And I didn’t buy the second-hand version either, I went and bought the retail one that cost me seventy bucks! I finished the PSP one, and at that point in time no one was selling second-hand, and being the impatient bugger that I am, I went and bought the retail one.

It took a little while to find it too, the smaller shops didn’t carry that title, so I had to look around a bit before finally getting my hands on it. The package comes with the game, and an artbook, and a couple of other items. Considering the artwork is real pretty, I didn’t quite mind it. However, if you’re the sort that doesn’t collect but rather buy, play, then sell... Just get the game will do.

the tokyo rep is sooooo dreamy
So, as usual, we have the Dragons coming to earth and destroying everything in their wake, and when the 7th and final Dragon arrives, that will signal the end of humanity forever. To avoid that, we need to collect the specimens of the other 6 True Dragons, to complete something called the Dragon Chronicle, which will enable you to destroy the final boss and save humanity. You'll need to travel to three different timelines to achieve that, Atlantis, Tokyo, Eden. Past, Present, Future. 

That’s the basis of it, similar to 2020, but yeah, let’s get right down to it! Again, customisable characters are the best and the worst thing. I took forever to decide! Not to mention that you only get a few choices at the start, but as you go along, more avatar designs are unlocked. My aesthetic matchup consisted of the designs that could only be unlocked in the later portion, so I was getting a heck of a headache choosing.

It took a bit of googling to realise that you can actually just change the design of your character without ENTIRELY creating a new one, so the customisable process got a hell lot easier. (go have some fun playing with the designs here)

In 2020, where you only have one playable team, VFD has you managing three different teams. New character designs are unlocked midgame and near endgame, and that is also the time when new team slots are given.

This is a pain everywhere because this also means that all three teams will not be the same level unless I remove members from the other teams and grind the later additions to reach the same level. While having three teams is good, because they provide buffs to the current playable team, at certain points in the game, your three teams are automatically split up to play solo, and again, the other teams don’t get the exp.

left: Fortuner
male: Samurai
middle: GodHand

For my main team, I went with Fortuner, Samurai, and GodHand. The avatar designs changed quite a bit when I received the other designs, but they are the final ones in my main and fav team.

The second and third team avatar designs are mixed because I couldn’t pick any more favourites, but here are the ones I did choose~ The second team held an Agent, RuneKnight, and Duelist. The last team a Banisher, Mage, and Fortuner.

Three teams mean nine characters, but there are only eight classes, so there’s going to be a repeat. I doubled the Fortuner as that was my favourite class, because the weapon is a scythe!! The skillset is pretty amazing too, so no harm done there.

Your navigator here is this super annoying brat who I just want to slap every time she speaks, but she’s an important character with a super sob story background. Still annoying though.

remember them!
Some characters from 2020 make another appearance here in VFD, but there is a new feature in the Skylounge where you can sort of go on dates with the other characters! You can either pick from your team members or from the other NPCS. I personally didn’t feel the need to hang with my team mates, I do every time we head out to battle, but it’s really cute to interact with the other NPCS! 

You get an ID card after certain quests, which will then allow you to call them up for dates. You can date them a total of three times, and each time is unlocked after you pass a certain stage in the game. So you can’t just consecutively date them.

Overall, game play is similar to 2020, storyline a little different, but I’d say the selling point is the customisable characters, and the super cute artwork. Not much difference from playing 2020, but avatars are cuter.
10/10 would recommend~
Righty then, nerd out!

Written by: ninetylives