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Yuumi - Alien Hunter

Saturday, September 24, 2016 / No Comments

Yuumi (Alien Hunter)
Height : 168cm
Weight : 50kg
Vital Stats : 34C-24-36
Birthday : 25 September 1988
Yuumi which stands for courage(Yuu) and beauty(Mi) is an Alien Hunter who thrives deep in the Amazon rainforest. Caught in a cross fire between an New-Born Alien and a Predator many years ago, Yuumi’s left eye was scarred and blinded by sulphuric acid sprayed from the New-Born. Incidentally, this works to her advantage as she shoots even better with a single eye. Armed with a few high-tech weaponry comprising of her Bow-and-Arrows, Smart watch and Survival knife, she is more determined than ever to protect Earth by wiping out the aliens.
The symbol on Yuumi’s forehead was a result of a scar or “friendship” forged between a Predator and her when it craved out what is to become her name “Yuu”. A symbolic sign that marks “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” (The Predator and Alien being sworn enemies). Her Dri-Fit Polyester/Lycra suit enables her to move fast and wick perspiration off her body. It bears her second name which is similar to the hiragana word “Mi”
Years of physical training helped shape Yuumi’s physique to a point where she can do 20 single-hand pushups, bench press a maximum of 45kg and run 2.4km in 10:30 min with full gears.

Yuumi uses a few high-tech weaponry such as:
The Hawkeye smart watch incorporates advanced Octa Core 128-bit Alphapheonix processor for super fast multi-tasking processing. It has a 2 inch touch screen functionality which toggles between different applications. The smart watch is able to track the exact location of Aliens using the radar and infra-red sensor technology. It can also calculates the number of arrows remaining via the movement sensor of the pull-and-release motion. This information comes in handy without Yuumi having to reach out behind to feel the arrows.
Made of solid reinforced titanium, the Stingray Crossbow packs a deadly punch to a maximum distance of 600m. As accuracy diminishes from 300m onwards due to flight projectory, it uses smart auto laser calibration which illuminates 85 milliwatts (650nm) laser on the target from 301m to 600m. Thus, even when the bow and arrow is pointing up, the arrow “locks on” to the target where the laser diode is pointed at.
Yuumi uses the finest survival knife as she is dealing with monsters which is out of this world. The Rambo III knife is made of 440C stainless steel and measures 11 inch with 7 sawteeth which cuts through wire mesh. Yuumi uses this knife to clear dense forest trails, cut woods for fire and of course, Aliens’ throats.

Written by Max

Hare Kon

Thursday, September 22, 2016 / No Comments
Recently, I was invited to a rather peculiar wedding ceremony where three women have exchanged marital vows with the same man. In that particular town, such a phenomenon is not uncommon. Known as Hare Kon, it is where a man is permitted to marry multiple wives in an effort to save the declining birth rate. However, that same man can only take up a maximum of three wives. I can't say that I completely trust that arrangement anytime though it seems like a gradually natural affair in the eyes of the community. Then again, what could be worse?

Yeah, the utter fact that a woman has to share her husband with other women is largely unimaginable yet when she becomes confronted with a situation like such, her mind and heart can't readily agree though it is apparent that there is no other way than to embrace wholeheartedly her circumstances. Of course, she does develop feelings for her man. The idea of reciprocal however hinders that process. With three wives in the house, does that imply that the man's love for each woman is just one-third?

The outburst of varying emotions seeps through this unconventional relationship. Confusion sinks in almost all the time. The woman feels strongly against even the minute things that would have been fine with the other wives. Her 'sisters' are intolerant towards the new wife's complaints and such, as they believe that she is missing the bottom line of the situation. Once a person has entered into a new arrangement, there is no way to look back and whine about anything. 

The fine line between love and sex is easily overturned as well. I suppose that it is only natural for married couples to do the thing even if it could come across as perverse especially when the same man is tending to three different women at different times. The woman finds it nearly impossible to give in to that idea, yet over time it becomes apparent that she no longer struggles that much with exclusivity. Sure, there are more pressing issues around but the moment itself is just as important as it would define the direction of the woman's relationship with her husband and his other wives.

Drama is always present regardless of what is good or bad. So is comic relief. There are a lot of hilarious moments in their relationships with each other. Here is one that just kills without conscience: First Wife and Second Wife are in the middle of a heated debate over what sort of lingerie the Third Wife should buy so as to entice their husband at night. I didn't know that trying on lingerie so openly in the store was remotely possible in the first place. Well, that is part of life too I guess!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪   

Figure Review: Ayase Eli Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki (SEGA)

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Remember when I said that I found several Love Live figures in my possession when I was organizing my room? For today, I have Ayase Eli's Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki version with me. I have also posted two other reviews previously for Honoka and you can read them here (Mogyutto version) and here (Valentine's version).

A hexagonal base helps save space compared to round bases because you can always easily fit one figure against another. Eli also has quite a compact base which really helps to save space.
The extra detail of her name printed onto the base helps to add a new touch to the figure as well.
Posing and Assembly

Eli's pose is one that an idol would make. I think Eli is likely to make that pose as well, but it does not really correspond well with my image of her. She does, however, come from an official illustration and I find that there has been a very good transition of that into 3D.
Assembly is alike other prize figures. You align the holes at the bottom of her feet with the pegs on her base and slid her into place. Mine needed some work to get her in place but most prize figures are a little more bendy than scales so no harm was done.
Sculpting and Painting

Let's start by looking at her attire. The buttons and gold stripes are faithfully included into the figure. Her outfit also uses many different colors -- gold, red, black, white and a darker beige-yellow color. There are also no paint spills. I'm impressed by how the thin black line down to the right of her tie is cleanly painted, despite having the gold buttons over them.
The white frills on her skirt are also well done and really make the attire look extremely cute, especially when contrasted to the larger plaited skirt around it. The contrast with the black under-layer also looks amazing!
I love the sculpt of her kneecaps and how they get the perfect amount of light and shadow to make them look realistic. Other than that, I like the band around her right thigh, it constantly makes me wonder how it holds itself up, especially when they are on stage.
Boots-wise, I like how the laces work and how they are sculpted onto the figure. As seen, there are at least two different paints on the boots, the matte black and the shinier black at the toes of the boots.
I would also like to draw attention to the white top of her boots where there are tiny frills around the base of it. Each ruffle is sculpted individually!
The hair seam isn't that obvious, which is something quite rare for prize figures! And you'll notice that her ponytail isn't flat either, and has some movement to it.
Her ribbon that holds up her ponytail is quite detailed and isn't just a simple scrunchie. Of course, it doesn't look terribly fantastic but it fits very well with the theme of this outfit!
I would recommend this to any Eli fans because she is now rather cheap in the aftermarket and is of quite good quality relative to the current price which she is going for!

~ Reina-rin

Mystic Messenger

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 / No Comments
If you have been thinking why I haven't been active lately on Milkcananime, here's your answer: games, school projects, assignments and examinations!

In addition to my recent post on Haikyuu Donpishamatch which you can read here, I have recently immersed in a game called Mystic Messenger. Sounds familiar? Of course! This game has risen to be one of the most popular otome games!
Despite this game being Korea-based, I have decided to mention it on this blog because many people worldwide currently do play it, including Japanese. So, what's the deal with this game? The catch is that it's fully patched in English as far as text in concerned, making it understandable for most of the people globally. Furthermore, it is easily accessible on mobile, and no new devices are necessary to play.

If you're an otome-gamer like myself, you might remember the days when Google Play had otome games on and you would have to wait for days to get a new chapter, or if you were feeling rich, you could always pay a small fee per story to read it immediately... or worse still, you have to pay to get access to the stories! But with Mystic Messenger, the majority of the game is free!

But before I talk about the paid features of this game, let me first introduce some...


The story goes as such: Rika and V started up an organisation, RFA, and in the RFA they host fundraising parties. Rika talks the participants into joining for the party and V contributes his photographs, as he is a famous pro-photographer, and they held many successful parties. The other members as mentioned above helped out too and everyone had lots of fun.

Cue in Rika's death and ever since, V has not been himself. He has changed and is more secretive and participates in RFA's conversations less. They do not hold parties anymore either. The RFA group has split into 2, some doubting V and some all for giving him more time to get over his grief.

Among all of this, a stranger "Unknown" calls you and asks you to go to an address to find the owner of a phone he picked up, and at the apartment you find the RFA's chatroom and you start participating in it. Before long, you realize that you are at Rika's apartment and you have gradually melded into the RFA group. What's next is to take over Rika's job and host a party within a week!

This is pretty self-explanatory, and this is the first screen you see when you start a new game. In a new game, you'll have to start with the original route where you get to choose either the "casual story" or the "deep story". Each features different people.

For the casual story, you get Yoosung, ZEN and Jaehee while for the deep story, you get Jumin and 707. For a better interpretation of the members, let's look at the next image~
From left we have: Jumin, ZEN, 707, Yoosung and Jaehee.

A brief one-liner description of the characters are as follows: Jumin is the handsome heir to a corporation and he loves cats. ZEN is an actor famous for his looks and talents, but he is a little (too) narcissistic at times and he can't find a girlfriend. 707 is a hacking prodigy, however he seems a little crazy at times if you don't get his humor (He is also undoubtedly the most popular character in-game right now). Yoosung is the most relate-able character in this game, being the University student that puts games and entertainment before studies. Jaehee is a female and she is the assistant of Jaehee, she may come across strict and uptight but she is very kind at heart and an avid fan for ZEN. If you progress on ZEN's route, she will come and attempt to talk you out of it.

There is also a character called Rika (who is dead) and V.
Pressing the '?' on Jaehee's right will give you clues as to what the different buttons are for. Though clicking on the RFA's members will give you their profiles.
When they have a changed status, their icon will be colored yellow. The status will give you clues as to whether you should call them. As the game runs on real time, you shouldn't call them when they are busy (i.e. calling them in the morning when their status mentions morning classes).

Why is this important, you may ask? Because calling takes up Hourglasses (HG) which are the "currency" in this game. You may get HG from chats or from purchasing, but if you're stingy like me, you shouldn't waste them on a call that wouldn't be picked up or will be going to the voicemail.
These are all the incoming calls I have gotten so far. I haven't called anyone yet, though calling would help boost your love points a lot.

In calls, you have the voice actor speaking to you in Korean and you can choose to hold your phone to your ear like a normal phone call, use earphones, or put it on speaker like I do. Despite it being in Korean, there are English subs for every line they say, even when you have to choose between options to reply them. I recommend focusing on the subs and reply first, then review the conversation later.

By pressing the white play button, you will be able to hear the conversation all again in its full glory, albeit with your input choices. The green call button is of course to redial, and that will take 5 HG per call, where it can either connect, not be picked up, or just go to voicemail.

Calls typically occur after chatrooms, so stay on your toes.
Chatrooms are chosen based on days which run by real time. Thus the best time to start is at midnight, in order to get 100% for all your days. There's no typical significance to getting 100%, at least so far for me, but it gives you more exposure to the storyline, more interaction with the characters and more time to bond with them.

Also, the route branches after the last chat on Day 4 and the character's whose route you are on will appear on the blank "RFA" space under the 100% from Day 5 onward. To safely get on a non-bad ending route in the "Casual story", you have to bond a lot with one of the three (ZEN, Yoosung and Jaehee) -- the bond cannot be similar. You will also have to lay low on Jumin and 707 because you can't play their routes via the Casual story (only in Deep Story). Doing either of the "DO NOTs" will lead you to having no character shown on Day 5 and onward, and you will be on the way to seeing a Bad Ending.
The chatrooms have rather crazy timings such as 1 a.m. then 3 or 4 a.m. then 7 a.m. I don't know why the game developers think you'll be awake at all those random timings, maybe it's a Korean thing?

Anyway, the above is an image of chatrooms at not-so-crazy timings. You can see that chatrooms open at 17:04 and 19:18 and so on. To put it simply, if you were intending to participate in the 17:04 chat, you have from 17:04 to 19:17 to participate it in! 

All the chats which you were in will have an orange border and new chats which you haven't checked will be green. If there are any chats below the green one, they will be grey and you cannot participate in them until you clear the green one first. You can always re-enter a chat in orange and read the conversation with your chosen choices. However to participate in a chat again, you need 5 HG.
You get to choose options in this chatroom style otome game, which is quite a fresh idea, especially one where the chatroom is such a significant (if not only) portion of the game.
Chatroom style conversations are quite realistic and you can pause the chat if the speech bubbles are passing my too fast. "SLOW" and "FAST" help toggle the speed, with the normal being at 6 and "FAST" going up to 9. The top left also has a "Max speed" option if you have read the conversation already. 
Hearts are proof of love, and each character has a corresponding heart color. Purple for Jumin, grey for ZEN, red for 707, green for Yoosung and yellow for Jaehee.

And if you haven't noticed by now, not all the RFA members are in a chat at a single time. Occasionally, V comes by as well. I really wish he was a playable character...
Stamps/stickers of each character are used by the respective character. They are animated in the chat, which unfortunately, I can only show via two separate images here. Most of them come with some voice attached as well!

Here's a short display of 707's insanity as well as how the variation in text bubbles and font gives great variation.

Also, the fact that images are sent by them through chats. I currently have the most number of ZEN's pictures and that can be attributed to how he loves to take selfies so...
After finishing the chatroom, remember to click "Sign". Signing means that the system recognizes that you participated in the chat and you can re-read it as many times as you want later on. If you leave without signing, you will require 5 HG to participate in that chat later on.

And yes, you can get HGs from chats. Typically, I get a maximum of 1 HG but I got lucky on this chat! Also, each heart that you get from the different characters will be turned into that gold heart, which you can use to trade in for HG -- 100 hearts for 1 HG, still, better than nothing. Plus, changing between saves doesn't change HG or heart count, even if you load to a save before the chat time. I tried this while attempting to complete both ZEN's bad and good ends at the same time... so try your best to get as many HG as you can!

Why am I going on and on about HG? Well, the reason is simple.

You can buy HG with real money, so that means that HG will bring benefits to the playing experience.

1. Save slots
As a free user, you have access to only 4 save slots and you can unlock another save slot for 50 HG. Of course, I haven't spent any so I'm not sure if the HG requirement scales, but it would be unlikely that that is so.

HG are of course, not only used in this manner.

2. Calling
As I've mentioned before, calling is good for building up relationships quickly and you get to hear their dreamy voices. However, it takes 5 HG per RNG try so I'm not sure how much you value the call. They might call you back if you can't reach them though :)

There are also unlimited calling cards for all the characters are approximately $30, and for individual characters. It differs between characters, with Jumin being at one of the highest at $7+ and 707 being one of the cheapest at $3-4+.

3. Re-entering chats
You wouldn't run into this problem if you save before and after each chat at least, but with our limited free slots, we might run out of space or forget too. HG are spent to re-participate in these chats and chats are a very good way to gain hearts -- gold hearts to exchange for HG as well as love points hearts for your character!

4. Deep Story
Although I put this at the end, this is probably the reason that motivates most people to spend. You need a whopping 80 HG to unlock the deep route which brings you to Jumin and 707's route. They have a separate common route (from what I've heard) and of course, their own endings as well. Their routes also casts more light on the story.

5. Other Features?
There is already mention that other features will be added, but there isn't anything specific yet. Though, I would appreciate V's route, but would that be under "Deep Deep story"? Maybe you'll need 160 HG to unlock it this time round?

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda!

Saturday, September 17, 2016 / No Comments

Where to start with this manga…ah…

Firstly, understand one thing… I haven’t read the shoujo genre in a while, so picking up this series was surprising even to myself. Other than the typical reverse-harem feature in most shoujo manga it isn’t anything special in my opinion, but what caught my interest was the feature of a hardcore otaku protagonist and what’s more she’s a fujoshi (a girl that enjoys yaoi/BL) too!
Main Character - Kae (after losing weight)

A quick run of the storyline, Watashi ga motete dousunda (or Kiss Him, Not Me!) is about a high school girl named Serinuma Kae. She’s your typical otaku – attending conventions, in love with 2-D characters, and with the added interest of shipping guys together. At the start of the manga, she’s not any sort of looker at all, in fact she’s fat and somewhat clumsy. However, in a dramatic turn of events where her favourite manga character dies, resulting in her going on an impromptu diet, and TAH-DAH! Kae becomes not only thin but incredibly cute as well. And in usual shoujo manga fashion, Kae gets her entourage of hot guys that pine for her attention after that. 
Recipe no Oujisama - by Junko

At this point, I’d like to note that the mangaka, Junko, actually authors more yaoi/BL related manga titles than shoujo (I do read some of her other titles), so I guess an introduction of a fujoshi character would be something close to her heart as well. Haha~
Kae (Before losing the weight) She's so cute ><

Anyway, moving on moving on, I loved the art of the manga, everything is proportioned properly, Kae and her suitors are well drawn and look gorgeous. Kae looks cute in her chubby look and really really pretty in her slim look. The spazzing over hot guys and well paced scene cuts makes the manga a smooth read. With most of the conflicts that rise being solved within the chapter itself. You won’t see much cliffhangers here.

All is fine and dandy, but here’s where I take issue with the manga. Is that the guys! The guys were being extremely superficial at the start. Good art really saved the manga for me, if it weren’t for the well-drawn pages of art I might not have stayed to read on. Initially, all of the guys have had previous interactions with her, but all of them literally fell for Kae’s looks first. And then immediately redeemed themselves for not judging her for being an otaku. And then immediately going back to superficial when Kae suddenly gains back all the weight she’s lost. And then redeeming themselves again by suddenly discovering her inner beauty. Much wow! The insta-love is also a running trope of shoujo for sure, but the insta-declarations of love, and some of the situational setups… felt like something out of a BL manga.

I'll leave it to you to find out who is who~ ;)
More about the men in the manga, well, you have your stereotypical guys, the brooding one, the goofy one, the senpai – the weird one, the kouhai – the one that looks like a girl. Nothing particularly interesting, they all get their chance at character development through interactions with Kae, which is nice. And since this is shoujo, I don’t actually mind the cliché-ness of everything, sometimes a norm in a genre is comforting. And have I mentioned the art? Haha… yes this article is all about the fluffy art. Junko is obviously good when it comes to drawing guys.

Oh, and there’s also an addition of a girl Nishina Shima – a tomboy of sorts who is rich, athletic and a doujin artist, as well as a fellow fujoshi like Kae, needless to say they become best friends of course.

The poor girl...
Story development was fairly good across the chapters until recent chapters, where all of Kae’s suitors confess to her, and she doesn’t give a decisive answer (like every shoujo manga out there)… And man does this situation drag out really long. Any longer, and it would be really selfish on Kae’s part to keep them all hanging actually. I do hope she comes to a conclusion soon. But I guess when you're in love with 2-D... coming to terms with 3-D can be a bit challenging. (Nothing can be as bad as Watashi ni XX shinasai though…)

Cute, fluffy art~
Watashi ga motete dousunda is a typical shoujo manga with a slightly more interesting premise. The art is to read for, and if you’re a BL fan yourself, the level of how much you’d be able to relate to this manga will go up in spades. (Frankly, if I didn't read BL as well, it might not have been as appealing.) You’d find yourself amused with some familiar BL tropes disguised as shoujo plot points and experience the same kind of slow maddening frustrations you might have had while reading other shoujo manga. Still, I think the manga is worth a try if you're looking for something light-hearted and humorous.

If you’re interested, the manga will have an anime adaptation starting this fall season, and a drama CD, which you can listen to here, has also been released. The seiyuus are stellar in the tracks.The first track of the drama CD follows the first chapter of the manga, while the second track is an original story. I might do a translation of the second track depending on my time, and if there's demand. 

Till next time nya~ :3

Written by Neko