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In The Mood For Sushi

Kyaaaaa, don't eat me! I am not for sale, and 49 yen is just overly dirt cheap for anything. Okay, I have digressed. Do you like sushi? If you do, please hear me out a little. If for some reason, sushi is your eternal foe, you are more than welcome wait, just hear me out anyway! I mean, since you are already here, consider humouring me a bit. I am going to, talk about sushi.

It actually started as a joke, honestly. My friend and I were wondering how being rolled up like a piece of sushi would feel like, and suddenly the joke was on me. I had little time to react, and soon my friend was shoving me into this massive thing with her brute strength! Well, it did feel kind of cute, but not for long. It was surprisingly stuffy being rolled up! Anyway, speaking of which, sushi plays an important role (roll) in the lives of the Japanese people. Do you have a favourite sushi? I am going to tell you mine.

Look at all these mouth-watering inari! Yeah, inari sushi is easily one of my favourites. Sure, it might taste a little sweet to some people, but oh gosh...there is something about these tofu pockets that just gets me all the time! Hmm, I could just have these without anything else. Oh, do these look a lot to you? But if you want to be filled up, you definitely need more!

Who wouldn't be tantalised by something like this? I don't really eat sushi in such a fancy set-up though, since restaurants and such can be notoriously expensive. I usually get my fix from a sushi deli or the supermarket. Yeah, I understand that the flavours and such aren't remotely comparable, but to me sushi isn't something that needs to be extravagant to be fully appreciated. Ah, the tamago is another favourite of mine! I can't really identify the fish, but I have heard that the toro is good!

I beseech, do not ever attempt something like this. I know that it is quite the idea especially on a boring day, but unless you were born with a different set of mechanics that could deconstruct an act like this, for the love of sushi just slice the roll up into bite-size pieces! Your oesophagus will thank you for that.

Well, hello you like your food served that way? No worries, I don't judge. We are all entitled to our preferences anyway. I am certain that sushi would taste heavenly on the human plate. Oh, I just like mine on normal plates. I don't think that I can handle the distraction. Do you know what I am saying? Sir, are you still with me here? Hello? 

I might just stop by the conveyor belt sushi one day. It has been quite a while since I last had some sushi. When did you last have sushi? Are you going to have some today? Whenever that is, bon appetit! (^^)

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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