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All things Cute! Disney treasure Boxes, Tsubasa Chronicle, Stitch, Power Rangers Gachapons and Gundam from Yujin

Disney Yujin Gashapon: Characters Treasure Box with mirror & key
6 different designs with different Disney Characters. The quality is surprisingly excellent for a gashapon "not that expensive". There are stickers everywhere for you to paste. I love the clean white "marble-look" of the small interior when opened. It has ample space to keep your earrings, necklace or pins collection!

Opens to a mini-Bathtub ("Oh-fu-ro") with a mirror. (:
Oh-fu-ro ni e-shuo-ni ha-i-ri-masuka? :(P
Jia.. Ka-i-mono shi-te-e-masu!

This is a rarely seen Nightmare Before Christmas Xmas Jack Jar Container. It is made of hardened clay. As such it feels solid and heavy (around 600g) . It will sit beautifully in desktop & kitchen. About a palm size, it can stores sweets, chocolates, handphone, etc..

Removable Xmas Hat!

I got this 2 large figurines. I thought they looks cute. They are actually coins bank but they have nice glossy painted finish. The black one has a face of a milk and the white one is bread. They look like giant "Kubrick" with moveable arms. Only get them if you have space cos they are BIG!

Black Mokona Plush 11cm from Tsubasa Chronicle Sega. Siting comfortably on a minaiture yellow chair.

Power Rangers Gashapons from Bandai. They are small in size but with unproportionally big heads. 5 of them will form a set. As usual, I had obviously "dong" too much into those capsule machines. I need to stop these compulsive behaviours. But sometimes you simply cannot control yourself. It's like feeding your coins to those Jackpot machines or so-called One Arm Bandits.

See the effects taken at night? Yes, these Power Rangers have lights on their heads. There is a switch behind their heads. In fact I didn't know that until I saw this weird protruding plastic behind. Chuck that away and the switch cleverly appears. Slide it on and leave it! NICE!!!!!!!! I like the way they made it in such a way that you need not constantly hold onto the "ON" mode. Simply stunning when you display them at night! Believe me, it'll look nicer in real life!

Mini Stitch figurines in a balloon by Sega. Sometimes I wonder will the air inside these balloons get depleted. They are beautiful!

Large size Stitch Monochrome Series from Sega! What a lovely completed family of 4! I only recently started collecting Plush, esp. Stitch. Here you see Stitch, Angel, Scrump & Suntanned Stitch (I hope he is indeed stitch). The workmanship of these Plushes from Sega is remarkable. You really can't see any flaw.

Gundam Suit Mobile Figures & more Disney mini-Gashapons from Yujin.

That's all for me folks. More of my collections here.

Written by Max

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