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Lucky Star, Mini Toilet-Rolls, Disney, Final Fantasy, Zelda Pins and Capsule Toys

Japanese Anime Lucky Star Gacha Phonestraps set of 5. In beautiful colours!

I thought I just show you a black Capsule Shell. Kinda rare to see one huh...

Mini scented Gashapon toilet roll from Yujin. There are 2 versions. One with the coloured cover & the other version are just the rolls as shown. They are so cute......... see the size difference compared to normal toilet roll! Get them if you still see them around as they are rare. You may need them in case of emergency, but I'll doubt you can use them twice cos it's good for one wipe one backside. :(P

Disney mini-characters in a bottle. Quite hard to find them now. I think they were released sometime back in 2003-4. There are actually "Tikams" which means blind, can't see or guess prizes. Usually there are also "Secrets" ones among the series which are worth more. I know I got some of the secrets in these series but I can't remember which are the ones. Nevermind, it's back to the box anyway... (:

Doraemon Phone straps. Still intact in blister box.

Kingdom Hearts II Anime Pins

Final Fantasy Pins
Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, Aerith, Chocobo, Vivi Mage & Moogle.

This is a GIANT Nightmare before Christmas Jack Kubrick in a colossal Gashapon Egg. I bought from Hong Kong years ago. It comes with a nice squarish box. See the comparison of the normal size gashapon to this one! Now..back to the top of my display shelf....

Totoro My Neighbor Necklace from Studio Ghibli

Cute and adorable 30cm Moogle Plush from Final Fantasy series.

5 colourful Frog-Style Gashapons! They are quite big about the size of a small mouse. I didn't turn for them. I bought it from Comics Connection. But it was the last set.

Some of the gashapons trips from IMM....

Sanrio Hello Kitty watches from Gacha machines.

 Pins from Super Mario - Luigi, Donkey Kong, Mario and Turtle.

 One of my favourite - Legend of Zelda Pins.

Cute pins from Cardcaptor Sakura.

That's all for now guys. More of my collections here.

Written by Max

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