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A Little Crossover, K-ON

Fancy a little somewhat gory crossover (but overall still screams of kawaii-ness) to lift up your sluggish spirits? While I'm not a hardcore gamer (my loot is pathetic), I try to create the best out of my gaming experiences. These include horribly slow speed runs (?) on a half-destroyed suspension bridge, bad navigation skills (due to just as bad coordination of fingers on both keyboard and mouse at the same time), lousy aiming (but funnily enough I could become the person with most kills), part cowardice part bravery, suicidal characters, death of other characters induced by that suicidal character, and molotov abuse. Yeah, if all of the above seem familiar to you, hello fellow L4D2 gamer! :P

Anyways, pardon the slight digression. Back to the little somewhat gory but still cute crossover. Just recently, I stumbled upon an eye-catching mod made for L4D2 by the Dorgas Brothers, and it features...

K-ON! Kyaaaaaaaaaa...

According to what I could make out from the Dorgas' website (I don't understand the language it's written in), the mod is currently in Beta 0.2 mode. It would be better to visit the Steam Community group for better overview and detailed instructions instead (although you would still need to download the pack from Dorgas'). For someone who's hardly messed around in games, I was a little intimidated at first by the seemingly technical stuff related to downloading of custom content. Thanks to the community, I was able to successfully install the pack and have my very first trial of the K-ON mod.

The lack of facial expressions on the characters didn't affect the level of enjoyment. The mod felt like a fanfic spinoff of Highschool Of The Dead but with After School Teatime instead. The realism might seem distorted yet there was also a refreshing appeal. I mean, it's kind of moe to watch a Jockey pawing onto one of the girls or a Tank yelling for the girls to be hit on by him. But the best part had to be...

Girls with guns! Girls donned in seifuku holding guns! Girls who originally belonged to a light-hearted, light music world suddenly crossed over to kill zombies! Girls...never mind. Anyways, the gameplay was wickedly fun despite several other shortcomings. Oh, the mod would be tailored to fully suit L4D as well if I'm not mistaken. A rather peculiar encounter in the finale of The Passing triggered off a thought:

What's Azunyan doing up there? Apparently, Azunyan (complete with cat ears) would replace Zoey from the first instalment. I thought that she looked really uncomfortable (?) standing next to Louis, or maybe it was simply the doll-like expression that seemed a little aloof as compared to Louis who was in agony because of a leg injury. Then I realised that the remaining characters (Louis, Francis and Bill) were supposedly Wakaba Girls and Nodoka-chan! 

Unless the mod isn't working properly with my game, presently only Azunyan is playable for L4D. Oddly enough, the remaining characters still appear as Louis, Francis and Bill even though their avatars and names have been changed.

See what I mean? It's both ticklish and disturbing to know who is now what. I can't believe that Bill is Ui! No offence intended (though I did kind of wish Bill was Jun). Come to think of it, in a situation like that Ui might be more suited for Zoey. Anyways, I'm sort of traumatised that Francis is now / will be Nodoka-chan. Nodoka-chan's level-headedness wouldn't blend in at all with Francis.

Even though the L4D franchise has been around for several years, mods like this constantly add freshness and uniqueness to the gaming experience. I should be enjoying a lot more of zombie killing now that After School Teatime has become my battle mates!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪        

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