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Kuroshitsuji: A Movie Review

I just caught the Kuroshitsuji movie that was released on 17th April. This is ultra delayed, given that the movie came out at the beginning of the month, but here's my review. I'm going to go through in sections, and try not to spoil anything for you guys.

To start off, here is the link to a previous post about the movie, in case anyone hasn't watched or doesn't know what I'm talking about. If you're too lazy to hit that link, here's an even shorter summary for you.

The plot is set in the year 2020, where there is no Ciel (gasps). Instead, the master (or mistress in this case) of our delicious demon butler Sebastian Michaelis (Hiro Mizushima) is Shiori Genpo (Ayame Gouriki). In order to act as the heir, Shiori poses as a male, Kiyoharu. She runs the company Funtom, and is the descendant of the Phantomhive Family.

Following the manga/anime, Shiori sells her soul to Sebastian to exact revenge on the people who killed her family when she was a child. She has a brand on the upper back, but it's on her upper left shoulder instead of Ciel's mid back brand, so was that a fluke or..? There are certain similarities when compared to the manga/anime. There is an aunt for Shiori as there was Madam Red for Ciel. Undertaker makes a brief appearance, but no Grell (sobs). Staff-wise, only Meyrin and Tanaka were present, although it's been shortened to just Rin. I would have preferred if Finny and Bard made an appearance too (cue more sobbing). 

Aunt: Hanae Wakatsuki
So this movie is all about solving a case. What case? Well, I call it Missing Girls and Mysterious Mummies. Basically, Shiori is called to investigate a series of missing girls, as well as mysterious deaths where the victims are all mummified.

So. Here goes:

Costumes- 8/10.
I really really liked Shiori's outfits,simple yet classy. I loved her party outfit. Nothing much to go about Shiori's wardrobe changes, although her eye patch really bugs me. Yes, I know, Ciel wore an eyepatch to cover the seal, but Shiori's eye still looked normal without it. It simply had a slightly blue tint compared to her other eye and the seal was pretty faint. I don't know, given it's the year 2020, you could have just said you were wearing contacts.

Rin's maid outfit is gorgeous. It's similar to Meyrin's, with a high collar, some small ruffles. Nothing much there either, but her spectacles were rectangle, I thought they might have gone with the usual circle ones. The shoes though, I absolutely loved Rin and Shiori's boots. There are insanely gorgeous. Sorry, I'm obsessed with shoes.

Outfit Shot
Sebastian's outfit, meh. Throughout the movie I kept commenting that his pants need to be tapered and shortened. Really, they were baggy and folding at the ankles! How could you, Sebastian. His tailcoat was also slightly (note wayyyyy) too long for my liking. They were about mid calf? Honestly, Sebastain, you're a demon butler. Your clothes should be perfect.

I wish I had more outfit screenshots, but alas. Google fails me. 

Acting: 8/10
I found it rather okay, in general. Shiori and Rin, nothing much to pick on. Sometimes I felt that Shiori could have been more aristocrat-y, considering her position, but oh well. I thought Sebastian was brilliant though. When he walked nothing moved, it felt like he was gliding. His hair was perfect. Okay, I would have preferred the straight haired version but this curly one's fine. His pose, posture, mannerisms, they were close to manga Sebastian. Tanaka's adorable, nothing to add there. Shiori's aunt, Hanae Wakatsuki, she's perfect. That's all I'm going to say. For the role she was playing, wow. Just wow.

Sebastian and Shiori
Plot: 6/10
If you've read the manga, the way the whole plot turns out might be a little predictable to you. I felt the movie was quite slow paced, and there were a lot (a lot) of flashbacks. Were they really neccessary? That's for you to decide. Nothing spectacular from the plot, it starts out slow, gets better in the middle, and then back to slow. Flashbacks, flashbacks, flashbacks. I can't really say much without spoiling, so that's that from me. Although, nearing the ending there is this really annoying part that made me want to scream and throw my drink at the screen, but that's for you to go watch it yourself.

Overall, I would rate a 6/10. Oh no, I forgot to mention the soundtrack. It's pretty awesome, so that's a plus point. 7/10 is my final score. It's a cool movie if you've never heard of Kuroshitsuji, but for me, this is a tad disappointing. You should still watch it anyway, because Sebastian is reason enough. 

Is this not a good enough reason?
Written by: ninetylives 

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