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Amateur Attempt at Wig Detangling

As the title states, this is my very amateur attempt at detangling a wig! A Miku wig, to be precise. I not so recently got a second-hand (more like third-hand) Miku wig that was ultra tangled and frizzed out, and I decided to take a day off to try to my hand at detangling it.

Miku Wig
Disclaimer: Literally my first time ever attempting to detangle a wig, so pardon if I used the wrong comb or the wrong shampoo or I'm not supposed to do anything like any way that I did.

First off are some pictures to show how tangled the twintails are. It might look quite alright in the photos, but I can assure you they are not. I could not even run my fingers through them at all. Upon closer inspection there were many (more like an insane amount) of dead knots that looked like they had to gently trimmed off, given the frizziness. The base wig was alright though, thank god.

Tangled and Frizzed!
The base wig!
Following a couple of tutorials that I found online, I first tried to comb through the tangles to see how bad they were. Result: what result? But then given that even my fingers got tangled, what was I really expecting?

Moving on, I grabbed some shampoo and conditioner and went on to wash the twintails like I would with my own hair. I washed the entire twintail with shampoo first, rinsed, and then slowly went with the conditioner in sections.

Washing, washing~
Section conditioned and rinsed, I placed the extension on a towel and slowly combed through in short strokes. It's starting to detangle, but still frizzed. It's tough to comb through the frizz since the dead knots are dead and unmoving.

All ready for the next step!
A good tip is to hold on to a portion slightly above the one being worked on, that will reduce the amount of tugging of the roots, lowering the amount of hair being tugged out. Afterall, who wants a balding wig?

Gently combing through
So, after spending decades trying to untangle a knot, I gave up and grabbed my sisscors. I combed the knot as far to the bottom as I could, then gently snipped the knot, taking off as little hair as I can.

The twintails are infected with these little pests
It was so tedious combing through the extensions. They're about 120cm long! I've gotten more arm muscles just from combing them. I spent about two hours on just one extension alone, and I'm not even done. It was starting to look really good until I came to the middle portion. It was tangled beyond belief. Another hour on just that middle portion and I've given up. Just look at the amount of hair that came off after just combing through! I was going really gently too.

Did I do something wrong )':
Look! A hairball

Total time spent on one extension: three and a half hours.

Miku twintails pronounced dead at 1823. Now I need to hunt for another set of twintails or just sell the base off. Or I could try again another time. Sigh, decisions, decisions.

Also, Event Update!!

The Capital of Cosplay that was supposed to happen this weekend (24th and 25th May) has been postponed till further notice. WHY. I was really looking forward to attending this one since I missed the Asia Cosplay Meet. 

Written by: ninetylives

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