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Virtual Youtubers: Hololive Members Highlight

こんるし~~ (Konrushi)

That's a greeting routinely used by one of the many Virtual Youtubers (VTubers) in Hololive. As a matter of fact, each VTuber has their own way of greeting their viewers at the start of their fun and eventful streams every time. If you're still confused by the letters at the start, it's basically a form of Good Evening in Japanese, except that they replace some of the letters with part of their name, in this case, Uruha Rushia, in order to greet their audience in a more personal way. But that's not what I'm here today for! Ever since my last post on Virtual Youtubers, I've been itching to introduce more of them in a more personal and close way so that you all can further see the appeal in watching them for entertainment when you're bored with nothing else on your hands.

Hololive Members

So, today, I'll be introducing three VTubers, specifically from the Hololive agency, for you all to pick from in case you are intrigued by them, regardless of their personality or the content that they offer. Before I go on, I'd like to mention again that VTubers are essentially streamers with one main difference being that instead of showing their real appearance, a mascot is often used on the screen to portray their emotions towards their audience.

With that said, let's begin with the first member of this dedicated highlight!

Nekomata Okayu

A portrait of Nekomata Okayu

Also known as a mischievous prankster to her colleagues, you'll always be in for a laugh with her antics. Nekomata Okayu first joined Hololive on 22nd March of 2019, before debuting with her 3D model on stream on 4th of October that same year. I wanted to introduce her first because whether you're looking for a laid-back stream to kick back to or an adventurous and humorous stream, Okayu always has those moments to enjoy.

She's generally known for her relaxed and laid-back attitude, mostly derived from the way she talks. Thanks to this, her streams are always the ones that I open up if I ever want to relax or have background noise while I am doing work. Of course, there's always two sides of a coin. During some of her gameplay, she occasionally gets very emotional, like her Legend of Zelda stream where she needed a moment to recollect her emotions after finishing the game. Or when she got extremely spooked while playing a horror game. These moments showcases her rare side of being emotional, which I do find amusing as well as cute.

Okayu's playthrough of Super Mario RPG

Speaking of streams, her streams are mostly gameplay of various game across different genre, so you don't have to worry about a lack of interesting content as she'll always play many different games. My most memorable streams of hers are when she sings. You'd be surprised at how good of a voice she has, considering how deep her voice is compared to other VTubers. I can't help but get mesmerized by her voice, especially when she sings slow songs, where her voice shines the most.

Okayu's Karaoke Stream

With that said, I always have a great time watching her streams, be it actively or while I'm doing work. Okayu is definitely one of my favourite VTubers to watch due to her personality as well as her voice. If you're interested, I'll be leaving some funny and emotional highlight reels below for you to further pique your interest!

Her cover on Yonezu Kenshi's Lemon

A cute moment of a cat showcasing her pet cat

Moving on, we have someone who's from the first generation of Hololive VTubers, your friendly neighbourhood white fox, Shirakami Fubuki!

Shirakami Fubuki

A portrait of Shirakami Fubuki

When I first started watching this fox, I was surprised. Not by how adorable and funny she could be, but... from how she seems like one of us. What I mean by that is throughout her streams, I always find like-minded habits and personality traits that are within me, which made me feel a lot comfortable. Fubuki's not afraid of showing her full personality, which can be seen from her amusing covers of hit songs such as the infamous "Coffin Dance Song" as well as classics from the Final Fantasy series.

Fubuki "singing" to Astronomia (Coffin Dance)

As you can see, she's a really cheerful and trendy VTuber. That's not all though. She does have her cute and adorable moments, as well as some scary moments. What I do enjoy the most though are her interactions with her viewers. You see, fans of Fubuki occasionally tease her on her identity of a fox, and instead calls her another animal such as a cat. Her adorable retorts to these accusations always end up with the fans admitting defeat. In fact, Fubuki regularly streams herself playing games in the background while actually interacting and reading the chat.

A fox tries to communicate with a ghost

If you're looking for a VTuber for you to indulge while you're bored, her cheerful and entertaining personality will easily lift your spirits, even on a sunny day! Moreover, if that's not appealing to you, she will often set up collaborations with other VTubers for added spice in her streams. Like before, I'll include some clips of her being adorable as well as from her streams!

Fubuki incites jealousy from her viewers

Fubuki taking a step in the fast-food world

And lastly, I'd like to add a personal favourite of mine, someone that recently debuted as a VTuber from Hololive! Let me introduce to you, Watame the Sheep!

Tsunomaki Watame

A portrait of Tsunomaki Watame

As the last pick, I wanted to pick someone that I not only enjoy but also one that I regularly watch. Ever since she debuted on the 29/12/19, I was an avid fan of hers. What captivated at first was her soothing voice, one that was extremely pleasing to hear. Don't get me wrong, it's because most other VTubers in the scene has a certain way of speaking, which only makes it harder to understand. Another aspect of her that I adore is her unpredictability. If you happen to watch some of her videos, you'd notice that she uses her avatar as a medium to express emotions more than any other VTubers. Hence, you could really tell the changes in emotions and moods in her streams just by her expression on her avatar. As I once said in the previous article, VTubers use an anime mascot/avatar to express their emotions. By doing this, they can be at ease and showcase their unique personality to their audience. 

Watame does this on a different level compared to other VTubers. She would often make crazed expressions or just smile at times. Moreover, when she's enjoying herself, she would immediately go on a dancing rave by bobbing her head and swinging her body, especially when she's doing a karaoke stream.

Scary sheep on the loose

Her streams usually are of games, although she often does collaborations with Fubuki and the others. Watame's interactions with the other Hololivers are also something to look forward to as they are filled with jokes and laughs. One such joke is that the others frequently threaten to eat her just because she's a sheep. You would never think that her response would be her shrugging it off with the reassurance that she'll respawn after 8 seconds! All in all, I would definitely recommend her to anyone that's interested in the scene of VTubers as her voice and speech are generally easier to understand. She's also really humourous and entertaining! As always, if you're on the fence on whether to watch her or not, I'll include some clips below!

Cute interactions between a sheep and her senpai (ft Akai Haato)

She's also a really really great singer

And that's all for this highlight! I do hope that some of you decide to start watching and support these VTubers! Hopefully, these VTubers can help you take care of the spare time you have nowadays as well as comfort and entertain you in these turbulent times. Before I end off though, please do look forward to my next article on VTubers, where I'll be showcasing Nijisanji, another VTuber agency, and their talents! 

Written by Kai Yuichi

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