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Spoils from Anime Matsuri

Hot on the heels of the last two posts about anime matsuri, I present to you a haul post! I did not realise there would be so much merchandise to purchase, but now I'll share some of them with you through a live blog~ Yup, this is in real time!

A photo I took during the event. One of the sellers had really cool plastic bags! This is a ziplock bag with a handle. I like how it's 1) ziplock, 2) made of pretty tough plastic and 3) it's transparent! Also yes, I alone did buy that many badges.

Here's an overall view! Pretty neat art huh, I'm in awe~ Since I bought so many badges, I won't be opening the packages individually as it is very time-consuming.

My current obsession: Yowamushi Pedal. Here's the cyclists from HakoGaku. I love how adorable the art is! It's also pretty amazing how she captured their idiosyncrasies despite the tiny badge space and stylistic limitations of chibi art.

From Kyoto Fushimi High School, Ishigaki and Midousuji! Midousuji's unique character design helps him stand out, and sometimes I have to consciously stop myself from repeating his catchphrase, but Ishigaki is the minor character that everyone loves to love! He's soooo handsome, I wish he has more screen time, especially in the anime.

The most important school in the series, Souhoku! The badge I am holding up is that of the main character, Onoda. He's precious! And also a major otaku. I hope one day there'll be a special episode that explores his otaku side instead of his cycling adventures.

Here is my favourite character from the series, Naruko! He's so teeny and squishy-looking~ Initially I was planning to pick only 5 badges, then the rest started catching my eye and I fell to temptation... No regrets!

Badges seem to be really popular this event. I had to get my hands on these two! I'm not gonna lie, I've already watched the entire series of Hoozuki no Reitetsu thrice. The art is beautiful and you can't really tell, but the badges are sparkly~

More badges! My all-time favourite basketball nerd, Kagami! I like him for many reasons, including how cool his name is, but the reason that ranks high above the rest is... His penchant for cheeseburgers. I looooooove cheeseburgers! However, even greater than my love for cheeseburgers is my love for Monkey D. Luffy. Yes! The main character of One Piece. I can't pinpoint what exactly is it that I like so much about him. Perhaps it's how earnest he is despite his usually-idiotic behavior. Maybe it's because he loves meat like I do. Nevertheless, I think he's really cool.

A right-side-up picture of Rin! I only just noticed the shark next to him. Hmm. After Naruko, Kagami and Rin, I think I definitely have a preference for spiky redheads with loud personalities. Well, that's all for badges!

What I call the most beautiful buy of the event! I find this set of prints pretty poetic. The more I look at it, the more I feel the artist captured Eren's wild-eyed look and Mikasa's composed fearlessness perfectly.

Levi deserves a solo shot. Most people like to draw Levi as a fierce soldier or with an obsession with cleanliness, but this print enhances the mysterious aura surrounding Levi. He is certainly one of the charactes in the SnK universe that I am most curious about.

Jean too, deserves a solo shot and not only because he is my favourite character, nor that he is devastatingly handsome here. Okay, maybe a little~ I enjoy his intense frown. The artist makes him look very intelligent, which I feel he is, or at least will be when he matures. Oh and honestly, I can't say no to that open shirt collar *nosebleeds*

Right. Back to business. My final item of the day, a small Kagami!

Here's the side of the box, emblazoned with his jersey number.

Inside the box, Kagami's spiky hair had poked numerous holes in the plastic he comes in, so I quickly freed him from his confines. I wonder what that transparent plastic piece is for... Hang on, let me just fix him together.

Here we go! It was pretty simple, I just had to pop his head onto his neck. Turns out the transparent white piece was to support his back, as apparently his giant head is not enough. I'm glad that despite that, they did not specially smooth out a portion on the back of his jersey to rest on the piece. This way, he looks complete from every angle.

A close-up of his face. I'm liking the vibrant reds! Can you spot the drops of perspiration on his cheeks? This series is called ~after the game~, after all.

I was given this background on the back of the box. With some adjustments of my lamp, the actual shadows from Kagami and the printed shadow of the fence matched :D It would be good if his hand could fully rest on the ground. I might have to fiddle around with the transparent piece and try for a better placement later...

Oh, and on the bottom of the box are the other characters in the series :)

Well, that's it for my loot post! These are some of the name cards I collected. It's really nice to know there are so many talented artists in Singapore! I'm glad their work is being well-exposed in anime events as well. There was even one artist from overseas~ She said she'll be back for STGCC with more to offer, so I will purchase more from her then! That's all from me for this event, seeya next post! Lots of love!

Written by Nana

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