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Pokemon X and Y - 3DS

Gokigenyo minna-sama. Ogenki desuka? Kyo wa tsubarashi tenki desune.

Haha… Just trying out a new greeting. An Ojou-sama type of greeting though. (Even though I’m a guy)

Have you guys been playing any good games lately? I recently just completed one call Gravity Rush. From that, you can guess that I have a PS Vita. But today, I won’t talk about a Gravity Rush but a much more popular game than any, which I am sure everyone will know. A game from another console. I’ll be talking about Pokemon X/Y.

Images are taken from Google. Kudos...
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I.....

I don't own a 3DS and I don’t intend to buy one, I think? My friend owns one and I have played X on his for a while and I noticed quite a few things from my experience and also from those I know who played it.

Firstly, let me turn into Captain Obvious by saying the graphics for this Generation looks damn nice. It feels 3D (duh…) and with the 3DS 3D feature, it looks better but it put a strain on the eyes.

Hooray for 3D!

A new feature is that you are now able to select from seven languages. English, Japanese, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Korean. Another would be the ability to customise your own character from your skin colour, hair colour, clothes and accessories.

When you begin the game you might noticed that you are already able to run which is quite helpful as your progress won’t be so slow. But, who cares about running? You can skate through the game! This new addition made previous generations feel so old. Speaking about travelling, you can now ride taxis to get to your destination faster. It’s also a plus as you can get lost in the game, as the map is huge. Along with the DS’s Analog stick, you are now capable of 8-directional movement.


The most important addition in X/Y is the mega evolution, which is so powerful. It is one of the main attractions of the game where you can’t fight competitively without it. Unless you sweep of course. Damn sweepers. It’s not like I hate sweeping or anything, baka!

They look so badass.... Though Absol looks emo

Y & X Charizard

Mega Blaziken 

Hmm... Don't know what to say about this... So Alakazam became older... or wiser?

They say money won’t bring happiness but in this game, it does. You will battle like crazy and try to get as much money as possible to buy the remaining mega stones for the starters, since you can find the others in the wild. The money is also use to improve on your characters image. Fashion is something you will now have to worry about.

If you are bored of battling to earn money, you can work in a hotel instead. You will be tasked to make beds, provide room service and many more jobs will be added each day, so you can always come back there for extra cash.

The game has now gotten so interactive with the touchscreen feature from the previous generation. You are able to interact with your Pokemon with the Pokemon-Amie. The word “amie” means friend in French. It provides a way to get closer to your Pokemon by petting them, feeding them and playing with them. It makes use of the touch screen feature as well as the motion sensor and camera feature as it recognises your reaction to what the Pokemon is doing. It helps to get their happiness up, increasing the chances of critical hits, making dodging more effective etc.


There’s also the opportunity for you to take picture or a video at some spots in the game. You are able to call guy to help take a picture for you. But even though I say that, you’re technically taking the picture by yourself. There’s a zoom, focus and day-night feature so you can set the mood and setting to your liking. Quite a nifty feature. If only you can do it in real life.

Speaking of video, there is also this new feature called “Trainer PR Video” where you are able to show or publicise yourself to people through a 12 second video where you create and edit in the game itself.

While playing the game, you might notice that there are benches around. As of now, your character is able to sit rather than standing forever. By sitting on these benches, you are able enjoy the scenery in the area. You are also able to sit on your bed. What a way to rest your aching legs from all that travelling.

Enjoy the view

They also revamp the “exp. share” where now the experience is spread to your entire party instead of just dividing between two. It helps you to level up your Pokemon more fairly and faster.

You might also notice that the gameplay has gotten easier. If you played the previous games, you’ll notice that it was harder then. But with X/Y, it is a lot easier. With the revamp exp. share and the easy gameplay, your progress has gotten a lot faster.

The game now feels pampered to me as it seems easier but the gym leaders are a bit harder. Their levels are now a bit higher than previous games so it might seem to be a hassle to fight against them but they’re not undefeatable (get it?)

There’s also a new addition to transportation. Other than ”fly” and “surf”, you can now ride a Pokemon through town. Finally it came true. They added this riding feature to only two Pokemon, which are Gogoat and Rhydon. This riding ability serves as a way of transportation to get to certain places on the map.

Up we go

If you have quite a few Pokemon that you want to level at once, you can depend on the day-care service. The Pokemon seems to level up faster than usual so it is quite handy.

Another way of levelling up, maybe, is through horde battles where you can encounter a horde of Pokemon in the wild. There are always five per horde and it may not contain the same Pokemon. Like for example, a Miltank may appear in a horde of Tauros. But there is nothing to worry about as these Pokemon are usually low level.

Your are now able to see your Pokemon’s EV stats through the new "Super Training" feature. They provide you with a radar chart showing you an estimation on how the progress is. EV training has also gotten a lot easier as all you have to do now is training them through mini games rather than wasting your time on repeatedly killing a certain Pokemon for points. And if the EV spread isn’t to your liking, you can start anew with the “Reset Bags” where your worked on levels will be wipe clean.

The elite four still follow other generations with having a dragon type user. But to me it seems that the elite four typing seems to be their downfall. Dragon, water, fire and steel. Hmm… But the entrance to their stage looks cool though.

The legendary introduce in the game which are Xerneas and Yveltal also introduces the new type which is Fairy. Now Dragon types have something to fear since Fairy is super-effective against Dragon. Xerneas seems to be an easy catch compared to Yveltal. I prefer Yveltal to Xerneas as it looks badass. Talking about badass, doesn’t Greninja look cool. Though, I mistook the thing around his neck as a scarf when it was actually its tongue. Anyway, those two aren’t the only legendary in the game. There’s also Zygarde which ends the generation 6 legendary with the last letter of the alphabet, Z. Other legendary available are Mewtwo and one of the legendary birds depending on which starter you chose.

Xerneas and Yveltal

But you can get any legendary, in fact any Pokemon, sorry, every 719 Pokemon with the new trading features. Wonder Trade and Global Trade System, or GTS, is considered one of the best things in the game. It is so addictive to Wonder Trade. It is basically trade roulette where you won’t know what you will get. So trader might give you a weak Pokemon, a Pokemon you already have, a good Pokemon with good EVs or may be a legendary. Yes, a legendary if you are very lucky. There is this guy on YouTube who gave away his shiny Rayquaza and shiny Lugia. The trainer who received must be squealing when they got it. Anyway, GTS is more like a normal trade but global. It also resembles a market as you’re putting up your Pokemon for sale for the price of a Pokemon you want. But you guys know that. It was introduced in the previous generation.

There is also this feature where you are able to visit you Friend’s Safari when you finish beating the game. It allows you to discover and catch rare pokemon that are hard to find in your own game. You can also catch pokemon from different generations as well.

There is also this unusual battle with a boy on route 18 called the “Inverse Battle”. Your “super effective” moves will turn to “not very effective” while your “not very effective moves” will hit hard and turn to “super effective”.  It may sound easy but let me tell you this, it really is not.

In your adventures you might also heard of a boy from abroad studying in Kalos, where his “Smell you later” phrase feels so nostalgic to you. Yes, Gary is in town but you can’t find him. Bummer, and here I thought you might be able to battle your old rival.

There is also this thing with Game Freak where your character’s father is never seen just like in previous games except for generation 3 where you have to fight against your father, as he is the gym leader. When will they introduce our father? And who is Ash's father?

Wow, it turns out to be quite long. I am sure there a few more features that I may have miss, but listed are what everyone is able to notice easily as you play the game. I can only hope Omega and Alpha would introduce more cool, new features to the game. I saw one of the in-game video that was released and it looks damn nice. The mega evolution of both Groudon and Kyogre looks so cool, with the glowing orbs in them. That means two more legendary who has become more OP. Right now, I am just awaiting my friend to call me up as I want to witness his official sweeping debut against his friend. Huh sweepers….

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei

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