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A Letter To Sousuke

Dear Sousuke-kun,

Ogenki desu ka? Pardon my intrusion, but I hope this letter touches the deeper ends in your heart. Your loyalty to Rin is undisputable, yet that doesn't quite grant you the right to ask of others to refrain from meddling in his affairs when Rin isn't even the least affected by the idiosyncrasies of his friends. In fact, he had already been freed from his knots with Haruka before you transferred to Samezuka. Their friendship has become much stronger than before. If you had harboured good intentions as well, wouldn't it be a lot less self-destructive to perhaps exercise a little more tact when you bring it upon yourself to quite unfortunately meddle in Rin's affairs too? Your perception of the world could use a magnifying glass. Swimming is really a lot deeper than merely winning medals at tournaments and personal achievements. Oh, by the way your form wasn't too bad in the medley, even though according to Rin your timing was off because you had been bothered by issues. Just keep swimming!

You actually look more like a Prince Charming when you flash that million-dollar smile. The reverse makes you look as if some sorry ass had owed you a million dollars. Anyway, it was awfully nice of you to encourage Nitori when he was feeling down and such. You should find a nice kouhai who would have a lot of respect and admiration for you. Nitori is generally nice to everyone, but he is sort of attached to Rin, and of course Momotarou. It sure feels uplifting to be surrounded by friends who are also your classmates and teammates. They make school life and club activities so much fun and rewarding. While you have claimed to understand Rin the most, it seems that there has been something else which is lacking, and that might explain the odd mannerism that could have interfered with your swimming. I've got this feeling that we would get to see a different side of you pretty soon. 

That reminds me, how is your shoulder injury now? Like Makoto and Haruka, I was rather taken aback when Kisumi mentioned that he had seen you coming out of the consultation room in the hospital some time ago. Apparently, nobody else in Samezuka knows about it. Actually, I was more surprised of the fact that you used to be classmates with Kisumi back in elementary school. The world is really small indeed. Anyway, this would probably be a catalyst for what is to come in the remaining episodes. I'm not a sports therapist, but I would still like to advise you to take heed of the risks that you are exposing yourself to. Also, please get well soon. 

That said, I'm so looking forward to watching all of you swim at the regional tournament. Sorry to sidetrack, but this is the first time where every single member of Iwatobi High School Swimming Club has qualified for the regionals. Rei's tears of joy still make my heart skip a beat. Oh, I will be rooting for Samezuka as well, especially Rin considering that he is Gou's brother and such. Well, I don't expect you to agree, but let me reiterate that swimming isn't just about winning. Please do your best, and to quote Haruka - Don't resist the water. Accept its presence.

Smile more. Ogenki de.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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