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Nanoblock: Pokemon Squirtle

Hello my fellow nerds~ 

Do you guys like pokemon? I absolutely love pokemon, and even more for the first generation pokemon. I adore the water types, and no matter which generation I play, I will always always always choose the water type starter. 

But out of all the water types, my favorite is Squirtle. Okay, I love Mudkip too for Ground and Water type mix which is terrific, but Squirtle is and will forever be my top water type pokemon. So, since there was a 'sale' at Kinokuniya a couple of weeks back, I went ahead and bought the Squirtle nanoblock! 

There is quite a variation of the nanoblocks; the First Generation Starters, Pikachu (/squeals), Gengar, Mewtwo, Charizard, and Eevee. Charizard and Gengar looks hella awesome but I only had money to spare for one nanoblock, so hands down I chose Squirtle.

Let's first start off with the packaging. The packet actually has a resealable lock, so just in case you aren't able to finish building the nanoblock in one go, you can zip it up so you won't lose any of the pieces. However, in the event that you do lose a couple of pieces, don't worry! There is one extra block for every piece set. Awesome yes? 

Okay, here goes. I didn't take a first shot of the three smaller packages containing all the blocks, so here's one of my leftover blocks. 

Next off, the instruction sheet. Cute isn't it? I'm in love. The instructions are also incredibly simple and easy to follow. 

The instruction sheet will list out the number of each block that you will need for that 'level', and then walk you through the steps to complete building your chosen pokemon. 

The graphics add on to the simplicity of the nanoblock building. There is no way you can fail building this. I'll cease talking for now, and let you have the slew of photos I took while building Squirtle. 

third step~
fourth step!
It's coming along really nicely~ The only thing that I felt rather irritated with was that some of the blocks aren't quite tight when you join them together, so there are a few gaps within Squirtle. ): The blocks are also really really tiny, so if you have fat fingers like me, it will take a while to assemble. Also, Squirtle's hands keep falling off.

halfway there!
Can you see the gaps that I mentioned? )':

side view!
I bought the block at $14+, I think the usual price was around $16, so if you do have the money to spare, I really recommend buying at least one. But only if you have the extra cash! I think it is rather expensive though.

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Written by: ninetylives

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1 comment to ''Nanoblock: Pokemon Squirtle"

  1. $14?! That's quite expensive (considering I'm living in the Philippines) but I would recommend making "papercrafts." They're not costly (unless you have the sufficient materials) though may take time to make- but it's quite fun along the process.