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My Chuunibyou...


I am sure this term is something we all know and maybe, quite possibly, hold dear in our hearts. Hah… I really never thought that I’ll be writing about this but here we go.

Chuunibyou is a Japanese slang which roughly translates to “Middle school second year” syndrome where one is either acting like a know-it-all adult and look down on real ones or believing one to have special powers unlike others (#UrbanDictionary). It is not really seen to be a good thing to society as it affects one social standing and how people view you as an individual.

I'm sure some of us did these transformation sequence before with our own sound effects...

To me, it was something like puberty where most of us who grew up surrounded by various influences like Tokusatsu shows, anime, cartoons, books and many other different platforms do face this phase. I had thrown myself into a lot of stuff where I was kept being introduced by friends and cousins and it led me to experience a lot of stuff before I finally settled with a few platforms. The thing is that I never really see chuunibyou as a bad thing, for the most part, as I did have it before. In fact, I do still have mine but it’s slowly dying away where I’ll eventually forget about it and then bring it up to my future prospects about all the embarrassing things I did. I’m actually, consciously trying to keep mine with me as I feel that it has become a part of me where I don’t think I can function as well without it. 

It’s like my escapism and I say this very loosely. I had books previously, anime was one, the internet and music was also something I got to when I just had enough of reality, from all the stress and obstacles. I think it’s no longer fun if I live my life without it as it influences a lot about me. I use my chuunibyou as a way to make me dream and I try ever so hard to achieve that. I also use my chuunibyou to think of stories. Using my life as a base and insert chuunibyou in it. It serves well to pass the time as there’s always those moments where you won’t do anything and stare into space as your mind drifts off and your imagination takes control, which is something I look forward to. It’s a part of me that I want to keep as a child in this “cruel and unruly” adult world that I am heading into.

I never did mention what my chuunibyou was about. 

It follows, well, me, meeting the adopted daughter of another me who then reluctantly recruits me to join the Observatory, which is an organization founded by the other me and his older sister, that dispatches agents to different worlds and time to protect people and worlds and eliminate anything that jeopardize the flow of time that has been pre-determined.

Well, that was really embarrassing to type out. It’s a dark history which I’m happy about. That was the only chuunibyou that I have left, which I’m actually surprised to being able to keep this long as most of us would have cringe and maybe, regretted having it. So this my fellow readers, was my chuunibyou.

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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