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PSO2 The Animation: Itsuki and RINA

No, it is not a typo. Itsuki and RINA is how they spelled their ingame ID. As the series as already ended, I feel safe to reveal that Rina is also SORO, that huge white Cast Ranger/Gunner. As the name implies, she plays solo with him, because she doesn't do team play.

But later she finally agrees to join a Team and she changes her avatar to this. If you are playing PSO2 now, Itsuki and RINA can be seen on 2F. Their Client Order gives a decent amount of experience every day.

But the story actually starts in 2027. Earth has seen interaction technology increase by leaps and bounds with the integration of  ESC-A, a revolutionary cloud operating system. PSO2 comes preinstalled with every copy. More of this when I cover what happens after the anime in the game. So you see the world with Itsuki, a newbie to PSO2. His friend introduces him to the game, and he meets SORO, actually Rina, online.


Itsuki, being a newbie, used his real name, a topic that is always discussed in the anime as a lack of common sense . Players will understand what this means. His class is actually Hunter/Braver. When you see him firing, that's actually a Gunslash, not class-related.

Radiant is its name. And it is actually a weapon skin, not an actual weapon. Players who want to make their character into Itsuki take note. Even in his awakened form this doesn't change. Looks cool though.

RINA is actually a Gunner/Hunter. I have trouble translating her weapon skin. It is also available for assault rifles. Frefi Aura(?) I give up. Those are huge for twin machine guns. Most are only half the length.

SORO does not have any unique weapon. These two are what he uses when he's your partner. They look really badass. He only uses big guns.

All of these guys, including AIKA, and PSOes's Jen, can be used as partners once you clear a specific client order of theirs. I will be showcasing those two characters next article.

Written by Don

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