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Name : Avatars - Mangaka, Otaku, Cosplayer, Gamer, Japanophile
Released : 1 July 2016
Platform : Avatars
Creator : Milkcananime x Chichi Romero

After designing Goodies Stamps and Wallpapers, I was cracking my head to come out with another platform of kawaii images where my fans can use. Since social media such as facebook and google+ is ever so popular, I thought why not I design a small and kawaii "avatar" for those who likes to change their profile avatar. Hence I have a talk with my illustrator Chi Chi (LMP) and have her drawn for me a set of 5 super kawaii avatars. They are :

Mangaka - Time stands still when I start drawing and nothing else matters when I'm in the zone.

Otaku - I'm a passionate Otaku and spends most of my leisure time engaging in Anime stuffs.

Cosplayer - I'm a kawaii Cosplayer. I make my own costumes and fansigns.

Gamer - I'm a quicksilver Gamer! I seemingly move at the speed of light.

Japanophile - Going to the land of the rising Sun is the only dream I have.

If you notice, we did not give them names as they are for 'adoption' for any anime/otaku/kawaii fans out there. Rather we bestow a Personality to them. If you like, simply download and change your avatar picture. Hope they will make your social profile more colourful!

Created by Max

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