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If you had the chance to re-live a part of your life for a year, would you take it up regardless of how incredulous it sounds? I believe that out of sheer desperation, a lot of people would follow the footsteps of 27 year-old Kaizaki Arata. Arata becomes the target of a science experiment, after a string of bad job interviews following the resignation from his job. The backstory is a rather depressing one, and it continues to affect Arata substantially. His vulnerability is struggling to contain itself behind the facade that he has in front of others. Then, he learns of the ReLIFE Project, though somewhat incredulously. Who wouldn't be?

Arata is approached out of the blue by Yoake Ryo, who is in charge of overseeing the ReLIFE Project for him. Even though Ryo's antics come across as rather peculiar (well, they are actually), Arata seems intrigued by the idea of being able to re-live life for what it could be worth, with the potential of changing his situation. An encouraging Ryo advises him to consider, but Arata thinks that it is a no-brainer. Well, kind of. Basically, the experiment will alter Arata's appearance to that of a 17 year-old. His age and physique remain unchanged though. With that, Arata will re-live a year as a high school student.

Does the idea sound a little too good to be true? Sure it does, especially when Arata has had too much to drink and his encounter with Ryo feels like a part of his imagination. The next morning however, he realises to his horror that his facial features have somehow become a lot youthful. Ah, that isn't a hallucination or anything like it now. A cheerful Ryo stops by his apartment with some boxes of necessities, and those will help Arata get ready to re-live his life. True to many experiments, Arata is required to sign a contract and be sworn to secrecy.  

Soon, Arata finds himself in an extremely awkward situation as he begins ReLIFE as a high school senior. After all, it has been 10 years since he had anything to do with high school. He joins Class 3-3 of Aoba High School. The homeroom teacher Amatsu Kokoro walks in, and a round of self-introductions begin. Arata makes use of this to remember a few of his new classmates. When it is his turn to give an introduction, Arata is unable to shake off the honorifics in his speech, and catches the attention of everybody else.

But the most damaging point has to be the surprise tests which Amatsu-sensei springs on the class later. Naturally, Arata is totally unprepared for it, and sticks out like a sore thumb. When Amatsu-sensei notices that Arata has yet to bring out his stationery (he has forgotten to pack), she moves to his desk and asks to inspect his bag. What happens after really hits a raw nerve, both of Amatsu-sensei and Arata's. Amatsu-sensei fishes out a pack of cigarettes from the bag, to which Arata fumbles and gives a really lame excuse.  

The first day of ReLIFE doesn't go well for Arata, but he understands that it is only the beginning of a long journey ahead. Re-adjusting to something after a long interval is expectedly tough. By the way, Arata realises that Ryo is also his fellow classmate, but as an undercover to better monitor the project. Ryo encourages Arata to live his ReLIFE the way that he deems fit, since it is only for a year.

The idea of ReLIFE has wasted no time in getting my attention. I'm definitely putting this on my anime list! Anybody watching ReLIFE as well? :)

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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