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Cheer Danshi!!

Following a rather bad shoulder injury, a college freshman Bandou Haruki contemplates quitting judo for he isn't certain that he is getting anywhere with it, despite encouragement from friends and family that his injury will definitely heal over time. His childhood friend Hashimoto Kazuma decides to quit judo alongside him so that both of them can do something new together. Haruki is overwhelmed yet somewhat intrigued by that idea. Kazuma then confidently declares that he is starting an all-men cheerleading club.

Sounds pretty interesting, huh? While there is no doubt that cheerleading is generally perceived to be largely feminine, several cheerleading events have seen more men participating, adding more variety and substance to the classic sport. I suppose that an all-men cheerleading club is still considered relatively new. Anyway, Haruki feels increasingly awkward about the cheerleading idea, though a part of him is just as tempted to make it work, especially when his childhood friend is involved.

Because a club needs enough members to be recognised, an enthusiastic Kazuma hands out flyers around the campus, hoping to attract potential members. According to Kazuma, the cheerleading club requires seven members to be considered for the school festival, and sixteen for tournaments. Haruki simply tags along, unsure of what to make out of this routine. 

Thankfully (?), there is already an interested party who wants to jump on board. Also a freshman, Mizoguchi Wataru receives the flyer from Kazuma and becomes instantly sold by the idea. His attempts to convey his intention of joining the club are somewhat of a comic relief. Wataru appears to be extremely stiff and monotonous, which are a striking contrast to what cheerleading generally demands.

At the cafe which is a popular hangout with college students, the guys will meet a fourth member, Toono Kouji. Haruki recognises Kouji as the reigning champion of the timed eating challenge, to which the latter acknowledges sheepishly. Kouji wishes to change himself by joining the cheerleading club. His desire along with Wataru's will eventually resonate with Haruki, who by then has already decided that he is doing this.

Over time, the all-men cheerleading club will see more members. Two more have caught the eyes of Kazuma, with their smooth and swift body movements. Suzuki Souichirou and Hasegawa Gen stand out instantly with their Kansai-ben and mutual desire to be popular with girls. Things are sure to get more and more interesting. The cheerleading club is bustling with positive energy. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more! Anyone following them as well?

This is Cheer Danshi!! Yeah, there are two exclamation marks with it.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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