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An Impromptu Swimsuit Competition 2016

Hey readers! Summer is just too hot, too hot for anything to get done around here. Gosh, I see many people perspiring like they could just drown an entire town with their sweat. The beach is wonderful nonetheless, for no summer is complete without running off to the sand and sea with your friends. Don't forget the watermelon. Watermelon is good for replenishment, and splitting the fruit is one of the highlights. Ah, today is perfect for an impromptu swimsuit competition! Are you guys ready? No actual awards will be handed out though. It is all in the name of fun!

Okay! Let's all welcome our very first contestant. She has fine manners, she has an angel's heart...most importantly, she is able to see and interact with the supernatural. Here is Contestant #1, Amami Hibiki from the anime Re-Kan! Where is her fan club? Yeah, there you are! Make some noise for Amami-san! Ah, this is a little too much. Look at the little reserved yet extremely likeable and kawaii expression as Amami-san shows everyone her chosen swimsuit. Sir, sir! Hey, don't start bleeding from your nose! You still have to judge this competition! Jeez, may we have the score for Amami-san please? 

Score: 8.5

Domo Amami-san, please move to your left! Okay, our next contestant comes from the band Houkago Tea Time in the anime K-On!...please put our hands and eyes together for Contestant #2, Akiyama Mio! Take a look at this simple yet flattering black bikini on Mio-chan...apparently, music is not the only thing that she is good at. Mio fans, yeah feel free to snap away on your phones. An opportunity like this is so rare! Mio is in such a great mood today too. The beach is indeed an enjoyable place! Nice pose, Mio-chan. Ah, the judges...wait a minute, where did that nose-bleeding fellow go?! Never mind, may we have the score for Mio-chan please?

Score: 9.0

Domo Mio-chan, to your left please! Our next contestant...hey, Miss! Miss? Um, are you participating in the swimsuit competition? You see, we are in the middle of the swimsuit competition. We appreciate that there will be no distractions whatsoever. Well, I understand that you and your...sister here have things to do on the beach, but really, it will definitely help us a lot to perhaps move away to another spot for the time being. Thank you for your cooperation! Okay, I believe that we are ready to welcome, the judges have something to say? WHAT?!!! You guys have already computed the score?!!! That girl was just a random person...jeez! Sigh, never mind. What did you guys give her?

Score: 7.5

Right, let's welcome our next contestant. Boing boing. Boing boing. Eh, did you guys hear anything? Boing boing. Our next contestant...WHOA!!! What...what...what...are you a contestant of the swimsuit competition? Miss, could you maintain a little distance, you see, the contestants are judged based on the overall presentation. Yeah, I understand that you are very proud of your...things right here, but maybe you would like to just stand a little further to your left or something while our judges take a better look...hey! Hey! Don't smother the judges with those! Security!!! Hey, stop it! Take those things away now! I'm so sorry, judges. Waaaaa...why are you guys bleeding together?!!!

Score: Unavailable

Unfortunately, we have to end the swimsuit competition prematurely due to some unforeseen circumstances. Thank you all for your time. Enjoy the rest of your summer! Meanwhile, I shall go check on the judges...

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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