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Gacha Gacha Kawaii

Gacha Gacha Kawaii brings to you my collection of Gachapons in the Kawaii (and weird) categories. They are kawaii little toys found inside the Capsule Stations along shopping malls, walkways and toy events. Getting one of your favourite Gacha character is almost 100% based on luck. Do you like kawaii stuffs?

Some stickers stuck in a mini box.

Surprisingly, the manufacturer was able to squeeze in so many stickers into the tiny box.

Another version of the sticker box.

Neko version.

Disney characters Pill Boxes.

Japanese Koi gashapons

Earphones gashapon which I had purchased in Hong Kong years ago.

Weird and quirky gashapon.




Disney tea-cups characters.

Disney sweet mascots.

Hello Kitty mini Capsule Machines

Disney Wedding Series Gashapons

Mini Lilo & Stitch Bookmarks

Disney Mickey Sweet Mascots

Written by Max
Step out of the Otaku Closet

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