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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid Akaza Akari Transparent Version (Good Smile Company)

Akari from Yuruyuri is one of my favorite characters and I picked her up on my June Japan trip! This is a special version which features her invisible self! She also has a regular Nendoroid which I am still unable to locate at a reasonable price yet...

Pink definitely suits Akari and I'm all for this Nendoroid except the part where this box is much smaller than a Nendoroid box and doesn't open like one. This might be fine for most collectors out there, but I love to display my Nendoroid boxes so it becomes a headache to find a place for her.
As mentioned earlier, she doesn't open like a regular Nendoroid box either! Taking a peek at her blister shows that she's actually well packaged and there's little chance of any paint transfers. However, she really comes with minimal parts... not that I'm expecting much or anything, okay?! Hmph!

Posing and Assembly
Tsundere mode aside, let's now take a closer look at Akari. Posability is definitely an issue with so little parts she came with. Another issue that I can think of is that her translucent parts make it quite difficult to make out which part is which in the box.

I would also like to mention that the texture is very different from other Nendoroids. It's rougher and... I can't really describe it well.... But, oh, she's lighter too.

As for assembly, she works just like a normal Nendoroid (though I wish her hair buns were removable) and there are no pressing issues for assembly in my copy.

Sculpting and Painting
Sculpting definitely gets much higher points than painting for this Nendoroid. Though she's translucent, Akari has much well-made details. Her uniform, for instance, has appropriately placed creases and plaits. Her socks and shoes are well sculpted too. It's not like the sculptors at Good Smile Company slacked off just because she's an extra version and not a full fledged Nendoroid!

Painting wise, we see Akka written on her forehead. or bangs if you'd rather be more precise. This is one of the running gags I find in Yuruyuri and I'm glad they put it here as well. With regards to the rest of the paintwork, which is just... her eyes and mouth, I definitely find them creepy. More so for the mouth. Especially when it's late at night and you just see that salmon pink semicircle looking at you.


While this Nendoroid isn't huge on posing, she gives an insight into one of the sides of Akari which no Akari fan can miss!

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