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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid Hacka Doll #1 (Good Smile Company)

Hacka Doll Ichi-gou is the only Nendoroid of the Hacka Doll line that will probably ever be made and I'm glad that I got a copy for myself! Her accessories was what piqued my interest in her and after checking out her source material, the anime nailed it for me. So here she is!

The box was done well and I have no complains here. The teal color used for her matches well with her color code and the pink in the box itself makes a stark contrast to the figure and accentuates her as well.
Blister-wise, she's packed well and prevented from paint transfers with little pieces of plastic. Even in the blister, you see how many unusual accessories she comes with. I would be using some of them in the later parts of my review too! 
Not to mention that her blister has a much smaller opening for the base. I actually prefer this because it makes it more difficult for her base to fall out from the blister when I put it back into the box!

The same as usual. She wasn't loose or too tight, fortunately. Recently I've been trying to pose Nendoroids without their bases but that doesn't work well for her because her hair piece is just too huge, making her extremely top-heavy.

Posing and Assembly
Hacka Doll #1 is definitely not a difficult one to assemble. She comes in one less part than most other Nendoroids because her lower body (the skirt part) is not detachable. Hence she only has 2 hair pieces (front and back), face plate, neck joint, arms (including hands), body, and legs to separate out and interchange. This reduces a lot on her poseability and ability to exchange portions of outfits with other Nendoroid.

However, to make up for this, Hacka Doll #1 does come with rather unusual accessories which we'll take a look at in the next section.

Sculpting and Painting
Let's take a look at the combination of her embarrassed startled expression and the book. What could she possibly be reading? It's actually a yaoi book with not very graphic art, but it gets the point across. The pegs fit with her hands, allowing the Nendoroid to hold the book firmly.
She also comes with a tablet and as you can see, the tablet also has a peg to fit into her hand part. This tablet is a crucial part of the anime so you can't call yourself a fan unless you know its importance!

Next, taking a look at Hacka Doll #1 herself...
She has ears! Despite how thick her bangs are, the slight gap in between her hair front and back parts allows us to have a peek at her ears. I don't know if this was intentional, but the peek of her ears is indeed loyal to the series.
Next, is her outfit. It's quite unique with the button like things and large gloves, but adds a kind of appeal and lewdness to the figure on itself. Though, when matches with the obnoxiously loud #1, it does lose some of its figure-hugging curvy appeal in the anime -- that's the job of #2.

Though this outfit is quite nice for matching with other Nendoroids, especially if they have an embarrassed expression!
While I do feel that her hair parts are really too big for her and that the anime isn't very popular (it's short clip anime series), the accessories do make this Nendoroid worthy to buy!

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