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Yumeiro Cast: Treasure Gacha Event

Yumeiro Cast has several event types and this is one of them. In this event, you'll be playing the event songs which you can receive rewards from. There are up to 5 rewards each song can give and you can get a bronze, silver of gold reward for each. Gold rewards guarantee getting gacha ticket while silver and bronze will give a chance for tickets or other rewards.

By playing different difficulties of the event song, you can receive different number of tickets for each reward as well. For instance, a gold reward on a Expert song gives 4 tickets while one on a Hard song gives 3 only and so on.

Likewise, while a gold reward on an Expert guarantees 4 tickets, a silver reward gives the possibility of giving 3 tickets (or other rewards) and a bronze reward gives an even lower possibility of getting 2 tickets.
This is the event details and the UR card. The right half (angel) shows the unidolised version while the left (devil) shows the idolised version. The purple line translates to "Will you forgive the me who lied to you?" which is probably a hint to how he lied about being an angel but is actually a devil...?

As you see, the event duration is from 7 Jan to 15 Jan so I'm a little late on posting this review...
This is the scouting box itself. Each scout takes 10 tickets while a 10-roll will obviously take 10 times more, making it up to 100 tickets. For this event, each box has 100 cards in total and this includes 1 UR and 6 SRs while the rest are Rare and Trainer-Rare cards (known as Coaches).

This guarantees 1 UR in a 100 roll but one will generally get the UR before needing to clear the entire box. When that happens, you can simply hit the red reset button on the top right (above Angel Jin UR illustration) and that will reset the box back to its filled state.
These are the rates for the box. URs start at 1% in a filled box and will increase as the number of cards in the box dwindles. As you can see from the image above, I have drawn a few Rs from this box already.
Each song will give a tremendous amount of tickets for clearing the song and hitting score ranks. A C score will give 10 extra tickets and a S score will give 20 more tickets in addition, for a Hard song.
Comparing to the previous image and the one above, we see that the gold rewards in the bottom half of the page have flipped, each giving 3 tickets for the Hard difficulty.
And if you are lucky, once in a while you might get gold rewards for all of them!
Thankfully my luck for this event wasn't bad at all and I was able to get a copy before hitting the halfway mark every time. That gives me a lot of time to get more copies of the UR too.
 Time to reset the box! 

I managed to secure 6 copies of this UR in this event where one of them was sacrificed to increase the skill level of another UR. As for the remaining 5 copies, one was used to idolized my main card and the other 3 were used to limit break it.

An unidolized UR goes up to level 80 and idolizing increases that limit to 100. However by special practicing that with other duplicates will increase that level limit by 10 each time, up to a total of 30. Each time, one of the arrows on the top right of the screen shown in the image above will light up.

The three buttons at the bottom of the screen reads: Changing cast illustration (between idolized and unidolized), add/remove from favorites, remove member.
I hope this review will inspire more people to join YumeCast because it's a good game and I'm currently addicted to it! But on a more serious note, I do love the high UR rates in scouts, and they have guaranteed UR scouts rather frequently too. Likewise, they have URs in event rewards itself, and while a single copy of the UR is pretty easy to get, a second copy will require investing more time and effort.

I would say... this is a perfect game for those who have a little time to spare and want to get a boost to their ego from a kind RNGesus finally~

~ Reina-rin

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