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In The Mood For Chicken

Argh!!! Help!!! Is there somebody who could lend me a hand here, pretty please? I wish I knew what had made these chickens (and a pig) so angry! I just wanted to take home a chicken for dinner. I have a craving for some fried chicken. Don't you love fried chicken too? Or maybe you take yours braised or roasted instead? Hmm, a whole chicken feast would be nice, don't you think? Argh!!! The chickens! Are they still attacking me?

How about a side of fried chicken wings? I wouldn't mind some at home, since there is room to be messy while eating them. Yeah, I don't usually have them outside, because it can get rather messy and awkward at times. I like to dip them in some hot sauce though. Barbecue sauce is fine as well. I leave the lime or lemon for fish instead.

Hmm, karaage! Something like this is the best, but you might have to fight with others for a bigger share. Yeah, karaage is easily the most popular dish at parties and such. I usually eat them without rice or noodles though, since the meat is sufficient to fill the stomach. Oh, don't forget the sauces! Different combinations are possible here. I like sweet chilli sauce and wasabi mayonnaise!

Speaking of fried chicken and rice, I suppose nothing else could beat the simple yet fulfilling harmony, especially after a long day at work or something. Really, there is no need for side dishes. Just a bite of fried chicken, a bite of rice, repeat. Of course, nobody is stopping anybody from eating the lettuce, parsley or cherry tomatoes too...

I certainly don't mind chicken drenched in thick, gloopy gravy. This would really complement bowl after bowl of rice! Or you could tear up some bread and mop up the plate! Oh, I can never imagine how a chicken dish can be complete without its skin. Always leave the chicken skin on, please. If the idea of eating skin makes you sick, at least offer them to somebody who wouldn't mind eating instead of just disposing the entire lot.

Ah, if you happen to be rather health-conscious, just cook your chicken in a hot pot! Throw in lots of greens, mushrooms, tofu, noodles...the possibilities are endless. The broth will be so rich and wholesome that you might just render the health factor useless, because I assume that you would probably ask for more rice to finish the hot pot.

Last but not least, roast chicken. Well, since the good old days of cooking stuff over a slow fire from sticks and wood, the classic style of cooked chicken stands undisputed in civilisation. Sure, the idea might feel a little barbaric, but the rare indulgence wouldn't harm anyone. Hmm, just keep hurling those huge chunks of meat my way...

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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