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Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

Ignorance isn't necessarily bliss, though I suppose that would still make an effective excuse for not doing certain stuff, like watching the anime adaptation of Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii. Believe it or not, I have read the manga before, but have since conveniently swept that memory under the carpet. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike the manga. I just wish I could relate more to it.

The glaring question is, would a non-otaku like myself be able to happily immerse in the anime then? Yes and no. Really, it depends on how one approaches the series from its beginning. My suggestion is to simply focus on what plays on the surface, and not dwell much on the many references and such that could easily overwhelm a non-otaku. The anime is thankfully rather digestible compared to the manga.

Naturally, the narrative brings together a bunch of characters who identify as otaku though their interests vary. There is a fujoshi slash BL doujinshi artist, a hardcore gamer, a cosplayer, and a hero slash bishoujo fanatic. The idea of finding romance from an otaku's perspective shapes the gist of the story, as these characters bring with them the struggles of balancing their 'normal' lives and 'not so normal' interests.

I think I actually appreciate the anime more, maybe because it feels milder yet still colourful enough to please most people. There is an overall feel-good vibe to it, and I find myself laughing quite heartily at several scenes. Unfortunately, the anime will only run for 11 episodes. I don't know if it is a one-season thing, but a continuation would be nice!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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