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Figure Unboxing and Review: Magical Mirai Hatsune Miku 2017 (Vocaloid)

Magical Mirai Miku 2017 was definitely one of the better Miku Nendoroids. I do love these Miku Nendoroids that we get a very different costume for every year, such as Snow Miku! This is also the second consecutive year that I'm getting a Magical Mirai Miku Nendoroid... These are just too cute!
As you can see, the theme is very close to a Magician theme and she comes with a wand and some playing cards to perform her magic tricks! Something good about these Nendoroids is that they often come with a whole bunch of accessories and this definitely does not disappoint!

She comes with three different faceplates, a wand, a top hat, a different bottom body part to pose her floating mid-air, and several exchanges of limbs.

She also comes with this background sheet that shows a circle of cards. You can display this either behind (as in official pictures) or in front of Miku to heighten the effect that she is casting her magic. Of course, this would work with any other Nendoroid as well.
For this Nendoroid, you can display her with or without her top hat. First, I'll take a look at her without her top hat so we can see her facial features and hair better.

And the first thing which I would like to highlight is that her hairstyle is quite different from the common Miku Nendoroids we see everywhere. Not only is the color slightly different, she also has a "straighter" and "chunkier" front part between her eyes, while the usual Miku only has one thick bunch of hair in the same area. The next two images below would provide a comparison for a better emphasis of what I just mentioned.
Next, let's take the same image from above back to take a closer look at the front view of the outfit of this Miku's Nendoroid.
She comes with a little dark blue tailcoat vest with a tiny ribbon to hold the entire set-up together. In addition, she comes with this dress that has a beautiful dark to light gradient going on and the bottom is lined with a thick border of lace and littered with three to four different star patterns. In addition, she comes with gloves to match the white lace and a pair of boots to complement. The boots uses a slightly translucent white shade and violet accents that contrasts well against the blue to add a splash of color to this Nendoroid.
She also comes with bloomers that not only really matches the concept of this outfit but also has each ruffle carefully sculpted. You can really feel the detail and amount of effort put into such a simple outfit by the sculpting and painting crew!
From the back, we see even more purple accents on her vest which helps to tie the color scheme used for the boots better with the rest of this Nendoroid.

Looking at the back of her head, do you see that criss-cross sectioning of her hair? I really love how that looks in real life and on Nendoroids and since not all Miku Nendoroids actually have this sectioning, I did hope that this Miku would have it and here she is, just as I wished for! That being said, the side strands at the nape of her neck is slightly awkward looking and I hope that they would have used something that would be more natural looking.
Now let's look at the other accessories that Miku comes with, starting from the wand. It comes with the elegant colors of gold and red and ends with a translucent teal apple-shaped top that matches Miku's hair color. This fits mostly well in Miku's hand and also complements her theme.
The other glorious accessory that comes along is this rainbow with playing cards and stars to create a more magical effect. When you match this with the wand, it looks just as if she has just casted a spell or performed a really cool magic trick! This rainbow has a peg hole at its back which you can then attach to the base with a ball-stand. By using a ball-stand, you can also change the angle for the rainbow to create different nuances in posing.
The other accessory which I'll like to highlight is this skirt part, which does come with different folds and lined around the edges with patterns which are better seen with this lighting. The flare of this skirt also makes it suitable for a pose where she is sitting or jumping in the air.
The other side of the skirt doesn't have any patterns which are worth mentioning but do note that it comes with a peg to join to her pelvic and legs. This peg also helps with posing her as you can have her either just leaping or sitting in the air.
And finally, last but not the least, let's take a look at her top hat. It comes with some decorative accessories at the left side - some roses, a playing card, and a dangling star. It also comes with a white ribbon that contrasts well against the dark colors of the hat.

Unfortunately the hat isn't well-balanced on her and instead of putting a magnet, GSC has chosen to use the purple felt strap for securing the hat to her head. The hat comes with the felt strap already attached to one side of the hat while the other side comes with a velcro. You have to slip the felt strap under her chin and attach it to the velcro. While this may hold well in the short term, I have my suspicions on its durability if you are the kind to move the hat around frequently.
That being said, this Miku Nendoroid is definitely one of the cutest and I hope that you'll consider purchasing one if you have the chance to do so!

~ Reina-rin

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