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Virtual vs. Reality...

Yes, finally done with filming and my vacation CDS. So, hi guys. Welcome to the Virtual vs. Reality post that I told you about. I am not a professional in this area, but I can share my thoughts on this topic that has been brooding in my mind ever since I re-watched “The World God Only Knows” series. 

Keima and the Conquered
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Lets us begin with how this thing came about.

Firstly, let us begin with a bit of backstory. Katsuragi Keima or the God of Conquest, is somewhat my role model and also one of my favourite characters. 

Serious Keima

My friends used to tease me in saying I look like him as I walk while playing my PSP (but now I have a PS Vita), except for the fact that I have curly hair. This got my interest, as it was kind of rare to see this type of character (I meant this as similar to me but a character who is an otaku is normal), so I went to check out this anime. I watch the first two seasons and enjoyed it. It was amazing as it resets the girl’s memories after each conquest just like restarting a new game. But I won’t go on to review the anime, so let’s just leave at that. I’ll review it some other time with all its 3 seasons and two OVAs.
Let’s begin MY opinion on Virtual and Reality.

I’ll start by saying I prefer virtual to reality. I don’t like to be shackled by the Earth’s gravity and limitations. I am sure some of you guys can agree with me on this right? Anyone? The virtual world is limitless as it is up to your creativity to make it grow. It expands as you think and dream, generating endless possibilities. You can imagine anything and it will come true. But there are some who will argue that it is just a bunch of data, that it is not real and yes, I agree. I am still hopeful of the day where “Amusphere”(I don't want the incident with the Nervegear to happen) from SAO or "Neuro Linker" from Accel World will be invented but I’ll most probably be dead by then. Not really much of a future to look forward to.

Suguha's Amusphere

Kuroyukihime's Neuro Linker

Reality… I guess I do like it. True, I may prefer virtual to reality but it is still just a preference. I cannot live without reality. Nobody can. Without reality, virtual may not even have existed. Human beings will always strive for the better and always want to compete over each other. These emotions they carry are real and those feelings causes them to evolve. As they evolve, everything around them does. Technology, life, environment etc. It brings the future of virtual reality closer but still far from reach.

Why I say I like reality is because of interaction with my family and friends. The feeling you get from communicating face to face is way different from talking online. It feels much more fun to talk face to face as you could see them and their reactions in real time. Another reason would be that I’d miss the food. I can’t just live in virtual life all day consuming data. I need my Pasta, my Nasi Lemak, my Ice-Cream. 

Basically, I’ll have lingering feelings of attachment to the real world if I stay too long in the virtual world. But I’ll probably won’t regret being in the virtual world for too long.

There are various pros and cons for both virtual and reality. Both still needs their improvements as it is still far from being complete.  The ideal world to me is still far from reach. But right now, I know what world I want to be in.


My vacation is ending and I have one week left till school starts. NO!!! Give me back my holidays! My precious vacation! Come back!

Written by Zwei :(

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