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Fixer-Upper Edition Gundam

Not the song from Frozen, guys...I meant literally fixing things... together ...fixing it up together... anyway ...I meant Gundams...fixing Gundam models.

For this article, I took a trip to my best friend's house, to watch her fix her Gundam.

Disclaimer: This whole article is coming from someone who has no experience with fixing Gundam models, yours truly only has nendoroids which are no brainers to fix up. So I'm sorry if I'm fascinated with everything, like a kid...T T I'll be writing this in real time while my friend makes it~^^ It'll be a lot of photos~ 

She'll be building a 1/100 model, MBF-P03R Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second Revise which she bought from last year's Gunpla convention.

The tools~!

First thing first, open the box! And check everything is okay and all the parts are in the box, supposedly you have to check all this at the shop when you buy it. 

All the pieces laid out~
Now on to the actual making, the instruction booklet is mostly in Japanese, but with lots of diagrams and the numbers in English, navigating it should be no problem~!

Filing it, so there is no rough look, important if you're gonna do a top coat. Which is like a protective layer you can apply to the Gundam.

Just look at the tiny guy~
This is precision sports people.
It's pose-able, so you can still see the littl' guy inside after everything though~^^

The parts fit very tightly together, so, a bit of pushing to get everything to fit nicely.

Plastic is classified from ABS (soft plastic) to the normal ones, that's something new.

It's slowly coming together!

Part one done!! The main torso is done~ took an hour and a half D:!
  Part two, making the head piece now~

It's small...and the stickers for the eyes are shiny, but once again really tiny, delicate fingers here again.

Once the top is on, the eyes look intense. And the head is done!
Part three to eight, the arm units~
I'll be helping out here now! ><

My trimming skills are not that great yet...haha!

The arms are the most complex, there are so many small parts ><
The hands! The fingers are kinda cool.
Right arm finished!
And the left arm!
Took less than two hours for both~

Making the shoulder now :)

 Finally some colours other than blue and white!

Ah, Gundams have (very) flexible fingers xD

Fixing all the parts so far together! (So far three and a half hours have passed.)

Tah Dah~! The top half~!
Part nine, making the feet!

Done in half a hour!

The feet~!
Lunch now, we had ribs and chicken~:D Anyway, back to work!

Making the legs now!

Parts of the leg~!
Still fixing...~
It's coming together now!
The tiniest bit of plastic I've ever seen...goes somewhere on the leg...O.O
Can you spot the piece on the leg?
Hour and half after lunch~Right leg completed!
The leg opens up so nicely when bent.

Started to finally do some organisation to find pieces better.

Left leg also done! (Took one hour.)

On to making the waist now.

The insides of the waist~!
Done in less than an hour!
Fixing it all up now!

 Look another little guy. And done!

Now to the weapons! 

The smaller ones are pre-made~
Equipped with the smaller weapons~
Now on to the big stuff!

Half the sword~!

The two halves meet~
In the final stages!

Look at how the pile has dwindled~
The hilt and the two blades~
Finally done with the sword~
And it opens~
We're done!

Sorry about the stand and special 'effects' guys, there wasn't any time to finish it up before dinner ><

Well, it was certainly a long day making this. Hopefully one day, I'll make a Gundam on my own?

Many thanks again to my friend who was willing to make this at full speed in a day~

Written by Neko

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