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Long or Short? No innuendo intended

You guys know right? Fairy Tail second season is already here. And Dragon Ball has a revamp. 

Goku kai... meh...

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Isn’t that awesome? Honestly speaking, I don’t really care. I kind of lost my interest in it. It’s taking too long. Which brings me to my discussion today. Prolonged series anime. This idea came to me when I was listening to a podcast about it so, I thought of making one of my own. Feel free to comment on anything I said, as the purpose of this is to discuss about it. Speak your mind and let your feelings and thoughts go wild. Arguments are more than welcome. Just don’t start a fight…

When you think of long series anime, what comes to your mind? One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, D-Gray Man, Fairy Tail, Detective Conan, Gintama, Prince of Tennis etc. (Just so we’re clear, I did not arrange them in any order)

You gotta love his face...

I am sure there are fans out there that like series that I have listed and there are those who don’t. That is your own opinion so let’s not fight about that.

The question at the moment is long series or short series. Ignore the content or story for now. Personally speaking, I prefer short. It should be able to last me a few months (if its release weekly). If the anime takes too long, I might just get bored of it. Pacing is also important. If it is too fast, I will feel that I wasted my time while too slow makes it boring. Even with that said, there are slow burner anime that I enjoy but that depends on the story, which we won’t discuss yet. Flow should be manageable, where it gives ample time for the audience to absorb and understand. If its jumble up, audience will get confused. These factors acts as the foundation of how well the anime is being portrayed, basically they are like steps to a decent anime. But to create a good or great anime is a whole other story.

Sazae-san, the longest anime series ever though it's just six minutes per episode...

Now, onto the story itself. Remember, this is my opinion. It all depends on how you view it as everyone has his or her own taste. Story is key. It has to be able to bring the audience to another world from beginning to end safely. If the story dies halfway through, it destroys the feeling given off from the start. How it starts is also important. It has to pull the audience in hook, line and sinker. If it fails, you lose viewers. But this depends on who you are. Some people stick to it for a while, to see whether it has any developments. But mostly by the third episode, they will decide whether it’s worth their time.

The ending of an anime is also an important factor. If the ending is terrible, so will the whole outcome of the story. An example would be Mahou Sensou (So much hate) with that absolutely ridiculous ending. It’s as though they gave up on it at the last moment and just decided to drop it by making it into a massive cliffhanger. Seriously!? You won’t even let us see who won the match. Sure, just throw them into a black hole and transport them to the past. It’ll solve everything, just not the hate from the fans though.

I know I'm repeating but seriously, what is with that ending?

But some leeway might be given depending on the popularity of that anime. That leeway can be caused by hype, which is the most popular reason, or should I call it excuse to watch the anime. Hype can be cause by a lot of factors. Some would be how well they advertise the anime, the production house behind it, the Director, content, being adapted from its manga or novel. There are a lot more factors for hype but the most common one would be how it is advertise. As I am currently in year two of a filming course, I know that how well it looks in one of the important points. It provides the feeling, mood and flow of the anime, but how it is advertise might not be how the anime is actually going to look like. Hmm… I suddenly feel like writing on what processes I think might be in anime production, which is similar to actual real life film production. Sounds interesting.

Hype anime of the year 2012

Hype anime of the year 2013 and possibly ever

Well, that is all. Wish you guys a good weekend while I continue on my assignments.

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei

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