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Ongoing anime: Yowamushi Pedal

There seems to be no end to sports anime, understandable due to the enormous demand. For me who spends most of my time in front of the computer or with my books, watching sports anime is perhaps the only time I come remotely close to losing my usual placidity… I find myself exclaiming loudly when my favourite misses a shot (especially so when it's Kagami from Kuroko no Basuke), a mild reaction compared to my nonstop under-the-breath feverish praying muttering while the anime slow motions through the pre-shot sequence. Not unlike real-life matches, watching sports anime gets my heart doki-doki.

One recent weekend, I sat down and caught up with Yowamushi Pedal's latest episodes. As you can tell from the name, a lot of pedaling is involved. Indeed, I'm talking about cycling! I am surprised that many people I know have not caught YowaPeda fever yet, as I personally feel it is a very addictive series. In YowaPeda's case, one wins by reaching the finishing line first, and instead of worrying during slow motion sequences, the entire race turns into one jittery nail-biting session for me as the cyclists swerve around corners and climb mountains… Bless my poor nerves!

YowaPeda is a relatively new anime series (it first aired on October last year). However, the manga it is based on in fact begun serialization in 2008 and as of right now has 33 tankobans published. It revolves around three high school freshmen who join the Souhoku High Bicycle Club.

Onoda Sakamichi is our main protagonist. He is, in short, a complete dark horse. All Onoda wanted to do was form an anime club, why is he being made to race now?! Even worse, on his mamachari (European city bike) which he never thought to use for more than daily commute. Despite the odds stacked against him, Onoda turned out to be a wonderful climber cyclist. Onoda is the character I hate to love. He's terribly earnest, to the point I wished he was a little less shy so he could joke around a bit. However, his natural talent for cycling is frankly amazing. I certainly enjoyed how fast he picked up tips and tricks in the middle of one of his first races. Moreso, he is a complete otaku, which I can identify with. When I was in Tokyo, I reacted the same way as he did when I reached Akihabara! It is truly an amazing place~

Naruko Shoukichi is another freshman, a sprinter cyclist with a huge competitive streak. Just like his appearance, Naruko loves things that makes him stand out, from his red bike to his outgoing nature. Naruko is my personal favorite as he feels very brotherly. He takes very good care of his younger brothers (which explains why he carries candies around) and even Onoda, especially when he practically taught Onoda all the basics of cycling when he first started.

Imaizumi Shunsuke is a freshman as well and he was the one that ignited Onoda's passion for cycling. He is almost the opposite of Naruko, always reticent and expressionless. However, this does not stop him from amassing a legion of fangirls (me being one of them)! I find Imaizumi to be quite adorable despite his seriousness. Perhaps it's his knack of doing unexpected things, such as feeling embarrassed at watching Onoda's anime, or responding to Naruko's taunts to compete. Most of all, I love his casual clothes! He wears Usagi brand t-shirts which have a prominent bunny print and it amuses me to see it matched with his stoic face.

Souhoku High Bicycle Club's is not limited to these three, with a plethora of second- and third-years who are just as interesting. I personally enjoy it when episodes shift the focus to a non-main cast member. Of course, a club whose members thrive on competitive racing has to have rivals! I will leave you to find out more about the rest of the anime yourself ;)

Collection of the tankoban covers that gives you a sneak peak at the other characters :D
Ahh~ Now I feel like bringing my own bicycle out for a long cruise by the seaside~ Of course, my bicycle resembles a mamachari more than a road racer! Are there any anime that incite you to start doing something or even pick up something new?

Oodles of love!

Written by Nana

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