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Carousell rocks!

The word "C" is taking the market by storm.

The first time I came across this word “Carousell”, I was thinking has it something to do with the spinning wheel with horses found typically in an amusement park?....... “Oh it is an app”, I hear voices inside me and I started searching on the Play Store on my Samsung Note 2. Again the logo looked nothing like a online Marketplace. It exudes Class and Uniqueness.

So what is this Carousell app? Put together hundreds or thousands of Singapore virtual flea stalls selling anything from Shoes to Sofa set, you can literally have a shopping mall inside your pocket (or handbag). Best of all, it never closes so Mustafa, you have some serious competition.

..and not just Mustafa, this C2C mobile market will give those auction sites and online marketplaces a run for their money.

Why do I say so?

Firstly, it is the EASE of selling in Carousell. Simply point your phone camera to your wares and type in some relevant description and set the price. All these can be done under 30 seconds! For the method of payment, it is entirely up to the seller and buyer to discuss later.

Next, Carousell cleverly incorporate Social Media to their platform. Buyers can even see the Seller face captured as an icon.

Thirdly, the platform fully optimizes your iphone or Android phone’s screen size. The category are clearly displayed and the individual’s product page is just right. There is no need to scroll excessively. Need a bigger picture? Simply touch the picture and pinch it apart.

Size does matter. Oh yes, a shopping mall compressed into your pocket matters! But I’m not referring to that. There are probably thousands of Singapore sellers in Carousell. It is buzzing with life! And if anything the folks in Carousell say is true, there are about a MILLION listings currently!

Here's a look at one of the seller's page.

Starting from the Top :
Carousell incorporates the feedback system which is similar to most online marketplaces (without the ridiculous DSR ratings and percentage count which frustrates sellers). Here we have 3 different feedback categories: + Positive, o Neutral and - negative. Needless to say, always err on the safer side to buy from the seller with more proportion of Postitive feedbacks as compared to the Negative. A tap on the > on the right will display the wordings of the feedback being left.

This is what impresses me the most! The creators put together a concoction of smart Social Media application into this e-market. First there is this large "Follow" button. Like this seller? Simply tap on the Follow button and the next time you go to your own profile, you will see that seller as your favourite list of sellers. Bookmarking them if you will. 

Next, the "Heart" feature is a beautiful and functional addition. What it does is that by tapping on the specified item you love, you are sort of placing that item on your "Wishlist". You need not necessarily have to buy it now but you can put in on-hold to consider for a while. Then in your profile, you will see all the items that you had the "Heart" on under "Stuff Liked". Genius!

Finally, a rather important element that Carousell did not forget is the ability for all users to share information. The "<" looking button is the Mother of Social Buttons. Let your girlfriends, mother-in-law and brothers in Facebook know about this item that you like by tapping on it. Wait, not just in Facebook, you can share via numerous platforms such as Whatapps, Twitter, Google Plus and even Email! 

After using for more than a week, I'm still as addicted to Carousell as the first day. The creator had hit all the right spots on this marvellous e-market platform. One that is so addictively fun and convenient to use. And by seamlessly fusing social media with selling, you got a winning recipe! Kudos to the founders Marcus, Siu Rui and Lucas from NUS Business School.
It's close to midnight but wait... let me grab my phone and search for "Anime".

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