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A Second Letter To Sakamichi

Dear Sakamichi-kun,

Ogenki desuka? Recently, I've heard some news concerning the Inter-High tournament that Team Sohoku has been persevering since Day One. I understand that a compilation of everybody's hard work alongside some new material would be aired across several parts of Japan for a limited time. There is even a cool name for it - Yowamushi Pedal Re:RIDE. I would love to support the film, however physically that won't be feasible. No worries though, I'm still as excited since the film also means that the second season is inching closer. A countdown is in place! I can't wait to see the gang in action once more! The first season had ended on a really intense cliffhanger. I can't say that I had fully appreciated it though. In any case, once that day arrives I will be one of those fans to welcome you by the small screen.

The chemistry in Team Sohoku is unquestionable. Even though there is an air of rivalry between members like Imaizumi and Naruko, in any situation the formation would still be able to come together and overcome the odds. You continue to be that quiet pillar of strength, unleashing your powers to overwhelm your opponents as you gradually close up the gap between everybody else in the team. I can't stop thinking of the jaw-dropping moments during the first two days of Inter-High. Well, one and a half to be exact since that last episode was really abrupt. I wish I could see more of Team Sohoku even though in all fairness the tournament doesn't only concern any particular group. Okay, in other words I'm just biased.

Oh, I think that you've got a beautiful voice. I've managed to listen to your character single with Makishima-senpai. Heh, for once you weren't singing your favourite Love Hime song. Don't be mistaken though, I don't dislike that song. However, I find it refreshing to listen to a different side of you. Your duet with Makishima-senpai is just as good! If you ever retire from cycling (touch wood...although certain things are unpredictable), you can consider a singing career. Maybe you would get to collaborate with Love Hime!

Pardon the digression. Anyway, while watching the online trailer of Yowamushi Pedal Re:RIDE, I noticed a special OVA titled Special Ride which was actually released before the first season as a supplement for the 29th volume of the manga. I haven't read any of the manga so naturally the OVA had passed me by. But I had managed to redeem (?) myself by watching it after the trailer! Honestly, among all the senpai I've got to say that Makishima-senpai can surprisingly (?) be the most intimidating. Not wanting to sound overly rude, but it was really ticklish seeing how challenging of a task it was for him to get along with you in the OVA. On the other hand, you were so unsuspecting of Makishima-senpai's social awkwardness that it added on to the hilarity of the interaction. I just can't picture Makishima-senpai going kira-kira over anime and manga. But don't tell him that, yeah? I think that he has grown quite fond of you over time.

How I wish October could come sooner! The dangling remains of Inter-High are too much of a tease to anticipate. Sakamichi-kun, I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the race. Please bite the bullet and chase those dreams with your friends! I will be rooting for the team.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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