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Sometimes, it is important to take some steps back and re-examine the quality of life. Society isn't the friendliest presence yet nobody could reform much unless they have divine powers. The little ways mankind think of to enhance their lives vary from time to time. Not every method can be considered effective but for those that are, mankind has further refined the processes to allow sustainability in the long run. However, along the way there would be times when we have become so immersed in stuff that we gradually disintegrate and lose ourselves. That is why there are retreats.

I know of a young, professional calligrapher who goes by the art name Handa Seishuu. He is undoubtedly gifted like his father, yet his high pride has caused a rather severe damage to his reputation which later saw him arriving on a rather remote island near Kyushu. Handa's father would like him to repent and find back the side of humanity that he is lacking. With some difficulty, Handa managed to hitch a ride to his new residence. To his horror, he discovered that his living arrangements weren't exactly new. The chief of the village introduced a little girl called Naru who had been using Handa's house as her base for playtime. Worse, Naru would keep finding her way back inside even after repeated throw-outs by Handa. That was a rough yet refreshing start of Handa's new life.

The rest of the villagers helped Handa with his unpacking later in the evening. They had turned up simply because they saw the moving van earlier in the day. Many of the characters would go on to forge strong bonds with Handa. The children - Naru, Hina, Kentarou; the middle schoolers - Miwa and Tamako; high schooler Hiroshi who is also the village chief's son, and others gradually became an unerasable part of Handa's life.

Naturally, there was the culture shock. The lack of modern technology and transport baffled Handa. For example, the hot bath was just as ancient as the cavemen. Handa had to gather up branches and stuff to start a fire in order to take a hot bath. To ensure that the heat wasn't scorching, a person had to help fan the flames from outside the house. Hopefully, the gas heater would be repaired soon! Handa's first encounter with a rotary dial phone at the provision store had Naru and Hina in stitches. Akki, Tamako's younger brother, was kind enough to assist in calling the number.

Eventually, Handa was able to get used to the down-to-earth, energetic vibes of the village and immerse in some proper calligraphy. The villagers had a lot of admiration and respect for him. "Sensei!" was what they referred to Handa as. The everyday lives of the villagers had in turn inspired Handa to create humongous, strikingly beautiful calligraphy. Once after fishing, Handa had dipped some leftover fish in ink to create the kanji of seabream.

The simplicity of life portrayed in Barakamon reminds and encourages us to find back and embrace the little things which we may have forgotten or lost in our respective journeys in life. Over time, Handa had stepped out of his frame to appreciate what the countryside had to offer. The big hearts of the villagers never failed to warm him up. Handa's appearance had also spiced up their lives, particularly the kids'. Naru, Hina, Kentarou, Miwa, Tamako and Hiroshi enjoyed spending time with him, even if it meant driving him crazy with their antics.

I'm so glad to have known Handa and the amazing villagers. Their stories will continue to hold a special place in my heart. I highly recommend readers to give Barakamon a shot.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪ 

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