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Android/iOS: Aria ~ Aqua Ritmo ~

To All,

With school comes stress, and with stress comes games! Just last week, I've came across this rhythm game based off on one of my favorite anime series, Aria.

After putting off Aria for many months and finally finishing my 3 seasons worth of Aria marathon barely 2 months ago, I can now safely say that I'm looking forward to the OVAs with absolutely no regrets. I would go on and on about how amazing the anime TV series pulled off the ending and gave me feels, but that's a story for another time.

Right now, I'll like to touch on how I couldn't resist a rhythm game for Aria, with all those soothing tunes that allowed me nights of peaceful sleep. And also, how I couldn't even last a second between realizing Aria has a game and actually searching to download it when I noticed that it was advertised with my best girl in the series on the header. Not to mention that cool yet bubbly feeling threatening to spill from the depths of my heart just by looking at that peaceful color palette on the header!

Aria~ Aqua Ritma ~ already lives up to its tagline of being a "Healing game" even through just its header alone. The tunes? They are deadly lullabies. How would I stay awake playing this game with all of its beautiful melodies? I can't. 

Need I say more?

The game itself consists of nine girls. The three water faeries (Alicia Florence, Athena Glory, Akira E. Ferrari), the three main girls (Mizunashi Akari, Aika S. Granzchesta, Alice Carroll), and their respective juniors (Aino Ai, Azusa B. McLaren, Anya Dostoyevskaya).

Notice how all their given names start with 'A'? I wish the upcoming OVAs would give some screen time to the three new juniors. I desperately need some to have a better bond with them so my desire for their cards won't lose out to the other 3 girls!

Now back to the game itself. Though, there are nine girls in total, each song itself uses a team of only three girls, so the choice of who to include in each team becomes so terribly difficult to make! As I have just recently started the game, and knowing my luck, I'm unable to get the cards I want to make my dream teams (the main girls and Aria Company) but definitely I'll continue this game until I can, and possibly for quite a while more after that as well!

For now, let's look at the CM for the game here!

Furthermore, there are already Youtube videos about the game play itself, which shows the different difficulty levels for each different song, so I wouldn't touch on them much..However, to make the story short, you tap on the tiles that make up the three girls when the notes hit the circle above each tile. There are three different note types so far; single taps, hold notes and sliding notes. 

Also, this rhythm game is the closest I could find in resemblance to a real piano. I've stopped learning that when I was ten and for the first time ever, I'm regretting that decision as my lack of piano skills are putting me at a disadvantage.

But fear not, I do sense my improvement! 

So for those without piano skills and wish to attempt this game, I'd say why not? It'll definitely be a great experience! Perhaps the game would even fuel your love for the series as it did for me.

Just like the different difficulties present in games, Aria ~ Aqua Ritmo~ has them too, and they have their own specific names for them! Pair (corresponding to easy), Single, Prima and lastly Great Water Faerie (corresponding to expert).

When you first login, you would be presented with a SR (Super Rare) card you get through RNG and look at who I got! 
Akari! She looks so elegant here!

Furthermore, there was a pre-registration which I missed out on for this game, where they were apparently going to give a free SR of your choice (not RNG) as well as enter the participants into a lucky draw! I'm really regretting not finding out this game earlier or I could have possibly gotten the other Akari SR available!

As well as this beautiful piece of jevellery which they are intending to hand sculpt it and make adjustments for every single person out of the 10 winners! So lucky!
Other prizes include tapestries, badges and Shikishi (autograph board)

For more information about the game you can refer to their Wiki page (English) which unfortunately, is still in the making.

From Your Fellow Gamer,

Written by Reina-rin

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