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February: Valentine's Day

Hello readers, we are inching closer to the festive celebrations that will see the monkeys scurrying in with bananas and mischief. Many of us should be pretty much done with spring cleaning and groceries. I have finally taken care of my bedroom. Honestly, it was a lot easier than I had expected. This Lunar New Year will be a long weekend. I hope I don't become too bored and wobble like a jellyfish. Maybe I could hit the bookstore on one of those days. Anyway, on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year is Valentine's Day. Yeah, today I shall write a little on this much celebrated, shamelessly overhyped occasion that continues to fluff the air with romance and drive a bunch of people an inch closer to their tombstones.

Erm, I made this myself... <3

I'm sure that many of us are familiar with how Valentine's Day is celebrated in Japan. Basically, the ladies would give the guys chocolates, which could be either handmade or store bought. The chocolates also come in Giri and Honmei. Simply put, Giri is platonic while Honmei is romantic. Guys who receive Honmei chocolate from the ladies will then decide if they want to reciprocate those feelings. White Day, which is exactly a month after Valentine's Day, will see the guys returning the love. Oh, it seems that even in the case of Giri, there is also some form of reciprocation. Well, whatever those feelings are, I'm certain that they are much more meaningful when conveyed through such a notion. 

WHAT?! Today is Valentine's Day?!

Imagine that there is this heroine of a lopsided romantic comedy, whatever that is supposed to mean. Apparently, the heroine is going out with some really nice guy from school, athletic and brainy with a great personality. But here is the twist; the heroine would rather immerse into her own stuff and maintain a comfortable distance be it in privacy or closeness, blah blah blah. Then one day, a close friend casually reminds her that Valentine's Day is coming, don't forget to give your boyfriend chocolates, blah blah blah. The heroine simply nods in understanding while continuing with her smartphone app. She forgets all about the conversation and very predictably wakes up in horror on the day itself, following a phonecall from the close friend. Okay, that is so lame I know, but I came across that screenshot while googling around and simply had to use it somehow.

Whose chocolate do you want? <3

I have never received chocolates from anybody on Valentine's Day. Well, things are different over here in the first place. I used to think that it would be pretty scary to have a mountain of chocolates on the desk. Okay, I may have had watched too much anime, but the popular guys got it. After the initial feel-good stage, the gloom kicked in and they truly wondered just what they could do with those chocolates. If possible, I would say three is just right. No more, no less. One box for breakfast, one box for lunch and one box for dinner. 

If you don't mind, please take these chocolates...

Kyaaa! Mio-chan is giving me some Valentine's Day chocolates! Yeah, I will so take them! That is such a kawaii maid outfit right there. Erm, why are there girls behind doing peace signs? Oh yeah, how could I have forgotten? You girls are the entire band! Even though we are still many days away from Valentine's Day, I suppose that it wouldn't hurt to indulge a little earlier. Hmm. I really love chocolates, Valentine's Day or not. Anyway, it is merely another occasion. Love needs to be all around, any day and anywhere. But if anybody is still going to celebrate, remember to eat more chocolates!

Say ahhhhh... <3

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪ 

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