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Tabi Machi Late Show: Clover

Hello readers, welcome to February. In the midst of crazy shopping, spring cleaning and everything else in-between, there are already a few sparkling gems lying around the trenches waiting to be picked up. Oh, anybody sat for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test last December? Apparently, the test results have been released through the JLPT website. Congratulations to those who have made it, and ganbatte to those who are still in the process of getting there. Now, this month is filled with romance besides mandarin oranges, red packets, traditional pastries, lots of binging and irritating questions from relatives who have nothing else better to do in this festive season. I wish that I could go away for once. If anybody is going away, I say good for you and Bon Voyage. On the subject of romance, here is a little something to kick off.

The fourth and final episode of Tabi Machi Late Show is titled Clover. Technically, the element of romance works quite subtly in this one, but the feelings between two middle-aged teachers in an elementary school are definitely longing and mutual. The episode is reminiscent of past journeys and future endeavours, shrouded in the season of the cherry blossoms. In Japan, the beginning of such symbolises a new school year. With the graduated students moving forward with their new lives, the school paves the path ahead for the new students. A female teacher narrates her story which began in Shouwa 53 or 1978. She started her teaching career in an elementary school. That same year, Narita Airport started operations.

As all of us know just how tough any type of job thinkable can be, Sakurada-sensei (her name) reminisced about how hers had quickly turned into a battlefield. The struggles and pain were ultimately forgotten as her students appreciated her efforts in teaching them so many things. Sakurada-sensei grew to love her work, just like how the flowers on her desk had blossomed beautifully. The absence of marriage and such in her life never affected Sakurada-sensei much, since the desire to keep moving ahead was a lot stronger than anything else. She was grateful to her students for adding so much purpose to her role as a teacher. She wanted to pass on all those beautiful gifts to her future students, year after year.

Back in the present, Sakurada-sensei carefully puts away a box of cards. 37 years have passed. A male teacher asks her for a little walk down to the park, where a giant cherry blossom tree reminds them of all those fond yet somewhat bittersweet memories of teaching. Like what Matsuzaki-sensei (the male teacher) says, the students may have graduated but unfortunately the teachers don't grow along with them. Sakurada-sensei believes that as teachers they continue to watch over their students no matter what. That tender moment sends a bolt into Matsuzaki-sensei, who rather candidly confesses his admiration and love (heavily implied from his profuse blushing) for Sakurada-sensei.  

Fortunately, Sakurada-sensei reciprocates those sentiments though in a refreshing manner. She says that they won't be retiring due to old age but marriage instead. The episode then concludes with her take on goodbyes and well-wishes, and how nothing will be lost from those experiences. An airplane flies past the cherry blossom tree, and with a heart-warming smile Sakurada-sensei says: Itterasshai.  

Despite the brevity of the series, I can't express enough my love for Tabi Machi Late Show. Each segment is beautiful and intriguing beyond that seven-odd minutes. I wish that there could be more than four episodes though. Oh, I understand that my fellow writer Zwei had mentioned about the series in one of his posts. Any readers have watched it? If not, what are you waiting for? :)

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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