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「Mobage」Nijiiro Collection

To All,

Today I would like to introduce another game!
Perhaps you  would remember this particular anime from this season, called "Nijiro Days" or "Rainbow Days" in English. Quite recently, there has been a rhythm game for this anime and it features not only the main 4 guys, but also some of the main girls in the series!

There is mention of the cards of the girls though I haven't actually seen any so far... yet. Also, with this app, you can keep up to date with all the latest Nijiiro Days news since they update all related news on this app -- such as a new manga volume release date, a new anime episode airing time and date, as well as nico nico douga live broadcast date and time, etc.
Diving into the game directly, the home page brings you to a mass of game cut-scenes arranged out as photographs. At the bottom of the home screen, there are several buttons you could click and from the left, they are: My page, Karaoke, roulette, quiz, piece, album.

I would be expanding on the different tabs later, but here is a primary outline first!

  • My page is where you can view your player information and edit or update them.
  • Karaoke would give you the chance to play live songs and earn stars, diamonds and pieces.
  • Roulette would get you stars or pieces or diamonds, depending on your luck!
  • In Quiz, you use diamonds to earn yourself a round in answering questions about the characters featured and you can earn pieces. However, I don't recommend doing the quiz unless you are good in Japanese since there's a timer for answering and there is no furigana given.
  • Album, just like most other games, is where you can view all the cards you have.
In the Karaoke section, you can choose which songs you will like to play. I am in love with the opening theme of this anime so I have been spamming the very first song which is titled "Best Friend".

Through clearing songs, you would be able to earn pieces. I would be elaborating on the use of the pieces later, however do keep it in mind that this is an important way to earn pieces quickly! For S score on each play of each song, you will be able earn 3 pieces!
Next would be the roulette. With Tsuyopon staring at me, I think that it is finally my time to try to spin the roulette!

There are actually 2 parts to this roulette -- your reward, and the number of items you would get. In this roulette, the shown rewards are the pieces, but there are various other rewards like stars and diamonds. 

For the outer reward roulette, the shown one only indicates 1 puzzle pieces, but if you are lucky, you might get up to 2 puzzle pieces in the roulette, and combined with the x3 in the inner roulette, would give you up to x6 of a particular reward!

I do feel that the diamonds is the most unworthy reward as you could only get up to 6 of them, which does not even cover the original cost of 10 diamonds required for spinning the roulette...
With regards to the use of the puzzle pieces, you use the ones you earn to unlock cards. In order to accomplish that, you need to earn enough pieces to completely uncover the card and by doing so, you will inevitably unlock it.

The larger golden puzzle piece would allow the player to unlock a card of his or her choice instantly. However, as it can only be used once, please do keep it for future use and try not to use it on the normal starter cards!

Mentioning about the other items used in this game, the diamonds would help you when you need to play songs (which can give you your much needed puzzle pieces), roll the roulette (to get stars and pieces) and to participate in the quiz (for many pieces at one go if you do well).

Stars are an important aspect in this game. As there are no scouts in this game, stars are collected to exchange for SR and SSR. Nijiiro collection frequently releases SR and SSR which you can exchange for for a fixed number of stars. The good thing about this is that there is no RNG involved, and you would definitely be able to get your favorite character!

However, it isn't easy to earn the stars and you can only buy diamonds which do not necessarily equate to acquiring stars. But... who says that getting gems for scouting in other rhythm games is easy?!

Also, for the next few articles by me, I would be posting on other games that I have been spending some time on recently, to balance out the numerous figure posts I have made lately!

For starters, I would be mentioning "Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End) Bloody Blades" and "Assassination Classroom". If I find the time to try out "Fate/Grand Order", I would leave a review for it too!

In addition, I would also be introducing "Grand Summoners", which is the first Android/iOS game which would soon be released by Good Smile Company. Next would be "Sawatata" by Harvest, which has been one of my best time-killing games lately so I'll introduce that as well!

From Your Fellow Gamer,

Written by Reina-rin

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