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March: Flying Witch

Good day readers, we have long passed the halfway checkpoint of the month. If nobody is keeping track, I'm sorry for having reminded you of that dreadful fact. Hopefully, the days have been bearable. Mine hasn't been great, but at least there is a timely backup for now. As usual, some things are a little or mostly on the slow end. The brain juices struggle much to continue the steady flow in the midst of downtime. I have been alternating between several titles with hopes of speeding up the process for each. That doesn't work all the time though, but it is a sign of catching up. I'm also looking out for newer, interesting stuff to possibly stimulate the stagnant parts of my writing. Seriously, I could accumulate all those odds and ends into a memoir of sorts.

Anybody knows of a flying witch, or used to know one at some point of their lives? Recently, I got acquainted with an apprentice witch from Yokohama named Makoto. With her black cat Chito, she travelled to Aomori as part of her training. Supposedly, Makoto will stay with her relatives until coming-of-age in terms of the training duration. In a rather tranquil town like that, Makoto's identity is surprisingly pretty much exposed since there isn't any lurking danger, though she has let in that it is to be hidden from people outside the family. Actually, I would think that Makoto's way of doing things is likely the cause of any risk of further exposure. Nonetheless, the situation has been well thus far.

While her appearance is that of an ordinary high school girl, Makoto seems to let out a certain aura which is easily noticed by Chinatsu, her younger cousin. Chito also has a peculiar presence that is unlike other cats. The other cousin Kei, who is of the same age as Makoto, has Chinatsu show Makoto around the neighbourhood. Despite the initial worries and such, Chinatsu quickly warms up to Makoto upon discovering the latter's identity. Well, I would find that riding on a broom is just as awesome. That is, if nobody crashes into a tree, building or just about anything while mid-air. Yeah, I believe that Akazukin Chacha is dangerously prone to such accidents. The only difference is that Akazukin Chacha is an apprentice magician. Pardon the slight digression. 

I was pleasantly surprised to know that Flying Witch is having an anime adaptation due to premiere on the 10th of April. I realised that while I was browsing around at Books Kinokuniya. The fourth tankoubon had also made its way to the checkout after a little struggle on my side. You see, I haven't been able to effectively divide my time and attention between so many books and other stuff. Well, in the first place nothing of that sort was ever really possible. I just don't wish to regret anything. Buying the manga for safekeeping will always be a right decision. Just make sure that eventually you unwrap those books and savour appreciatively.

As of now, I'm trying my best to complete the second volume and hopefully the third, before the anime commences next month. The manga has a slice-of-life feel, even though the story is progressive. I have an instant liking to Makoto and Chito. I often wish that I had a cat for a pet, yet for some unknown reason cats don't really like me much. On the other hand, dogs give me quite a bit of attention though not necessarily positive ones. It would be rather exciting to have a cat like Chito. Then again, I don't possess magic though the idea of chanting spells while stirring the cauldron sounds wickedly cool. An apprentice wizard who is also a high school student - not a bad idea eh?

Read more manga. Watch more anime.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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