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Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage (Deresute) Transform Your Favorite Cool Cards Into Figures

To All,

The theme of the day is "Cool"! Hence for today, I'll be introducing some of my top Cool cards for Deresute which I hope will be turned into figures some day. Some of these cards are also my personal favorite in-game!

Shibuya Rin
This card not only looks elegant, but the lace and Rin's hairstyle gives her a completely different view than most of her other cards. I like how mature and sophisticated she appears here, yet she still manages to look approachable and elegant.

Traditional clothes are the best, especially when they are tied in with spring or winter. The thick layers of cloth with beautiful patterns stand out against the background and adds a splash of color to the otherwise mundane green and brown palette in the background.

White and blue is indeed the best colors for her. Her ephemeral beauty is further enhanced by the design of the dress, giving this entire card a melancholic feel. Any figure who manages to capture this exact emotion through their sculpts deserve praise!

I never thought that black would be chosen for her, but apparently it looks incredibly on her as well. It gives her a badass, for the lack of a better word, vibe and she actually reminds me of Makoto (from 765 Pro). Does anyone else feel the same?

Nitta Minami
This card is beautiful right down to its very details. Even the birds, and each and every feather, has no lack of details. The costume Minami is in doesn't lose to her elaborate background. Her pose and the way the attire splays out around her ties in perfectly with her motion, making this an excellent illustration that sculptures can refer to.

Simple as this is, the white and blue scheme complements Minami perfectly. The details on the skirt (design) makes it look more complicated than it really is, thus adding dimension to the colors and design, at least much more than a flat blue skirt would). Her white top makes her look elegant and the amount of frills is just perfect for Minami. Really, one has to respect Minami's fashion sense!

Kanzaki Ranko
I really do feel that Ranko has a lot of pretty cards. One of them has already been made into a figure by Phat! and thus, I'll be leaving that one out of my list. So first up, according to personal reference, I have her Kimono figure. I have a feeling that she would complement Rin a lot so if either of them has a figure in this outfit, I hope the company that does it keep to the end and make the other as well!

 This reminds me a lot of the Ranko that has already been made into a figure but perhaps that's why I'm hoping that this is made into one as well so I can display them together. I'll even make an LED stand so it'll look similar to this card!

 This is one of the few cards which I feel really bring out Ranko's personality while looking pretty! The bandages, pose, horns... everything really do give me a dose of her chuunibyou side which Ranko is often depicted with.

Tada Riina
Riina isn't my favorite character in Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls and I cannot actually appreciate many of her cards which are already released. However, I feel that this one is definitely not to be missed. She has the cute rock idol theme going strong in this card, and I'm sure Riina would be glad to finally be able to achieve her dreams (rock idol) along with Miku, who wanted them to be a cute idol pair! (Also, those boots with red soles, and the mismatched stockings! Need I say more?)

Takagaki Kaede
Although Kaede isn't one of the main girls in Cinderella Girls, she has proven herself to be a character worthy enough to be in the main cast and as a good seniors for the main cast with her personality, determination and actions. This card brings out her elegance, and I dare say, also her determined and persevering sides as well.

A different side of Kaede which we don't usually see in the anime itself. The gold hem on her dress goes really well with the couch and the background as well as with Kaede herself. She looks just like a princess! The white ribbon around her right foot matches the detailed and delicious-looking cake just by her feet!

And that sums up my top bests for Deresute's Cool cards. Please stay tuned for the upcoming best cards for Passion!

From Your Fellow Gamer,

Written by Reina-rin

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